Summer Fling (chapter thirteen)

Created by SprinkledStarLyte on Monday, August 15, 2011

"Aww he said he loved you!!! What did you say back?!" Karissa was practically screaming at me with joy.

"I said i love him to!" I cheared back

"Awww, our little girl's in love!." Jojo sighed.

"EEP IK! But just one problem guys, the movie showing is tonight." I said nervously.

"Wait why is that a bad thing?!" I gave Karissa a glare, "Ohh the kiss. You didn't tell Cam?!"

"I couldn't, I mean i wanted to but I was afriad that it would mess things up then i kinda just forgot about it."

"Just tell him about it before hand, so it won't be that big of a shock." Suggested Jojo

So thats what i planned to do. Tonight when me and Cam met at the preshowing party i would pull him aside and tell him about the kiss. But when the pre party came my nerves started to take over. So i decided to wait till they settled. I intoduced Cam to the cast and they were all eager to finally meet him. When he met Luke i was terrified that Luke would mention the kiss but I lucked out and he didn't. Finally when it was five minutes till the premiere i got up the courage to tell him. I pulled him into a side room and my heart was racing.

"Cam I have to tell you something, its about the movie." i breathed.

"What is it? You better not ruin the plot!" He joked.

"No it doesn't, its about a scene between me and Luke."

"Oh yea he seems like a nice guy, oh it looks like the movie is about to start can we talk about this afterwards?" Then Cam walked away to sit with Karissa Jojo Damian and Aaron. I went over to sit with the rest of the cast. Then the lights went out and the movie started. For the first two scenes I began to relax, but then scene three came. Where me and Luke kissed. It was the only kiss in the movie, my chatector and Jake (played by Luke) were best friends both looking for love. In scene three Jake jokes around that we should just date eachother since we are both single. Then while we are both laughing everything goes silent and we kiss. But then we pull away and both agree that we felt nothing then go on just being friends. I watched the screen horrified of what Cam was about to see, i couldn't even bare to look back at him. Then it happened. Me and "Jake" kissed. My heart was pounding I looked back at Cam, he was standing up and running out of the room. I stood up and followed him outside.

"Cam, wait! Let me explain!" I cried

"I trusted you! Hell I even let myself love you!" He was furious and seemed like on the verge of tears.

"I know! I should have told you, but i didn't want to mess things up with us and.."

"Didn't want to mess things up?! Oh you did a great job of that!"

"Cam I'm sorry." At this point tears were streaming down my face.

"Sorry doesn't cut it, you should have told me! Or better yet! You shouldn't have kissed him!"

"It was just acting!"

"Well that kiss, that seemed pretty real to me. You know that my last girlfriend cheated on me, how could you do this to me." He enraged and tears were streaming down his face. I had never seen him like this.

"I-I know, but it didn't mean anything it was all just acting!" Cam started to walk away I reached out and grabbed his arm. "Cam. Please, don't leave me."

He ripped his arm away, "I loved you." This time there was no anger in his voice just pure misery. He walked away wiping the tears from his eyes.

My heart was shattered into a thousand pieces. I collasped to the ground sobbing. The rest of the night was a blurr, I know Karissa brought me home early trying to comfort me but I couldn't stop the tears, I felt misrable. I hated myself for hurting Cam. He was the most amazing guy I had ever met and I hurt him, I broke his heart. I felt as though I deserved to feel the pain of a broken heart, I didn't deserve to be happy after what i had done. And as though I would never be happy again.

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