Summer Fling (chapter seven)

RECAP!!!!! Damian has a surprise instore for Karissa

Created by SprinkledStarLyte on Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It was my job to get Karissa to the date, without her actually knowing it was a date. So I decided the best was to just text her saying that i needed to go in town for a new outfit for my picnic on the beach and i needed her and Jo's help. The three of us went into town and just hung out for awhile.

"Guys how crazy is this. For the first time in our lives we all have boyfriends at the same time!" I said while looking through i rack of dresses.

"Technically Damian hasn't asked me out yet." Added Karissa.

"Yea and I'm not sure what me and Aaron are. But guys he is so gorgeous! Did you know he is gonna teach me how to surf?! Ahhh he's perfect." Sighed Jo.

"Yea but still you guys, its just a matter of time before your relationships are legit." I smiled, for Karissa it would be sooner than she thought.

It didn't take long for me to find the perfect dress for the date, so i bought it and we started walking home.

"Actually guys, lets go out to eat. There's that new cafe down the street, i heard tonights open mic night. i think it would be fun." I said.

"Sounds good to me!" responded Jo.

"I dont know guys, I'm kinda tired." Complained Karissa.

I knew i had to make her go to the cafe, or the plan would never work. "So what Karissa, you don't have to sing lets just go!" She sighed but agreed to go.

When we walked in the place was packed, but we found a table, sat down and ordered our pizza. I knew that soon the surprize would begin. I couldn't wait to see the look on Karissa's face. The clock struck 6 and the first preformer of the night went on. He wasn't awful, he just wasn't good. We ignored him and continued talking. Then we heard a familiar voice from the stage.

"This is a song a wrote, for the girl that i like." it was Damian with his adorable irish accent.

Karissa freaked out when she saw it was him, and as he began to sing her eyes teared up with joy. He sang a beautiful love song was looking at Karissa the whole time. And when the song was coming to a close he began to walk over to our table, and he grabbed Karissa hand. She was shaking in joy.

"Karissa," Damian said, "I know we just met, but i can't help loving the way i feel when I'm around you. So would you like to be my girlfriend?"

Karissa couldnt speak, she just knodded her head then kissed him! The whole resturant cheared for them. I had never seen her happier. Damian also had a sparkle in his eye. He returned the mic to the stage then sat down with us.

"Wow. Damian. That was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. And your voice is sooo gorgeous!" complimented Karissa

"Thank you, and i had alittle help from Lelia, thats what the walk was about." Replied Damian

"No thank you! Oh my gosh, this is like the happiest moment ever!"

The two of them continued to talk and me and Jo decided to leave them alone and walk home. We were both really happy for Karissa, she had always dreamed of a guy like Damian now she finally had one. When we got back home me and Jo decided to quickly change into our bathing suits so we could head down to the beach. As i was running up my front porch i spotted a single red rose with a black ribbon around it. It reminded me of the one in the Phantom of the Opera, one of my favorite movies/musicals, there was no note attatched to it but I knew it was from Cameron. I smiled then ran into my house.

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