:-:Illusionist:-:23. And so it Begins:-:

Chapter 25 will be the ending for sure, plus an extra chapter at the end to tie things off.

Created by PolkaDotxShinigami on Wednesday, August 03, 2011

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5 years have passed, the small Russian boy now known as Felice has become fluent in Italian, English, but is still working on his Japanese. Along with this, he's become an excellent fighter officially part of the Vongola and Varia now.
"Reporting sir."
Xanxus stares at the two men and boy in front of him.
"We have found nothing."
"Fucking idiots have seriously just upped and disappeared!"
"Shut it, trash."
Squalo and Xanxus lock in a heated glare. Felice clears his throat.
"I do have a place I'd like to check next, with your permission, Boss."
"Whatever. Just find her and bring her back."
He looks away.
"Yes, Boss!"
Short blue hair glistens in the moon light as a deep chuckle leaves pale lips.
"When will you people just give up and let me know what I want?"
Blood splatters land on pale skin, joining many others. The body, beneath what seems to be male, struggles against the new knife wound.
"We'll never tell you where she is!"
"Ohhh, but I think you will, heh~!"
Standing, the 'boy' raises his foot before bringing it down on the near dead man.
"What is it, Frog?"
Green meets reds, and Fran can feel himself shudder.
"How long do you plan on doing this?"
The shorter boy laughs loudly, manically.
"What's wrong, Frog? Miss your dear woman?"
Fran clenches and unclenches his fists. He wants to strangle this boy out of Celia's body, but honestly how do you do that when the intruder is a split-personality?
"When I get her back, you can have your own woman back. But until then, she'll be resting quietly up here."
He taps his forehead gently before walking off to find his new victim.
"So you think, in other words, that she snapped and went crazy?"
Felice looks at the silver haired man in annoyance. Even Belphegor seems annoyed at this point.
"Not exactly! I said, I think her split personalities have awakened. And if that has happened, then one of them may have taken control of her."
"Ushishishi, and that dumb frog would have just followed her on his own."
Felice nods his head.
"I always knew that idiot was crazy."
"She's in th-the tower! Just to the South of this town!"
The woman cries, holding tightly to her last live child. Why did the village head want to keep the girl such a secret that one of her children had to die?
"Now see, that wasn't hard, was it?"
Celeste lets the dead body of a girl fall from his hands. Taking his leave, he ignores the screaming cries of the woman.
"Did you have to kill a child?!"
"It was the only way to get her to talk. Dumb bitch thought I was just all talk and no bite."
Trying his best to lock out the cries, Fran follows behind the blue haired boy. If Celia knew what he did using her hands... no, he couldn't think of such things right now.
Celeste, on the other hand, was now whistling happily. His eyes set on a tower seemingly reaching the heavens.
"Principessa, I'm coming for you."
"Looks like they came through here."
"Ushishishi, it definitely looks like the handy work of Celia's body."
Felice and Belphegor look around at the village covered in slaughtered bodies. Squalo makes a strange noise, catching their attention.
A woman is holding the body of what seems to be a girl, if the dress is anything to go by. The child's face looks as if it had been brutally smashed in.
"T-That's not something Celia would do... is it?"
Squalo grunts before turning away and Belphegor frowns.
"She killed her two brothers when she was younger, but she was supposed to have lost her memories of that."
"I wonder if what made her lose control over her personalities was remembering."
Swishing his sword in front of them, Squalo lets out a loud 'Voi".
"Let's keep going, we can't let that brat keep soiling Varia's name like this."
"Squalo-sempai's right, we have to hurry."

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