Ryuk and the Apple

Haha I wrote this story for a friend a while ago... xD enjoy!

Created by DeathByDeathNote12 on Friday, July 29, 2011


It was just a normal apple. Same as all the other ones. So why did he find it so hard to eat? Was it the way it smelled? The way it looked?

It could quite possibly be the way it looked. I mean, it was shiny. The shiniest apple he'd ever seen. Every sqaure inch of it gleamed in the sunlight. I bet it tastes just as delicious as it looked.

"Ryuk," Light said, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Yeah, Light? What is it?" he asked.

"Well, you've been staring at that apple for a while now. I'm kinda worried that you haven't eaten it yet," Light told him questioningly.

Ryuk had to think of a response to that. To be honest, he didn't even know why he hadn't eaten it yet.

"I don't know what it is," he started, "But I can't seem to bring myself to eat it."

"Well that's odd. Normally you eat it as soon as I hand it to you," Light said.

"Got that right," Ryuk mumbled under his breath.

Looking back at the apple, he admired its beauty once more. It's cherry red color, the way the light made it shine, and not to mention its delectible smell. It's like an apple from heaven.

"Light, dinner's ready!" Sayu called from the steps.

Light sighed, "Well, Ryuk, you stay here and contemplate your apple problem while I go eat." He gave a small smirk while saying this.

Ryuk laughed, "Yeah, whatever Light."

After Light had left the room, Ryuk let out a huge sigh. Time to think about what to do with this apple.

He could eat it, but then he would never get to see it's beauty again.

He shook his head.

What was he doing? Worrying over an apple? It's just an apple, plenty more in the world.

Ryuk shrugged and started to bring it to his mouth.

"No," He said out loud. "I can't eat it. What if I never find one like this again?"

He had a back and forth conversation with himself about eating it. He even got so deep into the conversation that he didn't notice Light walk in.

Since this was kind of amusing to him, Light just stood there and watched.

"It looks so perfect, but there might not be any other apples out there like this one," Ryuk continued on.

"Then again, Light does buy some good apples.."

"Hate to ruin your conversation with yourself, but I have apples like that one downstairs," Light told him.

"You do?!" Ryuk asked excitedly.

"Yeah, so there's not really any problem with eating that one," Light said.

"That's great! Go get me one of the other ones from downstairs. I still don't want to eat this one," Ryuk told Light, laughing at the end.

"You're so demanding," Light said with a sigh. He went downstairs to get Ryuk a different apple though.

Ryuk looked at the apple once more, glad he wouldn't have to give it up.

He quickly gave it a gentle kiss and set it on Light's desk, not wanting Light to witness his action.

Ryuk would probably never eat that apple.
Haha yeah.... very difficult to write. Oh well, it still turned out good. Rate and messgae?(:

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