Mindless Lovee--{A Mindless Behavior Love Story} Chp. 13

Hope you enjoyed itt! Its bout to get dramatic!!!!

Created by lolgirlie7 on Monday, August 08, 2011

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THere is a project in class, Roc and Aubriee are partners Roc likes her.
Your POV
It was lunchtime and you were looking for Roc so you could apologize to him.
"Hey peepers" Ray Ray said sitting down with me and Prod. We always met up before we went to lunch since we didn't really see each other
"Ray Ray!" I almost screamed
He jumped "Well, jeez, I didn't know you were that excited to see me."
"Sorry, I'm a little anxious right now." I always got anxious when I really needed to get something off my chest and I really needed to apologize to Roc, cause as the day progressed the worse I felt. "Have ya'll seen my boyfriend. Ugh, no nevermind forget him where's Roc?!"
"Wow, thanks, um, I've been looking for you too" He said sarcasticly while setting down his tray next to me.
"Sorry babe, I just really need to apologize to Roc before I go crazy" I said bouncing up and down. (A/N Between you and Roc we told our friends the problem this morning)
"Yes, someone needs to get this girl her brother cause I was so scared when she talked to me that I almost jumped out of my skin." Ray Ray said as Prince and Prod laughed.

All of a sudden I saw Roc and Aubriee walking over to us laughing and talking. Roc looked at me and glared and rolled his eyes.
"Roc, we need to talk" I said said getting up and grabbing his arm. He jerked it back
"I don't want to talk to you, after all I came last" He said coldly. There were tears forming in the corner of my eyes. Roc and "I have never been in a fight especially one like this. And I caused it! But I had to do this
"Come on Roc I'm sorry! You were right and I was being to stupid to realize it. Your my brother and you mean the world to me. Please I'm sorry!" I said trying not to cry. They were away from the table because you had ran up to them when they were in the entrence of the cafeteria.
Roc looked a little sad himself. And then he sighed. "You know I can't stay mad at you. Just don't cry, I forgive you just don't ignore me like that again. K"
"Will do!" I said wiping the corner of my eyes "And this weekend I won't be hanging with Prince just me and you, no one else! alright"
He smiled wide. "Yep"
"I have never felt that sad in my life, Roc!" I said. Little did I know "I'd be feeling a lot worse later on.
We walked back to the others and sat down. Missy finaly got there. Aubriee sat at our table too.
"Uh, did I miss somthing?" Aubriee asked confused
"yeah, just a bit but that's okay." I said smiling
We started talking and eveyone really liked Aubriee. But she was like a big bundle of electricity, she just kept going. SHe neer really stopped talking but she was too funny. she was like Missy but even Missy was more subdued.
"Wait but I have a question," Prodigy stated "Why are you starting at our school when school is over in like 2 weeks?'
That was a good question. We all stared at her.
"Oh, well since I" just moved here, my mom wanted me to have some friends for the summer and to have a feel for the next school year. Also, my old school did like the same things you do in class so its easy to fit in." She said easily
We all nodded in approval. Then she looked at Princeton with his arm around my waist and said "Yah know, ya'll are like the CUTEST couple i EVER DID SEE!" She said
"Oh wow thank you!" Ray Ray said sarcastically
"Yeah we just got thrown under the bus. What do we look like they'ee understudies?! (a/n ya, kno in a play,)
"Oh, no sorry I didn't mean to like single you out!! I just happened to be looking thei way." She smiled innocently.
"Yeah whatvever" Ray Ray joked
"But I know who would be a cute couple!" I said smiling
"Who?"Aubriee asked
"You..." I said
"Me?" She looked behind her "Me and who?"
"You and Roc!!!!" Missy screamed
They both blushed and looked at each other.
"Wow, so things just got awkward" Princeton said
I giggled
"Why do you think I told you to be Aubriee's partner Roc? Because ya'll could be the cutest couple."
Both their faces were priceless. O.O LOL
"Aww so thats why I had to get stuck with that crazy girl!" Prodigy said turning around to see Ashley at the table next to the trash can with the rest of her nerd friends. lol. She waved to him
"THat girl tryed to attack me and was like ooh Prod your so yummy( shoutout to my G name buddy lol) Not cool YN!" Prodigy said as everyone laughed hysterically
Suddenly the bell rang and we were all off to our classes.
to be continueddd XD
If you have any ideas for the story send me a messege

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