Outlaw and Kitten {a Ashley Purdy love story} info

Created by rielleFaithangel on Monday, August 01, 2011

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name: Cat
nickname: Hello Kittycat
age: 23
looks: grey eyes brunette and pale skin
randomness: you are a very happy person and you would drop everything to help someone eles your bestie Sierragets annoyed by it you have a tendency to just callops if youwork to muchno living family mom and dad have both passed and youwere an only child you also have a Ewok Kneesaaand love Hello Kitty hence your nickname
a pic
name Sierra
nickname: Airy
looks: black hair dark eyes very pretty
randomness: met you in freshmen year of highschool got the nickname,Airy, because she is so spacey
here a pic
and im sure reading this you know of Ashley Purdy <3 here is a picture of himhe is so cute <3

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