I would fall in love with you for sure - Hihara Kazuki (oneshot)

Created by MahMika11 on Saturday, July 30, 2011


I would fall in love with you for sure - Hihara Kazuki (oneshot)Screenshot-12_18_20093_06_18PM.jpg
It all began when I was preparing to leave and I heard the sweet sound of a flute. I thought it was Yunoki, so I followed the sound. When I arrived at the place where the flute sound was coming from, I discovered it wasn't him, but a girl. When I saw her, I admired the way she played the flute. She was so graceful and delicate. I remembered that I had already seen her. She was a new girl at school and is in the same class as I, Yagisawa Mizuki. I stayed there admiring her even after she finished playing. She noticed I was there and asked if I needed anything. I was so distracted thinking about her that I didn't hear. She approached me and caught my attention. I was embarassed and said she played incredibly. She thanked me, looked at her watch surprised and said she had to leave.
Next day, I arrived at school and went to the classroom. She was there and I greeted her. She smiled and her face looked so angelic. In the other classes, I was looking at her without realizing it. I just realized when Yunoki told me I couldn't stop looking at her. I tried to turn my attention to class, but went back to look at her and this time she noticed. I turned my face knowing that it was red.
The class was over and I went to see her play the flute. I started doing it every day but one day she noticed that I was there and asked me not to hide.

Mizuki: Hihara-san, I know you're here. You don't need to hide.
Hihara: S-Sorry, I just wanted to hear you play. (embarassed)
Mizuki: (starts to laugh)
Hihara: W-What did I say ?
Mizuki: You're really funny, Hihara-san.
Hihara: (flushed)

Since that day, I always went to talk to her and hear her playing the flute. She always laughed when I was embarassed and said I was funny. Eventually, I started to smile when she said that or laugh.
Today I went to see her again and we started talking.

Hihara: Mizuki-chan, you must have thought I was an idiot when I came here for the first time.
Mizuki: I never thought you were an idiot, Hihara-kun. I knew you were one.
Hihara: Hey ! (pouting)
Mizuki: I am kidding. (laughing)
Hihara: I don't know. I think I should have introduced me better.
Mizuki: Wherever and however we met, it doesn't matter. The effect would be the same.
Hihara: Effect ?
Mizuki: (kiss) I would fall in love with you for sure.
Hihara: Mizuki-chan... (surprised)
Mizuki: (flushed)
Hihara: You're right I would fall in love with you. (smile and kiss)

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