Possessive Alpha Male

Created by 2drunk2drive on Sunday, July 31, 2011

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I loved the feeling ofthe earthy ground underneath my dark brown paws. I smelled the summer rain and forest life. I continued on with my run. The bright silver moon was at it's peek in the night sky. I let out a howl and ran faster. I broke through the forest and into a clearing. The clearing was beautiful. In the middle of the clearing was a huge weeping willow. I laid down underneath it. It was an amazing first run.

I snapped out of my day dream when Mr. Skinner called my name, "Miss Summerland can you tell me the correct answer?"
I looked at the overweight bald seventy-two year old man and sighed, "Repeatthe question please. I think I may have not heard it right."
He rolled his muddy brown eyes from behind his glasses, "I am skipping you but next time pay attention Miss Summerland. Mr. O'Neil do you know the answer?"
I sighed in relief and started to pay attention the the lession. I love to think back to my first change. I was thirteen. I started to pack my things just as the bell rang. I stood up with the rest of the class and walked out to freedom. I sat in front of my my best friend, Trinity's car. I smiled slightly when I saw her caramel brown head was spotted and her vanilla and caramel scent hit me. She beamed at me and waved.
I waved back and opened her car door. I sat in the passager seat. When she got in she pulld me into a side hug.
"Remadie, I over heard my brother and the Beta talking last night. They said that Titan is returning soon. It has been three years and he get's to be Alpha as soon as he gets back. They are also having a meeting to welcome him back. Everyone is required to go Remadie," Trinity said with a sad look on her face.
Her sad look was nothing compared to mine. He is returning, why? He was always power hungry but I never took him to miss home.
In the car I let my mind slip back to the days beforehe left...

I was sitting on my back porch reding Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets. What else is there for a fourteen year old girl to do? I was snapped out of the story by no one other thanKnight Titan. He grinned at me with his handsome seventeen year old face.
"What are you up to beautiful?" He asked pulling me into his chest.
I giggled, "Nothng, just reading."
He pouted, "That's sooo boring!"
I laughed and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Sorry my pass times make you bored."

I snapped out of it when I noticed we were at my house. I gave Trinity a sleepy smile. She knows I won't be the same if he came back, hell I haven't beeen the same since he left. I flinch at the memory that slithered it's ugly head into my thoughts.

I felt tears fall as I saw him grip the female werewolf tightly. He kissed her with such lust it was hard to watch. His words echoing in my head. Not good enough... Never will be... You're just a kid, you'll never satisfy me the y a woman can...
HE left that night and that was the night I did the unimaganable. I tried to take my life. He was my mate and he rejected me. What else was there to live for? Trinity and Caleb found me unconious with an empty pill bottle in my hand. They got me to the pack doctor just in time. Lily pumped my stomach and saved me. I will admit I am not proud ofhat I did or what I've done during the first year he left. I tried to kill myself at least twice a month for twelve months until I saw that I was hurting my friends and family. I didn't want them to hurt any more so I stopped but that doesn'tmean I haven't thought about it. with out him I feel useless and unwanted.Well I guess I am both. Caleb, Trinity, Andi, and Donnie can't even stand to look at his pictures orhear his name without anger and hatred cloud their minds and hearts.
I walked into my room and saw mybig brother Caleb sitting on my bed with his head inhis hands. The way he gripped his hair I could tell he wasn't happy.
"Hey,what's wrong?" I asked concerned for my brother even though he is only nine monthsolder than I.
"He is coming back. I can't let him hurt you! Not any more! He never deserved you! Oh Remadie please don't do anything like last time," He said and his voice cracked at the end and tears started to fall.
Iflnched and cradled him. When he found me it was hard on him. HE believed it was his fault. HE also thought he lost me. HE was the main reason I decided enough was enough. I was tearing my big brother apart.
"Shhh, it'll be ok. I'll be ok." I said with a soothing voice while hugging my big brother tigtly.
"I hate him. He hurt you, in turn you hurt yourself which hurt everyone. You are so loved Remadie," He whispered while clinging to me as if I might float away.

I felt my own tears slip. I can not, and will not let Knight Titan tare me from my family again!

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