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Created by PolkaDotxShinigami on Monday, August 01, 2011

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The sound of a gun echoes in the room for the tenth time. With her eyes slammed shut, Celia counts off the number of times.
"Большая сестра!"
"It seems you've brought my son back to me. I must thank you for that."
The boy behind her is now gripping onto her waist, his body shaking from fear. Gently putting a hand on his shoulder, she pries the boy off her.
"It's alright; I promise he won't hurt you anymore. You can close your eyes if you'd like, but if you do, you'll never find closure."
Holding both hands out, two strangely shaped daggers appear in her hands. The scientists' brows furrow together.
"Those are-"
"Twin daggers of the Hell Dragon. To be specific, the blades are actually his claws."
"Fascinating! How did someone like you get your hands on these?"
Jumping at the man, she expertly flicks her wrists causing the blades to slice dangerously close to his neck.
"Eager, are we? Fine by me, I'll just take those precious items off your hands once you’re disposed of!"
"You sure are a cocky bastard!"
Pulling out his own weapons, the two charge at each other. Slashing, dodging, kicking, slashing, and dodging. A fight of agility. With every kick and slash she sent his way, her mind went to the dead bodies that were currently still piling up. Children of all ages, disfigured, bloody, and just downright horrid.
"I won't allow you to live after seeing what you've done to them!"
"A girl like you thinks you can stop me? What foolish thoughts your head holds!"
Out of the corner of her eye she notices a red flame shooting straight for the boy. In the process of grabbing him, the man's knife cuts across her back. Pain burns through her, and she can't move her eyes away as an orange bullet tears through the head of a disfigured boy of 5.
"You're not allowed to lose, trash. Keep your eye on the opponent!"
Blue eyes tear up, but look away from the bloody mess and back to the crazed scientist.
"I'll finish you here and now, along with that useless boy of mine!"
"As if I'll let you!"
Pushing the boy against the wall, she allows the man to stab his knife into her arm while the other one shoves a dagger into the side of his head. The boy behind her whimpers, but she doesn't move to comfort him.
"He hurt you and your mother."
"Wouldn't you feel better if you were to do back to him what he did to you both?"
Turning around, she smiles a bright smile at him. Despite the blood splattered on her face and body, and the deep gash on her arm, he can feel warmth radiate from her. And as he walks with shaky steps towards her, his hand reaching out to close around the dagger she was holding out to him, he could feel himself change.
Celia watches as the corners of his lips twisted upwards, and his eyes shine with grotesque curiosity.
The man on the ground squirms, still alive with the dagger having only barely cracked his skull. He was in so much pain and agony that he couldn't even feel it.
"W-What do you think you’re doing?! You're going to kill your own father?"
"F...ath...er. Heh."
It was like watching her first bloodshed, as the knife comes down again and again, puncturing the man's face and chest, she can feel adrenaline pumping through her veins.
"That's it. Enjoy the feel of his blood on your skin. Smell the strong scent of death. Fall in love with it... Felice."
"I don't know why, but I like the name. So if you don't mind, it can be your new name, and today will be your new birthday."
Her grotesque happiness fades away into a motherly smile.
"As Felice Kuroki, come home with me and start a new life."
"Fe...lice K...uro...ki. Y...es."
"Very good, we can also get you lessons for Italian, and when the time comes, English and Japanese! You can even go to school!"
His eyes light up, and he wraps his arms around her waist in a tight hug.
"Th...ank You."
Somewhere in the back of her mind, a forgotten image starts to uncover and be replaced with the new Felice in front of her.

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