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Created by PolkaDotxShinigami on Monday, August 01, 2011

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Xanxus never did missions. He didn't like taking orders from others, nor did he like putting effort towards uninteresting things.
So Celia is quite confused as to why Xanxus is going on a mission with her. A ringing in her pocket turns her attention away from the man in the seat next to her.
"Celia, that guy is with you right now, isn't he?"
"Yes. Could you please tell him to come back... immediately?"
"The Ninth came out to see him, and now he's not here."
"THE NINTH?! It's been so long since I've seen him, and-"
Suddenly, blue eyes turn Xanxus' way.
"You ran away on purpose."
Ignoring the girl, he turns to look out the window once again.
"Xanxus-sama! He went through all the trouble to see you, don't you know he's getting old! He might even die soon!"
"Tch, what do I care? He's just another troublesome person."
Sighing, Celia lifts the phone back to her ear.
"Please apologize to the Ninth for us. It seems this mission is too important to back out of right now."
"I see, I will do that then. Until another time."
The two hang up the phones, one of them thinking 'I actually heard everything spoken just now'.
"So that's why you decided to go on a mission. You didn't want to see the Ninth."
"Shut up."
She snickers quietly until something outside the window catches her eye.
"Stop the car!"
Without waiting for it to come to a complete stop, she's jumping out the door and running towards a small lump on the ground.
"Siete ancora vivo?" [1]
Lifting the small body to herself, she checks for a pulse on the boy's neck. He makes a small grumble noise and she strains to hear him.
"Мать..." [2]
Cursing, she uses her sleeve to wipe off the blood around his mouth.
"Can you understand English?"
"немного" [3]
"Okay, can you tell me if you’re badly injured?"
"Я нет. Мать... сохранить." [4]
Picking up the boy, she turns to stare at Xanxus.
"I'm taking him with me."
"He won't be a bother to you, he'll be my responsibility."
Without another word, he turns away from the two and starts heading towards a worn down house. Silently following, she clutches the boy tighter to her.
"What are we doing here?"
"Supposedly the scientist lives in this house."
"Our mission is to destroy his base below. Apparently he borrowed money from a small mafia group; in exchange he was supposed to be making weapons for them. Instead he's plotting against them along with two fellow scientists."
"If they're scientists, does that mean they do experiments? What kind... do they do?"
"Нет... отец там..."
"Eh, your father? Is he the scientist?"
A silent nod is the only answer she receives, and something in her stomach churns. She has a feeling she won't like what's to come.
"Are you really sure you want to bring that brat?"
"I have to keep an eye on him, to make sure he's still okay."
"Have it your way."
As soon as the door leading to the basement is opened, a strong stench hits her nose. It's a scent that has long since stopped bothering her, one that she's used to now.
"Fresh blood mixed with old and rotting corpses. Xanxus-sama... this is putting a bad taste in my mouth."
He allows his eyes to glance to the girl at his side, fists clenching at his sides. All he can do is watch as pain strives her entire being obviously, at the sight of so many children's corpses. Suddenly a man appears before them, dry and fresh blood caking his clothes, hair, and face.
"Ah, it seems we have... unwanted guests. What do you say my lovely children, we should treat them kindly, shouldn't we?"
Several bodies appear behind him, children of all kinds. Though there's something strange about them, other than their blood covered bodies.
"What kind of sick fuck are you!"
There are flames spewing from their eye sockets, mouths, noses and ears.
(Rough translations, don't really trust translators, but what can you do, right?)
[1] - Are you still alive?
[2] Mother
[3] A little / some
[4] Not me. Mother... have to save.

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