Kaleidoscope Love [Neville Longbottom] Chapter 2

Gryffindor Party! This is where Neville discovers his true feelings!

Created by emofreak58 on Monday, August 08, 2011

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I kept getting winks all day. People aren’t all to smart. When folks notice a whole lot of other folks winking at one very noticeable person, they’re going to think something’s up. Especially since they are all winking at Zaphnie, me, the very odd strange girl who could be thinking about doing anything. I ignored them and hopefully they could get the clue that winks were conspicuous. While snacking on some Bertie bots beans I went over the plan. Pass out certain vials throughout the Gryffindor table during dinner where each participant in the plan would take care of their own prefect. While everyone placed the prefects in a hidden area standing up while leaning on something, yet still in a place where they should be patrolling so that they would believe they just took a little nap accidentally instead of thinking something was up. I would be in the common room with some others getting the common room ready for an end of the year bash! Fred and George would bring the butter beer, pumpkin juice, and hopefully, firewhiskey! Which Hermione has no idea about the firewhiskey… I finished my candy and went to my last class of the day, Potions. Hermione and I were partners. We were creating forgetfulness potion for our final exam. I love potions class. Hermione wasn’t always thrilled to have me as a partner, but she was thankful to get A’s in potions class. I was the teacher’s pet, possibly for my intense love of potions. I even added my own flair to every brew and corrected some potions or made them more efficient by changing up the ingredients.

“That is not what the potion calls for.” I rolled my eyes

“You’re not very creative Hermione. I know what’s good for the potion.” I said. We finished the potion together and Professor Snape came to check the potion. Which was awesome and we got A’s. When class was dismissed I ran all the way to the common room Hermione at my heels.

“I just don’t get it.” She told me a little out of breath, “You don’t even follow the instructions!”

“Sometimes the instructions aren’t great enough.” I told her.

“What are you talking about? The people who wrote the instructions were smarter than you!” she said

“Yes but as time progresses we discover new things and some new things can improve the old.” I retorted

“Yes but-hey will slow down!” She said gasping for air. I stopped a bit out-of-breath as well.

“Sorry…” I apologized, “Just excited.” When Hermione caught her breath she began walking to the common room with me at a normal pace.

“I still don’t think it’ll work.” She told me, I shrugged

“We have to try.” I said

“No, we don’t.” she explained

“You’ll have fun.” I told her still getting winks from people

“How can I have fun when we’re breaking so many rules for a silly party?” she asked

“A Silly party with yummy pumpkin juice.” I told her. She sighed

“At least there won’t be any firewhiskey.” She began, I laughed nervously and loudly.

“Fire f-firewhiskey? Preposterous! Totally out of the question!” I began braiding my hair. I was the worst liar when it came to people who were close to me.

“Zaphnie!” she shouted,

“We don’t know for sure!” I told quickly, “We were just going to… try?” She sighed and shook her head.

“I cannot believe I’m letting this happen. You better be lucky I’m your friend.” She informed me. I unbraided my hair.

“If you weren’t I would’ve just used a sleeping draught on you as well…” I muttered

“I figured as much.” She told me. When I said the password to the pink lady I walked in to find George and Fred.

“Fire whiskey’s a go.” Fred said grinning excitedly

“Even if we don’t have much…” George added. I shrugged

“Doesn’t matter, you guys are awesome.” I said patting their backs. I went up to my suitcase and poured out six vials of sleeping draught hiding them in my robe. It was going to be a little while longer before dinner began at the great hall and so I spent the time detaching my Japanese rain chain from the outside window by where I slept and put it away. When I went back downstairs I saw that Hermione, Ron, and Harry were talking about something super secret. I covered my ears as I passed by them and walked out the common room. I slid down the rails of the moving stair cases and met up with Neville.

“Hello Neville!” I said cheerily. He smiled

“Hi Zaphnie.” He greeted. We walked down the rest of the way together.

“I kept getting winks all day.” I told him as someone winked to me.

“I noticed, I think everyone noticed.” He notified me. I sighed

“Yet still, I’m getting them right and left non-stop.” I shrugged and took out some more Bertie beans. “Want some?” I asked Neville,

“Thanks.” He said grabbing a small handful.

“I think you have a vomit flavored one.” I told him

“That’s not good, which one?” I made the motion of sipping my mouth. “Well, thanks.” He said sarcastically.

“Hermione and her gang are always talking about secret things.” I told Neville.

“They keep losing Gryffindor points.” Neville said

“They gain points too.” I added. he shrugged “If anyone discovers my plan I think we will loose all of our points.”

“That’s true.” He said. When we got to the Great Hall a lot of people were there. I sat down next to Neville and saved a spot for Hermione. When it seemed like everyone was here I passed down the vials to left and right of me. Everyone was to avoid the prefects. Once again I kept getting those bloody winks! After dinner we all headed up to the common room and it was after hours that the plan commenced. With the prefects gone, I set up a table of candy and refreshments. It was loaded with, Bertie bots, lemon drops, Canary Cream, Chocolate frogs which I left to hop around in a cage-like container and if to some awesome mistake some get loose and hop around in the party I enlarge their size to make it interesting, also, chocoballs, Cockroach clusters, Drooble's Best Blowing Gum, Fizzing Whizbees, Pepper Imps, and Pumpkin pasties for candy. Drinks were, as you knew, Butter beer, Pumpkin Juice, and a bit of Fire Whiskey. I moved the arm chairs to the side of the room and took another table and placed it in the center of the room and I draped it in glow-in-dark cloth. It could act like a stage for people who wanted to dance up on it. My plan: Get Hermione to dance on it. I placed some Dr. Filibuster's Fabulous Wet-Start, No-Heat Fireworks around the room which would set of during the party I placed my iPod in a speaker to play music and sound proofed the common room. Neville came in with and empty vial and tossed it to me. I placed it like a proud trophy hanging over the room with magic.

“This place is looking pretty cool.” Neville complimented.

“It’s not done yet.” I told him. I put up papers on the walls and placed a flashing paint charm on them so the room would be buzzing with bright colors. I spread the top of the room with bright golden stars and red lightning flashing in between them. I turned the lights of the common room off to examine my work.

“Brilliant!” Neville exclaimed. I nodded proudly.

“Yes, I really like it.” I told him. Just then three more people came in with vials. I waved my wand at the vials hanging them up proudly.

“Thank you, Seamus, Dean, Harry.” I told them they all stared at the room in awe. Then in came Fred, George, and Hermione came in.

“The last two! Great job Hermione! You actually did it!” I said excitedly I waved them over and blasted the music, aka the cue that the party was on! First song: Party in your Bedroom by, Cash Cash.

“Ironic song choice for the cue, Zaphnie.” Harry told me. I nodded When everyone came bursting down stairs, George and Fred set off the fireworks. Everyone was dancing and cheering. Except Ron who looked a little nervous, so I used tarantallegra on him for just a little bit so he could get used to the dancing and everyone would like his moves. People had already jumped onto the table to show off what they knew and people would cheer them on if they did a good dance. So far, Lee, Angelina, and George and Fred have been on the table. I stood by the candy table ate a pepper imp and got on the table and breathed out fire. The song Shake it by: Metro Station played and I took my turn dancing to it. Everyone cheered and I felt awesome I saw Hermione by the table and I Pulled her up we danced a little on the table together but then I crowd surfed away and fell onto of Neville while Hermione took the spot light. I hadn’t exactly pegged Hermione for a good dancer but she already portrayed the best dancing I’ve seen so far. She had a fire whiskey in her hand. I laughed silently while Neville and I stood up. As soon as we stood up we began dancing. When he took my hands and we spun, I looked into Neville’s eyes and saw something in them that almost made me shiver in delight. It was a look Neville had never given me before. When the song finished we were still dancing as if the same song was still playing. I eventually broke form him to dance with my cousin Fred, but I couldn’t keep that look out of my mind. The only thing that distracted me was when someone tried to eat a chocolate frog and sent the whole cage of them hopping everywhere. George jumped over the whole dancing table backwards trying to catch a frog in mid-leap. I laughed and multiplied the frogs. I took some butter beer and splashed it into the crowd. There were colors of floating bubbles of gum ever which where.

“This is Brilliant!” Harry shouted at me. Ten minutes before the sleeping draught would wear off, I made the vials and stars explode with the red lighting. Immediately people began cleaning up by zapping everything with a vanishing spell. I placed the common room back in order and Hermione hid the smell with a spell. Everyone charged up to the room laughing. I stayed down and plopped on an arm chair. Neville came and sat on the floor beside me. I looked at him and at his eyes, but when he looked back at me I didn’t see the look he had before.

“I think it went well.” I told Neville as he nodded

“No one else could’ve done it better. He said. I slid onto the floor by Neville.

“Very tiring…” I told him with a yawn and rested my head onto Neville’s shoulder.

“It was.” He said. I didn’t know what was up with that look he gave me, but I figure everything must be normal now. I took out some Bertie bots and ate them silently as I fell asleep.

When I awoke the next morning I was on the arm chair in a blanket a giant chocolate frog hopped onto my face. I picked it up and ate it. A little reminder of last night, I thought with a smile.

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