Summer Fling (chapter fourteen)

Leilani and Cam are over because of that kiss in the movie and both of them are heartbroken!!!!!!!!!

Created by SprinkledStarLyte on Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mourning came and I refused to get out of bed, I just wanted to sleep my life away. The only time i even sturred was to check my phone for any new messages, I had athousand from Karissa and Jojo worring about me, but none from the one person that actually matter. For three days I did nothing but mope around my house, avoiding all human contact if possible. it seemed like tears were perminately glued to my face. Then on the first day Karissa woke me up bright and early.

"Good morning star shine! The earth says 'hello'" She cheared trying to get me to smile. I just groaned and pulled the covers over my head. "No you have had plenty of time for to sleep and be all sad, now its time to go and win him back!" I groaned again hoping she would just go away. "No get up common! If you won't talk to him then the least you can do is try to get him off your mind." She pulled me out of bed and forced me to get dressed. I slumped my way downstairs then she dragged me into her car. "Common we are going to have a girls day, mall day on me?" We drove in almost complete silence, i was numb, and not even Karissa could help me.

When we got to the mall I was forced into trying on frilly dresses, and as we were walking through the stores i saw the dress that i wore on my first date with Cameron. I walked up to it slowly, then ran my fingers delicately down it remember that night. It only made me sadder. For a minute Karissa didn't realize I had stopped walking. She turned back and saw me starring longingly at the dress.

"Just give him time," She whispered comfortingly, "Everything will be okay." Then she pulled me away. i still hadn't spoken a word to her all day.

We walked over to the food court and ordered a small pizza. I just sat there staring at it. "You have to eat Lelia, common it will give you energy." I picked up the pizza and took a nibble off the end then put it back down.

"Karissa?" I finally spoke.

"Yea?" She responded.

"He's not ever going to forgive me is he." A single tear fell from my eye.

"Don't say that! He just needs time to heal." She assured me bringing me into a hug. Then I lost in. I broke down in tears in the middle of the mall. I felt like I wanted to fall of the earth, I was just so cold, so numb. I looked up when I heard the familiar accent of Damian.

"God she's just as bad as Cameron." He said, the mention of Cam's name only made me cry harder.

Kat elbowed him, "Don't his name around her!".

"Leila," Damian spoke softly trying to comfort me, "If it makes you feel any better I don't think it was cheating, what you did. And just because Came- I mean he's mad at you it doesn't mean I am, and neither is Aaron. We are all here for you."

I saw kat mouth thank you to him then turn towards me, "Common, lets go to the bathroom and get you cleaned up."

So we headed into the bathroom and i wiped the makeup from underneath my eye. When we came out Damian greeted us with a warm smile then we proceeded to walk around the mall. I noticed that they were trying to not be to lovey dovey around me, but i felt bad for getting in the way of them. After awhile we got tired and all sat down, for a minute it was awkwardly silent, then i decided to speak.

"Damian, how bad is he. And tell me the truth don't hold back please. I need to know."

Damian glanced at Karissa as though he was asking her permission to tell me, she knodded, then he spoke. "He's a wreck. Honestly. He will barely talk to me. All he does is sit in his room all day starring at the window. He trys to cover up the fact that he's been crying everytime i come in, but he's eyes are always stained red. Then everynight at eight o'clock on the dot he walked down to the beach with his guitar and just writes the type of songs that make you want to jump off a bridge they are so sad. I've never seen him this bad."

I felt horrible about Cam's condition, "My god, what have i done?" I said burrying my face into my hands.

"What have you done?!" Karissa asked, i could tell i was about to get a lecure. "You have done nothing! You spent three days in bed ignoring all human life when you should have been trying to get him back or atleast calling him! Then today i try to bring you out for a nice day and you barely even talk to me! You all you do is cry and mope around well I'm sick of it. If you love him you will go after him! Get up and go out and win him back! Because I don't know how much longer i can put up with you like this without wanted to jump off a bridge myself!"

I was shocked, Karissa never yelled at me. "I-I can't. He hates me."

Then Damian spoke, "He doesn't hate you, he loves you. I've heard the songs. Believe me you can still get him back."

I smiled alittle, "But how?"

Then Damian and Karissa turned towards eachother and grinned, "We'll find a way."

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