Koga is ur Baby Daddy (for kyoslover1993)

Created by sesshysbabygrl12 on Friday, August 05, 2011



hey girl sy if it isn't what u expect i tried my best hope u like it. And for those of you who ALSO like/love koga (or bored i dont care) HOPE U ALL ENJOY p.s. YES IT'S A LEMON mwuahahahaha XP (i love lemons!! ^_^) ps.. this is my 1st baby daddy thing so yeah enjoy =D it'll be like a regular lemon mixed w/ baby daddy thing oh an sy it took so damn long XD


Name: Mariko Kitsune

Age: 21 (same as Koga)
Race: Sexy Fox Demon
Power: Healing

Occupation:On most occasions-Assassin (hey everyone's gotta make a killing XP get it? ^_^ ah fuck it -_- oops that's later ^_~)

Info:You met Koga when you found him hurt by the Birds of Paradise nest when you were sent to kill him by Naraku to steal his jewel shards only then did u reaalize how handsome he was so you decided 2 go against it (not like u were gonna do it anyhow. Ginta and Hakkakku(as you found their names 2 b)tried to take care of Koga, but they didn't do so well.(lets face it they suck at medicalXP)So you healed Koga and went back to the wolf den with the three of them. Kogawas out of it for a few days. WhenheFINALLY came to,the first thing he saw was Mariko(you) and instantly fell in love.Mariko said she would stay with them until Koga's wounds were healed but Koga got her to stay when he told her that he hadfallen in love with the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes on.(wanted 2 put a sexier pic than this but it wouldnt pop up)
(btw koga send his 2 goons out to do whatever while he "thanks" you ^_~)
Lemon-(or how it happened which ever)
: So Mariko is it? I heard you were the one who healed me is that correct? Mariko: Yes that is correct. Koga: well then,*eyes u up an down in his mind* 'she sure is one FINE fox.'(literaly) I suppose I owe you a thank you. *starts to move closer to you Mariko:*blushes a little* 'Is he gonna do what i think he's gonna do?' Just then Koga kisses you passionatly on the lips. Mariko: 'he did ^_^'
So you decided to kiss him back which led to him to gently push you on your back as he climbed on top of you never breaking the kiss feeling your curvy body up an down which lead you to moan through the kiss.
Koga: heh you like that dontcha?~You: oh yes! *bucks you hips upwards which caused you to feel a bit of a movement from his cock(yes i'm bein dirty) though it seems like I'm not the only one *smirks*
Koga:*groans* heh just u wait,*starts takin off ur top an softly starts massaging your breasts* I'm gonna make u "pay" for getting me errected. Mariko:*moans loudly*'damn it feels so GOOD' ~so while he's giving your breast a THOROUGH massage u decided to glide ur soft gentle hands down his abs an between his legs stroking his now HUGE dick~ Heh if your gonna tease me with foreplay, why not make it fair * u say as u slightly squeeze him* Koga:*groans* damn you got me *he says as he's now kissing you. You decide to roll him over where ur now on top* Mariko: *breaks kiss* heh my turn now* So you start kissin him on the lips again which ends up to you suckin an nibbling his neck, down his chest, until you FINALLY made ur destination "HIS COCK" so w/ one hand you stroke it up an down while ur other hand is massagin his balls. You end up lickin his balls even bitin on them a few times b4 positioning yourself but as u do koga descides 2 take charge an roll u both over again an enters ur sweet pussy* You: AHH!! KOGA!!! u feel so good!!! Koga:Good cuz I can say the same about u Mariko!!! (as he starts thrusting harder you wrap your legs around him as he pounds u faster an deeper) you: OH GOD KOGA I LOVE YOU!!! koga:*looks of shock @ first but just a quick second then says* I LOVE YOU TOO MARIKO!! BUT DAMN I THINK I'M ABOUT 2 CUM!!! you: wait lets do it together!!! Koga: sounds like a plan!!! (so the two of you keep fuckin around when you go) AHH!!! KOGA!! I'M ABOUT TO....(but u didnt get the chance to finish as ur cum spilled out of you durin the same time that Koga spilt his inside you. Only then did u 2 roll over an decided to give it another go) Koga: That's it baby bounce for me *groans as he bouces you up an down his cock in a rhrythem while u rubbed ur breasts together while occasionally lettin them bounce which makes Koga all the more "EXCITED" shall we say) Mariko: AWW FUCK KOGA POUND ME HARDER!!! koga: WISH GRANTED!!!*bounces u up an down his cock HARDER,FASTER, AND DEEPER up til cum came flowin down his cock while his flowed inside ur now VERY wet pussy* You: *pants* that was SO good *smiles an kisses Koga on the lips* Koga: *pants* yeah *gasps a lil air* it sure was *kisses back* Mariko? You: yes koga? Koga: be my mate You: of course So the two of you are "mates" now ~_^
How you told him: well its entirely up 2 u i just did it for the lemon XP the rest is up 2 u readers (but mainly 4 u Mariko/ Kyoslover) to use ur imagination ( i know i over used mine on this XD)
Until next time see ya
with love Sesshysbabygrl12

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