Ashley Purdy Love Story Part 1

Created by AshPurdyGurl on Tuesday, August 09, 2011

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-Main/Brooke's POV-
I slammed my fist on my alarm clock, as it beeped, 12:30 pm, so I wouldn't sleep too late. I took a shower, dressed in rippied white skinnies, and a tank top. I didn't bother with shoes,put my hair in a high loose pony tail, and walked out to the baby's nursery. Yes, baby. Whose? Mine. 2 year old Summer Field. Why? I was raped, by some random guy who kidnapped me last year, raped me, then dropped me back off. Chad has never helped with Summer, which i haven't really noticed in the past few years, whilste I took care of her.. "BROOKLYN!" My older twin sister, Ann, called downstairs for me. We both pitched in, and ought a double decker house here in Hollywood, Cali. "Yeah?" I called back down, feeding Summer. "I have a suprise for you, something will be here in around 5 minutes." "Okay?" I said back down. I really wonder, I mean she's been sneaking around for a year, so maybe whatever this is, is what she's been doing. I put Summer's baby food down, and trashed it. I picked her up, and started play dancing with her, on my knees, to a variety of songs. Then the door bell rang. "I GOT IT." Screeched Ann. Summer giggled. "I wanna see Auntie Ann." She murmured, not perfectly, but halfway. So cute. I heard some people walk in, and a deep voice I thought was famillar said, "Hey Ann! So, you said we were meeting someone?" He said quite cheerful. "Yep yep yerp!" She chirped. I smally laughed, "Well?" A higher voice asked. "Brooklyn Field, get your tail down here, and greet some of your favorite people!" She called, then I heard someone sit down. Probably Ann. I groaned, turned the music off, and stood up. Summer frowned at me. "Something wrong?" I asked her. She nodded, "Carry me?" I sighed, but smiled, bending down. She wrapped her skinny arms and legs around me. I put my arms under her thighs, and held my hands at my stomach, waking down the steps carefully. When I got down there, and saw Black Veil Brides facing me, Summer screamed in my ear. "Thanks for screaming in my ear kid." She giggled, and I let her down, I sat by Ann, which luckfully, I was at the end of the couch. "Hi. I'm Brooklyn Field, Ann's twin." CC looked confused. "Your hair is diffrent?" I laughed, "Dyed it brown, from black, so we wouldn't get mixed up, a few years ago." I said. He noded, then Jake Pitts asked, "So, your age? She hasen't us yet." "We're 19, born on February 28th, at 11:58 pm." We both said at the same time. Everyone laughed at us, and we shrugged at the same time again. Andy said, "You guys keep doing it.." "Oh well." Smae time. "Stop that!" Same time. "Shut up!" Same time. I groaned. "Well, what a lovely twin moment.." Ashley smirked. "Mhm" Summer was now tugging on his spiked belt. "Whose this little girl?" Jinxx asked. I kinda hesitated.. Everyone besides my family, thought I was a slut, or whore, before I had the chance of saying I got raped. "Well.. She's my little girl...." I said, kinda slow. The boys got quiet, and I heard a "-cough- slut -cough-" From Ashley. I glared at him. And he smirked. "One a slut, always a slut baby, wanna go to a room in here?" And he kept his smirk. "Never was I a fucking slut, I got raped, but your too blinded by you loving yourself, to realize, that there was another possibilty to me having a kid!" I said, mad. His smirk faltered away, and he muttered a, "That's what they always say. Slut." My phone rang, something in German, like it screeched it. I looked at it, Chad was calling. I smiled at the screen. "Ann? Be right back, he's calling." "Figured, that ringtone." I nodded, picked up Summer, had her on my hip and walked into the kitchen which connected to the living room, but I figured they weren't that nosey. Then on the other line, I heard screaming moans. I gathered everything in my head, let out a big sigh, and said, as quietly as possible.
"Hm? Didn't think you were the type to cheat, after I cried all those months, about being raped, and you said you loved me. I just wasted my teen years in a lying realationship. I hope your happy, dammit." Iended the call, and slid down the wall, and started crying into my knees, which thank god we're muffled. But I heard Summer running away, and heard this. "Annie.. Mommy.. Is crying!"Then I heard feet coming towards me, Ann sat down and hugged me. "I heard what you said.. I'm so sorry." I nodded, and felt Summer rubbing through my hair.I sighed, stood up, fixed my running mascara, made sure my eyes weren't red, and walked back, holding Summer tightly against myside. "What's wrong Brooke?" Andy asked.. I looked at Ann.She explained, "She's been dating this guyChad, since she was....?" She looked at me. "13." I muttered. "13. She just found out, he'd been fucking other girls, the entire fake relationship, even when he said he loved her more than lifeitself. Doucebag.." She said. They all looked apolegetic. "We're so sorry, we know just met you, but you seem, very nice." I smiled slightly. "Thanks, Jinxx.." He nodded, while I got my phone back out, and delted all the crap from Chad on there. It took me a pretty long time, when I went upstairs, without telling anyone. I grabbed some boxes. it was now dusk. I came back down. "You didn't... did you?!" Ann said, looking at my wrists. "No! Not since 2 years ago Ann!" I remarked, getting a few lighters off the fireplace. "Oh, sorry BrookieBear." She sometimes called me that. I grinned, and walked outside. "Where is she going?" Jake asked, whining. "Probably burning her & Chad's memories." They all nodded, and soon everyone was outside helping me burn, all his clothes I had, products, and pictures. There were seriously an entire photo album of us. 743 pictures of us. I smiled as Ann threw the last one in. It was my favorite. Us staring at the night sky, while he kissed me. The night he said he'd loved me.. 4 years ago, tomorrow.. I sighed, and watched the fire, crackle, Summer clinging around me, on my back. "I love you mommy.." She murmured against my neck, nuzzling into it. "I love you too baby." I said back to her, she giggled against my neck. I set her down, and she ran to Ashley, tugging on his belt roughly. He looked down, and started laughing. "Pick up." She stated, reaching her hands up, opening and closing them. "What?" She messed up on the word pick which sounded like "pwike". I laughed, and said, "She wants you to pick her up." "Oh. I knew that." He laughed lightly, and picked her up. She started twirling his hair, and outlining some of his tattoos. Now we were all sitting around the wickedly burning fire, while Summer went to every guy, hugging them over and over. "So, where do you work at?" CC randomly asked. "Well, I'm a tattoo artist, and a body piercer." Andy grinned. "Wicked. What all do you have?" I smiled at him. "Well.. Piercings: triple up each ear, and cartilage in my left. My nose stud, my tounge piercing, spider bites. And tattoos: Green star on my right hip, that goes to the top edge of my underwear, on my left wrist; dream, right; belive. Right ankle: bvb sign, left ankle; heart, anchor on my foot, on my lower back; 'Peace, Love, Music, Brooke.'. That's it." "I did't even know half of those!" Ann said. "Oh wait, I have my belly button piercing too!" I said, pointing to the one, somewhat sticking out of my tank top. "Damn girl." Jake said, "Enough piercings?" He finished. I smiled, "Perfect."
It was now midnight. "Sleepover?!" CC asked, jumping up and down. I looked to Ann, her reply, was of course she didn't care. "Why'd you ask Ann Brooke?" Ashley asked me. "Because she's 'older'" I remarked, rolling my eyes. "But you both we're born at 11:58 pm?" Andy asked. "10 seconds apart." We said at the same time.
"Damn!" Jinxx said again. I laughed. I grabbed some snacks and drinks from the fridge, and tossed them in the living room. Sleeping on the floor tonight boys!
We had now watching 5 movies. It was 4 am. Everyone was asleep but me and Ashley. I was sitting on the couch with him, before I knew it, I closed my eyes, and drifted to the darkness of sleep on Ashley freakin' Purdy's shoulder from Black Veil Brides!

I know it was so long.. Hope you like it, took me 2 hours! (: It as just a started though.

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