Ronnie Radke one shot


Created by xXxFireDancerxXx on Sunday, August 14, 2011



Shay-Bassist in Flesh Forest

_Ronnie's POV_

I walked through the bus, chugging a cup of coffee on my way. I looked at the bunk room. Only Shay was left sleeping.

"You wake her up." Nate said. I looked at the singer for Flesh Forest said, pushing me. I flipped him off and he smiled.

I walked into the bunk room and saw her curled up. A smile tugged on my face and I shook her shoulder. She rolled over and slept on.

"Come on Shaaaaay," I sung, "up and at 'ems." I sighed slightly. waking up Shay wasn't very easy.

I watched her for a moment, remembering the countless nights of her falling asleep on my couch, or on my bed. Which led to the memory of when we had had sex.

I shook my head. That was years ago, she wouldn't remember that. I tried shaking her shoulder again, to no avil.

"Up." I said, poking her nose. I took the tips of her green and blonde hair, it was white the first time she kissed me, and pink when we- god Ronnie get a hold of yourself.

"Up! Up! UP!" I screamed, tickling her with her hair, smiling.

-Shay's POV-

"Up! Up! UP!" A voice shouted in my face, tickling me with something. I groaned and rolled over, pulling my black conforter over my eyes.

"Leave me alone." I growled.

"Can't." The comforter was pulled off of me, and I curled up from the sudden lack of warmth.

"Up! We all have to be there in five hours. That means we gotta eat."

"Uggghhhhh ten more minutes."

"Absolutley not." I was now aware that is was Ronnie trying to wake me up. I felt him pick me up and carry me into the kitchen.

"Leave me aloooone." I heard some laughter. I looked around the tiny kitchen. Everyone was up. Jaden was drinking a cup of coffee, looking amused.

"Come on." Ronnie said, letting me stand on my own. I sat down across from Jaden, and demanded my own cup of coffee.

A camera flashed. "Oh that is not going on twitter." I said.

"It is, your hair is beautiful."I glared at Blane. I touched my green hair.

Ronnie sat down besides me and wrapped an arm around me. "Sorry to wake you Shay." His lips were close to my ear and I could feel his breath on the side of my face.

"You should be." I focused on the cup of coffee in front of me, trying no to blush. "I was having a good dream."

"I was in it right?" He laughed, still too close for confort. "You dreamed of banging me last night. I know it." All the guys laughed.

I turned my head so I was staring him the eyes. I raised an eyebrow. "You'd like that wouldn't you." My voice was barely a whisper.

His chocolate brown eyes showed some humor. "Oh yes. If it was like last time. Then absolutely. You're great at that."

I heard someone choke slightly. "You banged him! You fucking fucked him?!" It was Nate, our vocalist. "Shay fucked Ronnie!"

Out of the corner of my eye I saw some of our band members leave. Only Jaden and Nate were left.

"You remember that?" I was stunned.

"Of course I remember that." He said, looking slightly hurt. He reached over and brushed my green bangs out of my face, and continue to stroke my cheek.

"I need a smoke," Jaden left the table, grabbed his guitar, and the door shut. Nate stood there.

"I just assumed you'd forgotten while you were in jail, or while you were banging someone else." I looked away, wishing Nate would leave, this was getting deep.

"Nate, go away." Ronnie said.

"Oh! Right." He said and hurred off. "Babe, I love you. I haven't fucked anyone, not since you. This is getting a little deep." He laughed awkwardly.

"It is." I said, laughing a little.

"No I love you back? That's hurtful." I realized I hadn't stopped staring into Ronnies beautiful eyes.

"I love you." I said and kissed his cheek.

"Oh thank god. I was so worried you didn't." I felt something soft crash on my lips.

I didn't waste much time, before kissing back. I heard the door open. Ronnie's tounge traced along my lips.

Smiling I let him in and slowly tangled my hands in his hair.

"Oh fuck, what did I miss?" I heard someone taking pictures.

We pulled away, and looked at everyone standing there. Nate gave us a thumbs up.

"Well, um I need a shower." I said quickly. Wondering how long it was going to take before Jadens pictures of me in my bat pjs and ronnie is his black pj bottoms, us all over eacher, our hair a mess, to hit Twitter.

"I'll help you with that!" Ronnie suggested. I closed my eyes as Blane whistled.

-later that night-

The show was awesome. The crowd was great and there was even a mosh pit. I layed my bass down and Trey, the stage hand took it. "I'll put it up for you."

"Thanks." I smiled and went to the signing. Falling in Reverse was already there.

Ronnie hurried over to me and kissed me quickly. "I can't believe I had to miss your show." He said, "stupid timing."

"It's ok, I heard you guys fucking rocked." I laughed.

"Oh we did. The crowd was awmazing."

He kissed me again and cameras went off.


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