You're Hazardous to my Health (Part 6)

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Created by puddingcup1226 on Saturday, July 30, 2011

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Draco went back to his room so him and Nott could change. I zipped up my dress and stared at myself in the mirror. My hair was damp and my face was too. I put on light make up to make it seem like I wasn't crying and slipped on some silver stillettos to match my dress. I pranced down stairs, eager to eat.

I plopped myself into my seat at the long dining room table. Lucius and Narcissa were already there, waiting for their son and his friend. The sauntered in, dressed appropriately. Draco sat next me and Nott across from Draco. When Draco's parents started talking, NotT made little whipping noises and pretended to have a whip. Draco and I snickered, but nothing more. Draco grasped my hand and wouldn't let it go. I leaned over.

"Draco, let go of my hand. I fear you might break it soon." He smiled apologetically and let go. I rubbed my hand, hoping it won't bruise. We ate dinner in silence, for the most part anyways. Narcissa was making small talk with Nott. after we all finished, I was excused but Draco and Nott had to stay. I gave Draco a questioning look and he looked at me with eyes that portrayed no emotion. I went up to my room and changed into black bastball shorts and a red tank-top. I noticed an owl perched on my desk. I grabbed the letter from it and it stayed, saying that I needed to write a reply soon. It was from Hermione.


Sorry we haven't been able to write. Been busy with Mrs. Weasley. That woman doesn't rest! We've been working our arses off and she keeps giving use more chores because she doesn't want us to plan our 'trip'. How is life at the Malfoy's? Horrible, I would think. Anyways, Harry and Ron send their love and so do all of the Weasley's. Write back, ASAP.

Hermione :)"

I grabbed a piece of parchment and wrote back a quick letter. I left out the part a of me finding out who my dad was, but I put everything else delicately. I didn't want to get a Howler from the Burrow. That would be EXTREMELY bad.

I decided that I should just listen to music for a while. I grabbed my earbuds and phone. I searched through my music and I tapped on Pain by Three Days Grace. The famliar lyrics and beats floated into my head. I soon fell into a light sleep.

"Jem." Someone shakes my side. "Jem."

"Go away!" I mumbled pushing them away.

"Jem, wake up." I felt the shake again. I felt my way up their arm to their face and pushed.

"Go away!" I snarled.

"You leave me no choice," they chuckled. I curled back up and started to fall asleep when I felt someone drop ice down my shirt and pants.

"I'm up!" I yelled grabbing for the small, melting objects. I turned to see Draco trying not to laugh. I got the ice out of my pants but not my shirt. "It would help if you got the ice out of my shirt." He reached into the back of my shirt and ran his fingers up my spine. I shuttered. "Get out," I smiled. He smirked and left. I checked my phone to see the time. 8:31am. Ugh, why so early? I brushed through the snarls in my hair and curled the ends. I chose a loose baby blue shirt that rested slightly above my hip bones, a pair of black skinnys, and a pair of blue and white checkered Vans. I skipped down the stairs and to the terrace to eat some breaky. I nibbled on some toast and eggs.

"Jem! We have to go!" Narcissa called from the house.

"Coming!!" I yelled. I took one last sip of water and ran to the foyer to meet up with Narcissa.

"We have to hurry. Now, where is my son and that friend of his..."

"Draco, Nott!!!! Get your arses down here!!! NOW!!" I screamed up the stairs. I turn back to the surprised Narcissa. "Sorry, Narcissa." Draco and Nott trudged down the stairs laughing and poking each others ribs. Draco finally saw me and noticed the inch gap between my shirt and pants. "Pig," I thought.

"Come along. We can't Disapparate inside the grounds anymore." Narcissa shooed us out of the house and to the gate. She waved her wand and the wrought iron turned to thick black smoke. She pushed us through it and just kept walking. I turned back just in time to see the smoke form the intracite swirls of the wrought iron gate.

"Wicked," I muttered. I grabbed her right forearm, Nott her left, and Draco her shoulder. Then, there was that queasy sensation right when it pulled my navel foward.

We Apparated into Diagon Alley. most shops were closed except from some small ones that were barely noticable. We walked into a small shop that had dress after dress lining the walls. Narcissa leaned over to Draco and Nott, whispered something to them and handed them some money. They scurried from the frilly shop.

"Jem! Now we need to shop for your dress," she said pulling out a big, yellow frilly thing and then gagging in disgust.

"Pardon me, but why do I need a dress?" I inquired.

"We are gonna have a Masqarade in 2days. You need a dress and mask to match."

"Oh." Just then, the seamstress quickly shuffled over to us.

"How may I help you?" the woman asked in her sickening sweet voice. Come to think of it, when she breathed out, it smelled like sugar. Weird.

"She needs a dress that defines her shape and compliments her hair, eyes, skin tone and personality..." she rambled on.

Hours upon hours later, maybe minutes or days, the seamstress come back with a taupe (shade of grey) dress. It was mid-thigh, skin-tight. Right were my butt jutts away from my back, there was loose hanging silver strips of jaggedly cut fabric with hints of black, and right under the hem, there was a 3/4 inch strip of black tulle. It was strapless and showed alot of cleavege. Normally, I would hate dresses like this, but I loved it. I snatched it from the seamstress and ran to the nearest dressing room. I slipped it on. It fit perfectly. It showed off my legs and eyes nicely.

"Let me see!" Narcissa whined. I crept out of the dressing room and twirled. I was having to much fun in the scrap of fabric. I stopped and looked at Narcissa. Her eyes were watering very heavily.

"Narcissa? Please don't cry. It's just a dress."

"You're like the daughter I never had. I wanted a girl so bad so I could dress up with her, teach her how to be a lady, be able to talk to her. Instead, I have Draco, the son my husband wanted, and he got," Narcissa sighed. I searched her eyes, trying to see of she was playing. She saounded like she didn't want Draco. "Oh, no! Don't think I'm not happy to have him as a son. I am, truly, but I want a daughter and you're exactly as I envisioned her." I gave Narcissa a hug. Not one of those You're my boyfriend's mum and this will be awkward but you need a hug hugs. I gave her an actual, genuine hug. I squeezed her tightly and she was surprised by my sudden gesture of affection. She eventually hugged me back.

"I never had a Father figure, or really a Mother figure either," I confessed.

"Well, we can change the Mother figure part." She smiled a warm smile towards me and I returned it with no hesitation. I went back into the dressing room and changed back. Narcissa had the seamstress put the dress in a opaque bag and we lugged it out of the store. "Let's go get shoes," Narcissa proclaimed. We went into another small store but it was lined in shoes. "We have to get you 'show-off' shoes."

"Show-off shoes?"

"Well they say to everybody "Look at this longlegged beauty! Isn't she gorgeous!"."

"Ooooh," I replied. We walked around the store for a little bit before a person came to help us. Narcissa explained my dress and the girl returned back with a pair of black stilletto pumps. They were 3 or 4 inches tall, tulle all around the opening and had shiny silver zippers up the heel. I tried them on and strutted around in them for a few minutes.

"We'll take them," Narcissa told the sales woman. She paid for them and we left.

"Narcissa, I promise that I'll pay you back."

"Not necessary."

"But-" she waved and cut me off.

"Don't let Draco or Nott see your dress or shoes. Otherwise, they'll know who you are at the party," Narcissa explained. Not 2 seconds after she said that, they found us. They had their own bags and shoe boxes. "Ready, boys?" Narcissa asked.

"Yes," Draco responded. We grabbed her arms or shoulder and then we Disapparated out of Diagon Alley and back to the front of Malfoy Manor. Narcissa waved her wand and she ushered us through again, but this time we all got to see the gate go back to being solid.

"Whoa," the boys exclaimed at the same time. I giggled then went inside. I hid my dress and shoes in the very back of my closet, to where I knew they wouldn't find it. I smiled to myself. Then i remembered something. I rushed down the stairs and found Narcissa sitting in the kitchen reading the Daily Prophet.

"Narcissa, we forgot masks."

"Now we didn't dear. I had some ordered here." I sighed, full of relief. That would be such a waste if there wasn't a mask to go with that teriffic dress. I glanced at a clock in the kitchen at is read 1:23pm. Mmm...lunch. Narcissa and I ate in the kitchen together and we gossiped all about Draco, Nott, other Deatheaters, how people came dressed last year. Apparently, it was very entertaining. Draco and Nott came in. Draco kissed me on the cheek and grabbed a few sandwiches. He stuffed part of one in his mouth.

"Ugh. Use some manners," I said disgusted.

"Chove off," he grumbled behind his sandwich, spitting food at me.


"Oh, come on baby. You like it."

"Not when your mouth is full of sandwich." My fingers trailed over to a slice of cake I had half eaten. He swallowed and puckered up, ready for a kiss. Since his eyes were closed, I took this as the perfect opportunity. I picked up the squishy, sweet mass and shoved it in his face. Nott and I broke out laughing. Narcissa smiled and left so she wouldn't get food thrown at her. Draco wiped the vanilla icing away from his eyes.

"Poor Draco," I cooed. I pecked him quickly on the lips. "Mmm, yellow cake with vanilla frosting."

"Why you little..." He started to chase me and Nott around the kitchen. We threw floor, eggs(even though those sukers hurt), I used the industrial hose on the sink and sprayed them when the came close. They ignored me till I left my post and headed into the battle. Tomatoes, grapes, plums, everything was flying around the room.

Finally, we all collapased into a heap in the middle of the floor giggling and snorting up a storm. Narcissa finally poked her non-food coated head into the kitchen. She was laughing the entire time she was scolding us. She cleaned up the kitchen while we went and showered. 2 hours later, I stepped out of the steaming hot bathroom and into my cold bedroom. I grabbed my underwear and a simple dress and retreated back to the warm bathroom. I changed there and combed my hair. I trodded out into the hallway. I still had time to kill before dinner. so I decided to hang out with Draco. I knocked on his door. Nott answered, wearing a pair of dress pants and towel drying his hair.

"Where's Draco?"

"Shower," he grinned seductivly and leaned up against the door way.

"Well, ok then. Bye," I tried to scurry back into my room. I really did, honest. Nott grabbed my wrist and yanked me back. I winced by the popping in my wrist and the strength of his grip. "Nott, let go of me," I growled. He backed me up to a wall. First Blaise, now Nott. Why me?

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