Shook Up Love; A Shake It Up! Love Story {1}

In this story, Rocky and CeCe fight to keep their friendship in tact as they fall in love and deal with drama. The beginning takes place the day after the dance where, CeCe is forced to go with Gunther.

Created by BellaThorneFan99 on Tuesday, August 02, 2011

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Chapter 1:
Day After The Dance

CeCe's POV:

It's the day after the dance. I had gone with Gunther because we had thought he was leaving the country because of my (as Rocky calls it) "dumb" advice.

These wild, unexpected events were typical for Rocky and I. But... there was one unusual thing about this particular event. When Gunther had broken up with me, my heart had sank. And, I heard nothing anyone said because I was thinking about him. All day.

Why, you might ask? I don't know. He's different. Dork, but definitaly in a sweet way....
Stop it CeCe! You don't like him!

"CeCe!" Rocky yells suddenly, causing me to break my train of thought.
"Hmmm?" I asked, absentminded.
"Did you hear a word I said? I was saying how funny yesterday was! Haha! Future Hessenheffer!" Rocky says, in between laughs.
"Yea. Hilarious."
"What's up with you today? You're so... distant."
"Umm... just thinking about that one move I kept messing up at rehearsal for the show." I lied.
"Oh." Rocky said, though she didn't seem to be buying it.

I really don't like lying to Rocky, but I don't see how I can tell her the truth. She likes to laugh at us fake dating, imagine if I admitted I kinda, sorta, maybe... like him?

Gunther's POV:

Okay, this isn't me. I am not thinking like Gunther Hessenheffer. Why? Because Gunther Hessenheffer doesn't tune out his sister to think about anyone, let alone CeCe Jones.

"Gunther! You are not listening to me, are you?" Tinka realized.
"No. Sorry, Tinka." I sighed.
She rolled her eyes. Tinka can have such an attidude sometimes!

At The Set...

CeCe's POV:

I stood, out of breath, after the show, as Gary calls, "Circle up, everyone!"

This is what happens after every show. Gary explains what the next show's theme will be.

Well, being the klutz I am, I tripped about halfway there...

And fell right into Gunther's arms! Before I did I heard him call, "Uh oh! CeCe!"

Gunther's POV:

I saw CeCe trip and I thankfully caught her before she could damage that beautiful face.

I stare into her deep, chocolate brown eyes as she lies in my arms. She starts turning bright red, blushing.

I want so badly to lean in and kiss her, but I know now's not the time. So, I steady her, than take a good look at her.

"You okay?" I ask.
"Umm... yea, thanks." She answered, stuttering.
"CanI talk to you after Gary lets us go?"
"Sure?" She says/asks, looking puzzled.

We go our seperate ways, and are relieved to see nobody noticed the little exchange.

Gary lets us go, and I see CeCe walk right over. I've decided to make my move for a more proper date. I'm confident she'll say yes.

"CeCe?" I say.
"CeCe, I can't get you outta my head. You're so pretty... and I really like you... I think. Do you wanna go... on a date sometime?" I ask, nervously.
"No." She says, suprising me.
"Oh." I say, taken back.
"I mean, I do but... Rocky wouldn't understand. That I see past the dorky accent. And the glittery clothes." She says, and I suddenly like her even more.
"Let's secretly date." I blurt out, suprising both of us.
"You want me to lie to Rocky?" CeCe said.
"I understand." I say sadly, knowing I blew it.
"Okay. Okay. I do want to secretly date. What Rocky doesn't know, won't hurt her."
"No it's okay. I know it was a dumb idea." I say.
Then to prove she thought it wasn't a dumb idea, she leans in and kisses me.
I kiss back, as I realize it's exactly what I wanted her to do.

CeCe's POV:

I don't believe myself, as I finish the walk home. I just kissed Gunther Hessenheffer and am now secretly dating Gunther.

Love is sooo cruel.

Okay! There's chapter one! I hope you liked it! Lots of drama already, eh?

If you want the luck of a purple elephant remember to rate and message and favorite!!! But, most importantly, keep checking for chapters! Love you, (in the not creepy way LOL) Byezz!

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