death the kid love story

i found soul eater and i love it!! my favorite character is death the kid so im gonna make a story bout him!! oh and this is the info and first chapter!! ;) message and rate!! ps... I DO NOT OWN SOUL EATER I ONLY OWN YAMI AND HER MEISTER

Created by greenwithenvy1 on Saturday, August 13, 2011

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name; yami (darkness)
nick names; scary lady, baby, darkness, that one creepy girl, looks can kill, bitch
weapon form; any the meister wants
age; same as death the kids
personality; aggresive, loud, sometimes seems like shes on crack, hyper, selfish, arrogant (selfish and arrogant alot at first but when you get close to her she starts to open up and be nicer)
meister/weapon; weapon
gender; female
height; 3 inches shorter than kid
looks; hair; white with a streak of green and blue on the right side outfit; black skinny jeans with a big hole in the left knee, a white shirtandblack and white striped jacketand blue dc's (shoes duh :P)
hair style; long in a pony tail with bangs covering her right eye
eye; right eye; ice blue with amber in the middle by the pupil left eye; red with grey in the middle
family; mother (dead) father (in the afterlife) brother (XP dead)
other; parents and brother died when she was fiveshe ended up killing the murder. ever since then everyone has been afraid of her, pretty soon she was expelled and had to go to a different school. your only friend was kurai. she is always ready for a fight.
meister; kurai
nicknames; that girls meister, jerk, dark
age; 15
height; a foot taller than yami
personality; sweet, nice, caring, shy
looks; hair; black with white down the middle like a skunk XD!!, he wears dark blue jeans, ablack and white striped jacket just like yami's and black and white dc's. eyes; ice blue with gold surrounding the pupil.
other; he has been with yami his entire life, his parents ere killed by the same person as yami's were, even when yami killed people he was right there with her
"hurry up, yami!!" kurai whined "i dont wanna be late!!" he pleaded "ugh! come on its just school!!" you growled "it is NO regular school!! this is a school for meisters and weapons!!" he wiggled his finger in your face. you grabbed it gently making sure not to hurt him "no, im not hurrying" you said coldly "fine... *gasp*" he gasped "what?" you asked "look over there!" he pointed behind you. you turned your head to nothing. all of a sudden some one picked you up "what the- kurai? seriously?" you asked "was that necessiary? (sp?)" you asked him annoyed "yes, if i hadnt then we would of been late!"
after half an hour you got there and school hadnt even started "HEY YOU!!" an unfamiliar voice called after you. kurai had set you down a while ago because he said you were heavy, so you smacked him "what" you asked a blue haired boy who came running up to you followed by a boy with white hair "hi!!" kurai said happily you smacked your hand to fore head "jeez, kurai theres no need to be so nice to these people!!" you scolded him answered by his hand in a fist to your head "WHAT THE HELL!?" you screamed at him anger burning in your eyes he just looked at you calmly. "hey, the names soul" the white haired boy said "im kurai!! and this is yami" kurai said "hey! i can introduce (sp?)my self!!" you yelled at him "yes i know but you cant do it nicely!" he scolded you "umm, ok this is black-" he was interupted (sp?)by the blue haired boy "MY NAMES BLACKSTAR!! IM AN ASSASIAN!!! (sp?)" "ok. i dont care" you said waving your hand at him and turning to walk away "HEY GET BACK HERE!!" blackstar yelled at you. you turned around "nani now?" you asked him coldly "I WANNA FIGHT YOU!!" your face perked up then it turned into a smirk "wha- no!! i dont wanna hurt you!!" kurai started panicking "come on kurai! you wont be hurting him i will, ya know cuz im gonna be the one spilling his blood!!" you smirked even more. by now you guys had a crowd by the doors of the DWMA you cracked your knuckles "nooo! yami thats rude!!" he pleaded "ugh! fine kurai! i dont need my meister to defeat him!!" you said sticking your nose in the air "BIG MISTAKE!!" blackstar yelled "ohhh... huh... fine! you can fight!" he finally gave in "yes!!" he walked away... "im not gonna be sorry when i blow up both of your brains!!" you laughed "OH YEA NO BLOWING ANYTHING UP OR KILLING!!" kurai called "aww... UR NO FUN!!!" you smirked as you looked at him. he looked at you dead serious. you frowned and scannded some of the people in the crowd in the front the was a dude in a labcoat with a screw in his head sitting in a chair, a girl with black hair in a ponytail, a girl with light brown hair in pig tails, a boy with 3 white stripes in his hair wearing all black and white clothes and two girls around him, you went back to the battle "are you gonna start or am i?" you yawned of boredom "IS MY AWESOMENESS TIREING YOU?" he screamed "more like your stupidity is boreing me to death!" you spat back "YAMI!!" kurai screamed at you "nani?" you asked "BE NICE!!" he yelled "whos nice when it come to fighting?" you yelled back at him then smirked. you turned around to see blackstar running at you you just stood there"shes gonna get her self killed" this made you laugh "a knife isnt gonna kill me!!" you laughed while he stabbed your stomach. a little blood came out of your mouth, and you laughed "what? are you scared im not dead?" you laughed even more and lifted up your shirt a bit it showed blood all over but you wiped it off and there wasnt a wound you smiled and punched his stomach. he fell to the ground. "oops... i didnt even punch you that hard..." you jumped into the air did a flip and landed beind soul you had a kunai to his neck "i wont kill you!!" you smiled sweetly, then let him go " if i could i would kill that blue haired brat but since i cant i wont!!" blackstar came behind you and kicked your side.. hard. you flew right by the crowd and made a dent in the ground. you stood up with a confused face "nani?" you tilted your head to the side. then you smirked "good hit! not as good as mine though!" you smirked and flash stepped over to him. you punched the back of his neck and he fell to the ground unconsious. you laughed "BLACK STAR!!" the girl with the black hair yelled "its ok!! hes bot ndead hes just passed out!" you smiled. you turned to soul his arm was a red and black blade he swung it at you. it hit your arm and there was a sound of metal on metal you stood there smirking "come on you really think im dumb enough not to have a little protection?" (no not that kind all you pervs out there T_T) you took you sweat shirt off they saw you had metal everywhere. "what the?" he said suprised you tackled him pinned himto the ground and knocked him out. you walked over to your sweatshirt and put it on. you walked over to everyone. they were all staring at you "what? they're not dead" you smirked "maybe..." you were rewarded with a fist to your head "kuraaaiiii" you whined and looked up at him "dont be rude... they're not dead... right yami" he said "i dunno" you shrugged your shoulders "WHAT!?" everyone screamed "its their fault..." you turned and walked into the building
message and rate!! i hope you liike it!!

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