Mindless Lovee--{A Mindless Behavior Love Story} Chp. 10

A little boring but promise it'll be better :)

Created by lolgirlie7 on Sunday, August 07, 2011

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Your POV
Princeton and you go to your house to drop you off. The boys end up going to Princeton's house for dinner while you and missy have a sleepover.
"Well slap my face with a Kansas City pickle(a/n lol got that from Shake It up on Disney Chanel, laughed my head off at that one lol)So ya'll kissed!! Likea lot?!" Missy asked for about the fifth time.
"YES Missy, Princeton and I kissed a lot! Jeez" I said. all of a sudden I heard a laugh comming from behind me. It was Roc.
"Wow, he didn't tell us that"Roc said with a laugh
"Shut up' I said smiling big. "I think I might love him" I said dreamily.Roc and Missy both just stared at me but Roc looked weird inparticularly.
"Aww..." Missy said to my comment
"you just started dating him though YN" Roc said
"Yeah but we've always been great friends, I think I always loved him but just in a new way now." I said happy.
"Sigh, you girls, think ya'll are just so deep" Roc chuckled
"Shut up, we are deeper than the bottom of the ocean, Rockypiee(A/N like my nicknames for Roc, hahaha)!"
I said not getting ashamed at being a girl.
Roc just smiled and shook his head. "Well time for bed!" See ya'll tommorow." He said walking upstairs.
"Night night don't let the bed intruders bite!" Missy said
"bye, love you bro, thanks for hooking me up." I said plainly looking at Miss like she was crazy
"Yeah, you too sis, and we are STILL gonna talk about this tommorow!" He said halfway up the steps.
"suree" I smiled

Missy and I stayed up until 4 AM talking, laughing and then finally falling asleep. She gave me some tips on how to have a "great relationship" like her and Ray Ray did. She may be a bit crazy, but she was smart and good in most everything she does. Especially this relationship with Ray Ray, they have been together for 4 months now. So I made sure I listened to her.
The next day me, Roc, Princeton, Ray Ray, Prodigy and Missy all decided to go to six flags since it was pretty close and my mom offered to take us. Finally, we got there
"Oh, my gosh this place is awesome! Well if you need us Ray Ray and I will be on that ride" She said pointing to a ride as her and Ray ran over to it.
"Yeah, so not to leave ya'll but Prod and I are going to get some food, beccause we are soo hungry." Roc said
"Wait,but you are leaving us" I said
"Exactly" Roc and Prod said almost in unison
Princeton and I looked at each other with confusion. I guess they picked up on it when Prod said
"Do ya'll love birds REALLY want us hangin' around with you? Its already bad enough that we are the single kids in this group. Ooh man, we can go find some girls! Bye! " And with that they were gone.
"Alrighty well now its just us" I said with a flirty smile
"Ooh, YN we have to go on that ride!" Princeton said pointing up at a super huge ride with the name 'The Villian' at the top of it (a/n just made up that name).
"Umm, it looks a little scary babe" I said getting closer to him.
"Come on, it'll be fine, and once agian I got you, baby" He said wrapping his arm around my waist.
"Ok" I sighed, "but if I die today your getting blamed for it, and locked up." I said as we walked towards the ride.
"Ight, if it has to be that way. In my defense I'll say that it was your fault for dating a bad boy and comming with him to potentially the most dangerous place ever. So ha" He joked.
"Whatever, then I'll just say It was your fault because I couldn't resist my incredibly sexy boyfriend" I laughed
"Well, then I guess I don't have to argue with that one, Looks like I'm going to jail." We both laughed. He was so easy to talk to and easy to...love. I just hope he feels the same way. Because I really do think I love him. Anyways, we got on the ride, and I was so scared. But Princeton held my hand the whole time, so I made it to the end.
"Dang, girl, you have some strong hands" He said holding his hand
"Haha, sorry, you know years of basketball" I said
"Oh yeah, but see you made it through" He said and then kissed me.
"What was that for" I said pulling away.
"Being so pretty :D" He said
"Aww, thanks" I said.
"Anytime" He winked.
We went on a couple more rides and met back up with everyone at a picnic table.
"Did ya'll find any girls?" I asked
"we SAW some really cute ones but ROC was just oh, so nervous to go talk to them." Prodigy said irritated.
"Well, if you still want to talk to them go right ahead" Roc said with a smirk.
"Well, dang, looks like my baby brother got no game!" I said as everyone but him laughed "Just kidding Roc-Star, you know I love you, hun"
"Whatever, Yn" He sai trying not to smile.
to be continued

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