My True Tickling Story!

This is a true story of how my friends found out I was ticklish! Yes, I used it in one of my stories but now I'll tell you how it REALLY happened! Message me what you think!♥

Created by storyteller425 on Saturday, July 30, 2011


Tina, Jessica, Hannah, Mary, and I sat in Hannah's room, completely bored out of our minds. They toss around a few ideas but someone always shot them down. Until Tina said, "Let's have a tickle war!" A tickle war is when you take a bottle, sit in a circle and spin it. Whoever it lands on gets ten minutes of tikling. Whoever laughs the most loses and is tickled for 20 minutes.
So I knew how incredibly ticklish I was. So I climbed on Hannah's bunk bed which her and her older sister used to share until she left for college, so Hannah got it all to herself.
I sat on the top bunk at the corner, trying my best to hide and just watch. So Tina picked Hannah to go first. She wasn't very ticklish. Just a little on her feet. Mary wasn't ticklish at all. Jessica's neck was a tiny bit ticklish on her neck. Tina was really ticklish on her sides but no where else. So after Jessica went and before Tina they had spun the bottle and slowly it landed in the direction i was sitting in. Fear ovrwhelmed me.
"It's Anna's turn!" They all screamed. They crawled up and began to drag me down but I tried to fight back. I couldn't let this happen. But there were too many of them. They finally got me down. Mary and Jessica each held one of my arms down because they knew how strong I was. Hannah sat on my legs and Tina sat on my hips. She started off with sqeezing my sides. That's not very ticklish on me. So she moved to my underarms which aren't ticklish at all. She then lifted my shirt and poked my ribs. I went completely and utterly insane. Tina staye on my ribs for almost 6 minutes. Then she ran her hands down to my waist line and as afinger brushed over my innienavel,I laughed louder. Hannah thensaid, "Ohhh!!! Her belly button! Try there!"
I instantly began to freak. Not only is my belly button my 2nd most ticklish spot, but it bothered me when people purposely tickled it!
"No, no, no, no!!! Not there! Wait, stop, get off me!!!" I screamed out.
But then Tina began to tickle my belly button with a single finger and I freak out.
"Stop it!!! STOHAHAHAHAHAP!!! I hate it when you tickle there!!!" I screamed. All I knew was Tina went over 10 minutes and tickled my belly button AND ribs at the same time. I had never laughed that hard or moved that loud. They stopped andlet me have a break.
"I think Anna definately lost." Tina said.
So they tickled me for 20 minutes straight and then fiall let me go. I will never forget that day. And ever since, they've been tickle torturing me almsot every day!

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