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Created by YamiHigushi on Wednesday, August 03, 2011

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These can be used without crediting me; I don't mind! :) Go ahead, use as you must!

For those of you willing to write for all of these... well, I respect and salute to you! :D (A GIANT thank you to WolfMaskedAnbu for writing the prompt/request from me for "The desire is eating me up..." You can check out her profile - she's trying to write for as many prompts as possible! What dedication! :P

Thank you, Happi3Bunni3 for the awesome song prompts! :D (Never woulda thought of those.)

Thanks to Nightfox101 for using my prompts in her super duper AMAZING writing! :)

Arigato, Wolfwalker101 for the funny and unique prompt! XD You can find it in the "Miscellaneous" category. Good luck writing! :D

Thanks to Sleepysoul for the new prompts! They've been added!



· Beginning

· Middle

· End

· Love

· Illusion

· Discovery

· Numbness

· Silence

· Nature

· Time

· If

· Color

· Friendship

· Happiness

· Betrayal

· Smugness

· Smiling

· Eyes

· Embrace

· Before

· After

· Change

· Difference

· Similarity

· Marriage

· Cheating

· Music

· Confusion

· Travel

· Urban

· Rural

· Voice

· 1700’s

· 1800’s

· 1900’s

· 2000’s

· Numbers

· Words

· Hot

· Cold

· Sweet

· Bitter

· Running

· Children

· Heterosexuality

· Homosexuality

· Bisexuality

· Peace

· Inconceivable

· Writing

· Thoughts

· Food

· Drink

· Stupidity

· Desperation

· School

· Beauty

· Ugliness

· Names

· White

· Black

· Space

· Sky

· Day

· Night

· Death

· Birth

· Birthdays

· Intelligence

· Flowers

· Rain

· Fire

· Light

· Emptiness

· Pregnancy

· Abortion

· Broken

· Fixed

· New

· Old

· Crystal

· Glass

· Ruby

· Sapphire

· Emerald

· Diamond

· Amethyst

· Topaz

· Opal

· Pearl

· Jealousy

· Anger

· Lust

· Gluttony

· Greed

· Melancholy

· Rage

· Offence

· Defence

· Laziness

· Cuteness

· Kiss

· Darkness

· Unfortunate

· Luck

· Sight

· Mind

· Visualization

· Aid

· Manners

· Questions

· Answers

· Decisions

· Mistakes

· Misunderstandings

· Façade

· Clemency

· Dulcet

· Vivacity

· Gloom

· Lugubrious

· Equinox

· Concupiscence

· Shimmer

· Relinquish

· Caliginous

· Vociferous

· Echolalia

· Caress

· Aerial

· Rapture

· Surreptitious

· Prosody

· Solace

· Mercurial

· Ivory

· Mimsy

· Swoon

· Maudlin

· Shivers

· Luscious

· Afflatus

· Incalescent

· Malady

· Transparence

· Epigone

· Pantomime

· Malaise

· Philosophy

· Emulate

· Dalliance

· Blithe

· Kismet

· Delirium

· Serenity

· Tête-à-tête

· Meekness

· Lucent

· Tryst

· Solemn

· Whisper

· Dawn

· Dusk

· Alluring

· Immaculate

· Capricious

· Roseate

· Oblivion

· Water

· Earth

· Wind

· Hatred

· Cursing

· Sight

· Sound

· Flying

· Sunset

· Ethnicity

· Popularity

· Tragedy

· Technology

· Thunder

· Touch

· Sharpness

· Cuddle

· Whisper

· Scream

· Nostalgia

· Wish

· Hope

· Faith

· Pray

· Prophecy

· Magic

· Myth

· Shopping

· Rhythm

· Rhyme

· Cats

· Dogs

· Fat

· Skinny

· Big

· Small

· Paris

· Rome

· New York

· Toronto

· Tokyo

· Shanghai

· London

· Stars

· Beach

· Driving

· Seconds

· Minutes

· Hours

· Days

· Years

· Singing

· Art

· Near

· Far

· Anime

· Heaven

· Hell

· Shock

· Positive

· Negative

· Endless

· Amnesia

· Sickness

· Disease

· Poison

· Revenge

· Ex-______ (Boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, etc.)

· Paper

· Stillness

· Forbidden

· Prison

· Locked

· Released


Exciting Action/Angst:

· When I'm on the edge of insanity, I'd hope you'd come to save me.

· This desire is eating me up...

· I can't escape from a dark reality that has built up to this point.

· I can't hold on much longer ... hurry!

· The walls are closing in, and I'm stuck inside.

· Hold on. I'm coming for you, no matter what it takes.

· I'd even join the bad guys. Just for you.

· Hah! Nice try, but now you're mine.

· It ends here for you.

· You won’t live to see tomorrow’s sunrise.

Beautiful Sadness/Tragedy:

· Why do I keep hoping you'll notice me when you always just look right over my shoulder?

·Will you take care of me? Love me? Heal all my pain? ...that's what I thought.

· You took everything from me, and now you want more?

· I wait forever for the day when you'll see me as more than just a friend.

· All that time ago you said you'd be back. You never came.

· Broken promises and lies build up so fast and soon a wall is built between two people.

· I used to trust you, but now all I see when I look at you is just a backstab waiting to happen.

· You said you wouldn't judge, but you turned around and did what you said you wouldn't.

· It wasn't you; it was me.

· We can never go back to the way things were. I'm sorry, but that's the way it will always be.

· Give me three good reasons why I should take you back!

· Baby, if you ever try to leave again, I swear I'll kill you.

· Watch me leave. I'll walk right out that door and you can't stop me!

· Our relationship went from love to hate in such a small amount of time...

· I need to gather the strength to just let go.

· Your love hurts, stings, and is addicting. Is it poison?

· I'm sorry ... but I just don't love you the way I used to.

· Forgive me for my sins; I'll do anything to redeem myself.

· Listen, that was the past. I've changed and I'll prove it to you!

· Promise that you'll never make me do that again...

· I want you so bad, but you want someone else.

· Every tear that you cry, I promise I'll dry them all.

· What happened to the way that you looked at me? All I see in your eyes now is disgust and hatred.

· Waking up and seeing the empty spot in bed beside me... I wish you were here right now.

· If you were to just come back, I would apologize and try to make everything alright again.

· Another night; another dream... always you... but why?

· Sometimes it’s easier to leave than it is to stay.

First Sights and Feelings:

· On the run with no one to love. That was me before you came along.

· When I first saw you, I felt like I was young and careless once again.

· All those times when we were kids were the same, but that one day I looked at you and everything changed.

· W-Why is my heart beating so fast? My palms are sweating and my body temperature is rising... what is this feeling?

· That first smile was something that I swore I'd never forget.

· I saw him and I just stopped. Everything stopped.

· I passed by, you smiled at me, and immediately I saw the life ahead of us.

· The first time that our hands ever touched... that magic... I want to feel it again.

· A crush lasts an average of 4 months. Once it’s exceeded that, you’re already in love.

· You told me how you wished she’d give you a chance; yet you won’t give me one.

· Put 2 and 2 together, dummy! I LIKE YOU!

· It took you forever to notice me… I wondered if I was invisible.

·I don't have the luxury of telling the truth, but I have the luxury of making you a promise.

Classic Romance/Love:

· What could I possibly love more than laying with you under the stars?

· Your embrace is precious to me; every moment together I can feel a bond becoming unbreakable.

· If I ever had to live a moment without you, I wouldn't be able to stand it.

· There's been a dream of mine for a while... I wish it would come true...

· Sometimes, I'd like to just lie there, looking at each others' faces; just being happy we're together.

· I believed that love was just some cheesy thing that you'd get pushed into when you're older. Boy, did I get proved wrong.

· Ugh. I feel stupid. Why? I feel like doing all that stupid stuff those love songs talk about.

· Finally, my reality is better than my dreams.

· When he asked that one question, I finally knew what life was all about.

· Those words are all I need to be yours forever.

· Did you know that no matter what you do, you drive me crazy?

· Your voice is the song I could listen to all day long.

· Treat me like a princess and I’ll treat you like the king.

· Sing me a song. Sing me a song about the way I make you feel.

· When I rest my head on your chest, your heartbeat is the sound that makes me feel at peace.

· Don't ever change. Not for me; not for anybody else.

· When butterflies are in love, do they get humans in their tummy?

· If you kiss me, I'll be quiet for you.

· Loved you once, love you still; always have, always will.

· Love is a cycle: You love then you get hurt. You’re hurt then you hate. You hate then you try to forget. You try to forget then you start missing. You are missing… when you fall in love again.

· Love isn’t about finding the perfect person; it’s about seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

· I love everything you hate about yourself.

· Now I know what true love feels like, and I wish I didn't.

The Flirty/Heated Relationship:

· Go ahead and tease me ... I don't mind it.

· Promise you'll be better than any I've had before.

· Once you do this, beware that you're mine forever.

· Don't leave me alone - there's no telling what I could do.

· I won't let go until you do.

· When I was little, I always wondered about these kinds of things...

· So, teach me your way, then.

· Come on... nobody has to know.

· Can you stop being hot please? I'm busy trying to hate you.

· Stop it. You know that’s my weak spot.


· You threw me down over and over, but guess what? I'm back, baby.

· Yeah, we were pretty immature back then... but I've changed. Have you?

· I'm not going down without a fight. So bring it!

· The time has come for me to teach you a lesson.

· Why so down? Is there anything I could do to cheer you up?

· You see... it's not the big things we remember in the end. It's the little things that matter the most.

· Why bother to be someone that you're not? It's like fighting day from turning to night. It's bound to show itself sometime.

· Sure, we have bad history, but that doesn't stop us from making a good future together.

· Two is better than one... plus, it's more fun!

· I love the rain, don't you?

·But dreaming was free.

· Although one person that dislikes you may say you need to change, ask someone that you actually care about. I'm sure their opinion will surprise you.

· That's what friends are for, right?

· Look all you want, but please don't touch.

· I challenge you to a ________ contest! (Fill in the blank with something witty.)

· Drunk words are sober thoughts.

Quotes and Words of Inspiration:

· Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.

· Boys use the word "friendship" to begin love. Girls use the word to end it.

· Happiness is like perfume. You can't sprinkle it without getting a little bit on yourself.

· You don't need to do anything spectacular to help the universe. Maybe you’re helping by just being you.

· Don't change for the world, because the world won't change for you.

· If you fall in love with two people, pick the second. You wouldn't have fallen for the second if you truly loved the first.

· It doesn't matter how slowly you go... just don't stop.

· 'There's only one thing I want to change about you,' he said, 'your last name.'

· Judging a person doesn't define who they are. It defines who you are.

· If you want something you never had, you must do something you've never done.

· I was scared of rejection, so I chose to be alone.

· You may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but you'll always be my favourite colour. Forever.

· A girl has 3 guys in her life. A guy she loves. A guy she hates. A guy she can't live without. In the end, they're all the same guy.

· I feel like I'm waiting for something that isn't going to happen.

· I felt special until I saw you talk to everyone like that...

· Beauty isn't makeup.

· Never underestimate a girl.

· Could you stop looking at her, and maybe notice me?

· There’s truth and knowledge behind every ‘I don’t know.’

· There’s curiosity behind every ‘just wondering.’

· There’s emotion behind every ‘I don’t care.’

· There’s pain behind every ‘it’s okay.’

· There’s love behind every ‘I hate you.’

· There’s ‘I need you’ behind every ‘leave me alone.’

· There’s a lot of words behind every silence.

· He’s cute, I swear! Let me find a better picture!

· Move on. That’s a chapter in the past. Turn the page, but don’t close the book.

· Live, love, laugh.

· It’s time you finally told that jerk what you think, isn’t it?

· This is your life. Do what you want… nobody else.

· Someone might not be the prettiest on the outside, but they’re golden inside.

· Love is like a flower. Give it time and it will grow.

· Light travels faster than sound. That is why people may look bright until they speak.

· Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple.

· Holding a grudge is letting someone live rent-free in your head.

· Never confuse education with intelligence.

· War doesn’t determine who is right; only who is left.

· A day without laughter is a day wasted.

· We never really grow up. We just learn how to act in public.

· Behind every b**ch is a man that made her that way.

· Birthmarks are where you were killed in your previous life.

· Silence is the best response to a fool.

· "You are what you eat." "I should eat a skinny person..."

· We never really grow up. We just learn how to act in public.

· Move on ... life is not meant to be travelled backwards.

· My guard is up, so stop trying to bring it down.

· Someday, someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked with anyone else.

· When you like a guy, every other girl that talks to him is a slut.

Just Song Lyrics:

· I… really .. eh, uh I—I—I … I kind of … eh, but… wait ! No! I like you, I love you! (Rin Kagamine – I like you I love you)

· She has to see that she should be with me; she has to give him up. (Faber Drive – Give him up)

· You said I gave you butterflies, then you flew out of my life. (Stereos – Butterflies)

· Can’t you hear that boom badoom boom boom badoom boom boom? (Nicki Minaj – Superbass)

· 1 thing 2 say 3 words 4 you… I love you. (Plain White T’s – 1234)

· When your heart wears thin, I will hold you up. (Marianas Trench – Beside you)

· I’ve gotta pretend that when I walk out that door… I don’t love you anymore. (Elise Estrada – Lipstick)

· I’m lucky that I’m in love with my best friend … (Jason Mraz – Lucky)

· You can’t see me wanting you the way you want her. (Taylor Swift – Invisible)

· You are the best thing that’s ever been mine. (Taylor Swift – Mine)

· I would die for you, but you won’t do the same. (Bruno Mars – Grenade)

· When I’m with him, I’m thinking of you. (Katy Perry – Thinking of you)

· The spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly. (Owl City – Vanilla Twilight)

· You think I'm pretty without any makeup on; you think I'm funny when I tell the punch line wrong. (Katy Perry - Teenage Dream)

· I'm sorry for blaming you... for everything I just couldn't do. (Christina Aguilera - Hurt)

· There ain't a reason you and me should be alone tonight. (Lady Gaga - The Edge of Glory)

· Let's begin this war: this war of love! Because I saw you happy with another girl. (Miku Hatsune - Love is War)

· It's like we're living in a dream world. The moon is dancing and the stars twirl. (Nightcore - Dream world)

· Why do people live in sorrow? Why do they have to live in fear? (Nightcore - Why)

· You are the only one who's close enough to drive me crazy. (Emily Osment - You are the only one)

· I'm proud to say, I got you. (I got you - Leona Lewis)

· It's digesting how you changed me from a bandit to a baby. (Miranda Cosgrove/Ke$ha - Disgusting)

· I like your smile, I like your vibe, I like your style, but that's not why I love you (Avril Lavigine - I love you)

· You give me butterflies deep inside, you give me butterflies; I don't know where to run, run, run, run from you (Butterflies - Alana Lee Hamilton)

· Thank you for making my heart beat again heart beat again, heart beat again (Sugarland- Stuck like glue)

· You pointed out my flaws again… as if I didn’t notice them already. (Taylor Swift – Mean)

· And now that I’m strong, I have figured out how this world turns cold and it breaks through my soul. (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Your Guardian Angel)

· When the evening shadows and the stars appear, and there is no one there to dry your tears, I could hold you for a million years to make you feel my love. (Adele – Make You Feel My Love)

· I’d tell you I miss you, but I don’t know how. I’ve never heard silence quite this loud. (Taylor Swift – Story of Us)



Imagine If...:

· Your favourite character randomly bumped into you at... the mall, school, or even in your own neighbourhood. What would you say? Would you be friendly, fangirl-ish? Be creative!

· What if you became close with the character and they asked you on a date (if you're interested in them. If not, it would be just to hang out.) What would you do and how would it go? Would it be disastrous, fun, cute, or romantic?

· Write out all the good and bad traits of your OC. How many are good? How many are bad? Do they need to be revamped anytime soon?

· If you could go into any anime/fandom, which would it be and why?

· If you could have any anime/fandom guy fall head-over-heels in love with you, who would it be? Why?

· You find what looks like a marker on the ground. You try drawing on paper, and everything you imagine and draw comes to life! What do you do with it?

· You could wake up tomorrow in someone else's body for a day. Would you do it? Who? Why?

· What would be the absolutely BEST love situation/scene to be in? Anything goes!

· If you had a superpower, which would it be?

· Which of the elements most suits you? Let's say you could control it/use its abilities. What are your powers?

Would You Rather...:

· Have Quizilla popularity with bad stories or no Quizilla popularity with amazing stories?

· Own every gaming system out there with only 2 games per system, or one game system with every game for it?

· The power to see the future, or the power to change the past?

· The power to see when you'll die, or how?

· Own every book in the world in your own library, or have your own home theatre with all the movies?

· Have braces or glasses?

· Drink a bottle of ketchup or a jar of pickle juice?

· Be beautiful and only live until 20, or be ugly and die at 100?

· Have the talent to play violin or piano?

· Have the talent to draw or sing?

· Have the talent to cook or play sports?

· Live in a huge house in an ugly/trashy city, or a small house in a safe/beautiful city?

· Cheat and win or play fairly and lose?

· Live in a beautiful, cozy house in a rural area, or a normal apartment in a busy city?

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