Charlie and the Chocolate Factory;A Willy Wonka Love Story {13}

Hey Hey Hey!!Now,this one is going to be confusing,but dont worry,i will explain it at the end!!

Created by kookyfororlybloom on Friday, March 17, 2006

You feel something moving behind you you push back the covers a little bit and see Willy tossing and turning next to you.He is mumbling in his sleep and rolling around.Suddenly he sits up and yells "XYLONA!!".You look over at him and say "What?".He seems to see you for the first time when he looks at you.He looks at you with so much love,but there is something else.It looks like fright.You give him a puzzling look,but before you can say anything else he pulls you into a tight,loving hug.He is sobbing in your neck.You awkwrdly pat his back.When he lets go he stares at your face.He touches your face.You smile and then look at the clock."Oh my gosh!Its almost noon.C'mon,i wanna walk to the store and get groceries before 2 becasue i wanna go surfing later."Willy gave you a horrified look and screamed "NO!!!".You looked at him questionly so he told you the dream.You sat there in a horrified trance,then finally said "Will you come with me?"He nodded and went to get changed.....You walked out the door and breathed in the rain scented air.The clouds had moved away revealing a bright,happy sun,then you and Willy walked to town with Sacha,Rose,AND Thorn.You stayed close to Willy the whole time but stayed silent.You were both thinking.The biggest thought that was running thru your head was "What if something happens to Willy.What will i do."After a while Willy broke the silence with a question that startled you."Xylona?Did you ever do a press conference about a year ago saying that you didn't believe in love?"You were very startled with the question,but you nodded anyways.He continued."Well then,why are you with me?And do you still believe that love is just a word?"Your heart caught in your throut and you took a moment to answer."Willy,when i met you i figured you were another man that just wanted some booty.But after i got to know you better i knew that i was dead wrong.Willy,"at this point you had stopped and you were looking him straight in his beutiful violet eyes."Willy,i believe in love now.You made me believe that love isn't just a word.And trust me,i would do anything and everything for love.Willy,you are my love."With that you kissed him on the lips,not caring if anyone saw.When you broke the kiss you saw something in Willys eyes that you had never seen before.You werent able to put your finger on it,but you knew it was good.You entwined your fingers with his.You got to the store and tied up the dogs outside and Willy waited with them.You got some groceries and walked out about 15 minutes later.What you saw astounded you.Cop cars were everywhere and someone was getting pushed into one.You dropped your groceries and ran over to Willy."Willy.Oh my god,what happened?"Before he could answer an officer came over and told you that they had gotten a tip off that someone was here to attack you.When they got here Willy was in a fight with Steve.He had confessed to following you and trying to beat you,but he didn't know Willy was going to come with you.You walked over to the cop car.The window was open and when you got close you saw Steve was handcuffed.He also had a bloody nose and a black eyes,plus the stuff you had given him the day before.You punched him again,just becasue you wanted too,then told the cops to take him far far away.You stepped away from the car and gathered up your groceries,then a junior officer came over and offered you and Willy a ride.The dogs got into a different car and you guys got a drive hime.When Mrs.B saw the cop car she rushed over to make sure you were okay.You told her what had happened and that Willy had saved your life.You looked at him and saw the same look on his face,but you still didn't know what it was.You went in and put the groceries away then got your suit on.Dax came over about a quarter to 2,and you told him what had happened earlier.He kept curseing Steve,wondering how he could trust him.Then he sat down and started thinking.You asked him what was wrong and he said now his team would have to forfiet becasue they didn't have 4 surfers.You smiled and said that you had thought of that,and you had already called and replaced Steve with yourself.Dax was much happier after that.You kept your eye on Willy because he did not look so good.You made him come to the beach with you and then you sat with him for a while before you began training.You were both silent for a while until "Willy, whats wrong.You are paler than usual?"He smiled at your joke then said "I am jsut thinking about what you said earlier.Am i really the one that made you believe in love again?"You looked at him and nodded,then heard Dax calling your name.You kissed Willys forehead and said "Hey,tommorow is the championships and then we will go home.We will be back at the chocolate factory.Dont worry anymore.I know you are uncomfertable,but this vacation is doing you some good.Well,besides the little incident earlier.Dont worry, everything is going to be okay.Trust me."He nodded and then lay back to watch you practice....~Time Jump To Next Day~....You were shaking and taking deep breathes.You had to get here at the beach at 6 am and now it was 8,time for the championships to begin.You looked at your watch again.It was about 1 minute after 8.You picked up your blue surfboard and went to join the others.You looked around the beach but the crown was so huge you couldn't see Willy anywhere.You felt a hand on your shoulder and turned,thinking it was Willy,but it was only Zach wishing you good luck.You heard the announcer and the butterflies in your stomach got the best of you.You ran around a palm tree and up-chucked what little breakfast you had had.You wiped your mouth and then felt another hand on your shoulder.You turned around about to tell Zack off for following you when you came face-to-face with beautiful violet eyes.Willy smiled when you jumped a little."What,aren't you glad to seeme?"You smiled and said yes.He said good-luck and gave you a kiss on the cheek,he wouldn't kiss you on the lips becasue he had seen you vomit.He gave your shoulder a reassuring sqeeze and went back into the crowd.You felt better now and went back over to your group.The announcer was saying everyones name,and when it came to your teams names you got the loudest screams.Your team was called "Flames on water" because all of your boards had flames on them.You saw Willy waving at you so you waved back.Dax and some guy named Shawn were up first.Dax totally wiped him out.Next was Zach and Cody.Cody was more experienced,but Zach was smaller and light-weight.They both did very well.One after another they went until it was down to you and some guy named Tanin.You were the only female in the compition,so you got lots of grief from this guy.It made you madder and madder.It was your turn now.You turned around before you went out into the water and saw that Willys was smiling and waving at you.You waved back and then got on your board and swam out.You hadn't gone out very far when you came upon a big wave.It was coming your way.You smiled and paddled towards it.At the bottom of the wave you jumped onto you board and did tricks.You were going to try to hang 10 when you lost your footing and wiped out.The wave disapeered and you broke the surface.You could hear people yelling your name.You held up five fingers in signal to give it one more try.Your board was flouting not too far away.You grabbed it then pulled yourself on.You paddled out to another oncoming wave.You surfed it without any problem,and you were even able to do a hang 10.When you got back to shore everyone was screaming.The guy you were going against did pretty good,but he wiped out twice,which you thanked god about.You waited for your 5 scores.Then the announcer started sying your scores-"Miss Xylona Jerderski,out of 50,47!!You screamed and jumped up and down and hugged Dax.You were so excited.One of the judges started talking."We had to count off points for the wipe-out,but with the rest of the tricks and the flowing smoothness of your surfing,well,thats what got you that 47.Congradulations!!"You were so excited.You and the guys stood over next to the rest of the groups and waited for results."3rd place is....The Leapers!!"You clapped while they accepted their bronze trophy and bronze metals for each of them."Next,2nd place is....Flames on Water!!!"You cheered even though you were a little dissapointed that you got second,but at least you still placed.The Hawaii Wahoos won first.Then they handed out awards for different things."Our first award go's to the best trickster on the board...Dax Jerderski!!"You clapped your hands and glanced at Willy.He was smiling and clapping like the rest of them.Dax accepted the green medel with a load "YAHOO!!!"You smiled at your brother,then waited for the rest of the awards to be given out.So far you were the only one in your group to oly receive your second place medel andnothing else,but you didn't mind.You started staring off when you heard screaming and your name.You looked up and saw the announcer holding up a big trphy and talking about how you had only been surfing for about 2 years but you had still helped your brother and his team and how you did an awsome job.You walked up and accepted the trophy.You smiled for the camera and then motioned for Willy to come up because you had just noticed the ESPN camera,and you knew most of the world was watching.You grabbed the microphone from teh announcer and said "I would like to make an announcement.I know some of you have been wondering where i have been the past few weeks,"with that you made Willy come up onto the stage.You noticed he looked very uncomfertable with everyone staring at him,so you took his hand and gave it a reassuring sqeeze,then continued.You told the story about how you ended up at Willys factory and how you fell for him.You told them how he saved your life,and he even added about how you had saved his.After you were done there was complete silence.You bit your lip and then you heard something.It was clapping.Then other people started clapping,then cheering,and pretty soon you wouldn't have been able to hear a pin drop even if you wanted to.Willy put his arm around your waist and dipped you.Then he pressed his lips against yours and gave you the most passionate kiss ever.When you both stopped you looked over at Dax.He had his eyes closed and he was pretending to vomit.You turned back to the camera and waved,then got eveloped in another kiss.....You had finished packing up your things and now you were trying to get the cats into their cages.Dax and Willy were talking about the surf compition and the Buckets were packing.You came around behind Willy and gave him a hug,then jumped on his back.He stood up and started running around.You screamed when he dropped you onto Dax.He started pretending like you had crushed him.You punched him ni the chest,then went to make sure you had gotten everything.You headed back downstairs when you heard a car horn honk.You got into the limo last and sat next to Willy and cuddled with him.He played with your hair and pulled you closer.When you got to the airport you got thru customs with no problem and then waited for the plane to arrive.You were writing songs in your notebook and Willy was writing candy ideas.Eeryonce in a while he would reach over and scribble something out and put something in,and it was always about candy.You were giggling and pushing Willy away whenever he did that,but he knew you were joking.Finally your plane came and you gave on last goodbye to Hawaii.Dax promised you that he would call you later once you were back in London.You kissed your bro on the cheek and hugged him,then got on the plane with the others.You turned and waved at Dax then went to find your seat.When you found Willy he looked tired,and he had saved you a window seat.You scootched in and then let Willy lean on you.You stroked his hair and then snuggled up and got cozy.Soon you were fast asleep....
Phew!I thought that would be bad,but it was actually pretty good.Oh man,last night i finally watched "Secret Window."I thought it was going to be scary,but it wasn't.It was AWSOME!!My aunt thinks im on glue.I think Johnny Depp is really super duper hot in that movie.I exspecially like it when he gets the new glasses and braces and stuff.Call me druggie,but i think Johnny Depp looks soooo hot with the braces and the blonde-with-brown-roots hair.My aunt really thinks im on glue now.I just can't help it,he does look good in braces.Of coarse,he looks hot in anything.Of course.Oh well.Also,for those of you who didn't get it,the last chapter was actually a dream that Willy was having,we just didn't know that.Then in this chapter he has a major case of Daja Vue.That dream saved your life.I really didn't want to put her in the hosptal and stuff.And the thing with Steve was that he almost killed you,then acted like the worried nice guy so no one could suspect him.I thought of all of this while i was watching secret window last night.I hope you like it...
Secret Window Rox!!
Secret Window Sucks!!
Hey!!Thanx to ya'all that wrote me.I really like getting messeges and i try to answer all of them^____^

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