Summer Fling (chapter two)

So recap!!!!Leilani, also known as Leila, hit her head on the beach and was knocked out only to be found by this dude Cameron. Oh and she also has two besties Jojo (jo) and Karissa

Created by SprinkledStarLyte on Tuesday, August 09, 2011

"So what happened next?!" Karrisa questioned.

"Nothing, I told him i had to go home cause my parents would be worried and just left." I said cassually.

"So you just left a super hot boy who waited with you all night to make sure you were okay alone on the beach!?" Karissa clearly thought i was insane.

"Wait did you even give him your name, or number?!" Jojo joined the conversation.

"No there was no point I'm never going to see him again, so whatever i don't even care." But i did care, all i could think about was the way my heart melted when my eyes reached his. Why did i just leave?!

"Hello earth to Leilani? Did you just hear a word I said." Apparently karissa had been talking.

"Sorry i was just, thinking, what did you say?"

"Thinking about Cameron?" Teased Jojo.

"Somebodies in love, somebodies in love" Hummed Karrisa.

"I am not! I just-I-" I stopped talking, there he was walking my window outside! "Thats-thats him!"

Jojo and Karissa spun around to get a look at him.

"Go talk to him!" Karissa commanded

"No i-i couldnt" I stuttered

"Why not?! Common fate has given you a second chance you have to take it!"

I watched Cameron walking with his hands in his jean pockets, he was bobbing his head and seem to be singing something, he was really cute when he sang. I walked up to the window and just looked at him. I knew Jojo and Karissa were watching me, but i couldnt help but just stare. Then he turned around and our eyes met. He gave a small wave, then another guy around his age aproached him and he looked away.

"Well are you going to just stare at him or go out and talk to him?!" Asked Jojo.

"He-he's with a friend i don't want to bother him."

"No go! Plus his friend is cute i call dibs!" Karissa added.

She pushed me outside but by the time I got there he, and who ever his friend was, were gone. The three of us walked around the neighborhood twice before finally deciding that we weren't going to find them. I think Karissa was more upset than me about not seeing them, apparently his friend was really hot. But i was to busy looking at Cameron to notice. We continued with our day and before long i forgot all about my run in with Cameron. Then the sun started to set and the girls wanted to go for another night swim.

"Common he could be there!" said Jojo.

"Yea and maybe tonight he will bring his friend." Added Karrisa.

"Fine I'll go, but i doubt he is going to be there. Even if he is i bet you nothing will happen." I said, but i secretly hoped that he was there. It didn't take long for us to get ready and head down to the beach, and when we got there we weren't alone.

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