Shake it up Chicago! Ty love Story! The kiss.

Created by kaya1avatar2airbender on Friday, August 05, 2011

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We stayed at the pool for three hours, Duece joined us, and it was fun then we got out because we were gonna go on the trollie to Timber Ridge and have dinner at one of the restraunts. I pulled my sneakers on and stood up. Ty had his tie untied and around his neck, I looked at him, and he tied it. I looked at Dan on Cece and Rocky's bed and closed the door than ran outside with the rest of them. We kept switching seats in the trollie and I ended up by Ty. Flynn got a bunch of candy cherries at the restraunt and we all ordered, "Thank you so much!" Cece andRocky said hugging me on tightly it was like they were trying to break me in half. Flynn looked out the window at the water park, "How come thats all plastic?" he asked and we shrugged. Than waited for the Trollie again it was the same as the other ride except we stood up.

Ty pulled out the couch bed for Flynn and he jumped on to it and so did Dan, I curled my feet underneath me in the chair, an watched as Flynn fell asleep. "That was fast," Cece said looking at her little brother and I shugged.

(later that night)

Ty instited that I had the bed that he was suppose to be his but instead we shared, it wasn't weird, we've had sleep overs since we were six but it didn't help with my crush. I fell asleep after Ty and it ended up like that night with the movies. I sighed and woke Ty up, "Can you let go of me?" I asked when he opened his eyes a crack, "Sorry," he said letting me go. I blushed but Ty couldn't see it because there was no lights on just a little moonlight from the window. I sighed and Ty looked at me, "What?" he asked and I looked up at him, "Nothing," I said. I couldn't fall back asleep I knew that, "So your starting high school," I said sitting up slightly and Ty nodded, "Yeah and of course eigth grade for you," he said and I smiled, "Yeah." Ty sat up and looked at me, "What?" I asked tilting my head slightly, "Nothing," he said laying back down, "What was Mr. Womanizer gonna say?" I asked pking his chest and he pushed me away. "What?" I asked pouting like a five year old, he rolled his eyes, and looked at me, "Did you get over your rush with Deuce yet?" he asked and I stared at him. "Yes," I said and punched his chest, "What was that for?" I asked and held me down. "The question!" I whispered-yelled at him again and squirmed out from under him, "Good," he said laying back down.

I stared at him, "Why good," I asked leaning over him, "Why?" I asked again and he pushed me off, "Just leave it, will you." I stared at him, "Rocky will give me the picture," I said poking him and he turned his head to me, "I don't care," he said and I rolled my eyes, "So you won't care when it turns up on everyones locker, on the internet, and on the front of the school," I said smiling. Ty was quiet for a second than sat up, pulled me toward him, and kissed me then laid back down. I blushed nine diffrent shades of red than hugged him and laid down falling asleep.

Dan jumped on the bed to wake me and Ty up, I sat up, and Dan layed on Ty, "Hey the monster dogs crushing me!" he yelled and I pushed Dan off of Ty. Dan laid at the end of the bed and I scratched him behind the ear, he barked, and Ty got up putting on a new shirt. I felt sort a nervuse around him now because of the kiss, "Come on," Ty said picking me up out of bed, carrying me to the living room, and putting me on the couch bed with Flynn. I stared at him and Flynn woke up, I hugged him, and pulled him in to my lap. Cece and Rocky came in yawning and Deuce stayed asleep, "Dan go get Deuce," I told the Great Dane and he ran in to the other room. We heard barking, Deuce yelling, and then a thud as he landed on the floor. Flynn and I went to see what happened and found Deuce on the floor and Dan laying in the exact spot Deuce was a second ago.

Cece called the trollie to go around the place and we all got dressed. "We'll go wait," Cece and Rocky said walking out the door with Deuce and Flynn. I grabbed my messanger bag and pulled it on my shoulder, "Come on," Ty said grabbing my hand and I blushed again. We caught up with everyone else and Cece looked at our hands and we let go of each other, I wasn't sure where to look, so, I helped Flynn with Dan on his leash. The trollie came and we got on, I paid the guy his tip and extra to let Dan on. I sat on the second to back seat with Flynn in my lap, Dan on the floor, and Ty next to me.

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