Summer Fling (chapter sixteen)

Leilani and Cameron are officiall over, what will she do now?

Created by SprinkledStarLyte on Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The next morning it was Jojo that found me passed out in my bed with tears stained to my face. She comforted me the best she could then convinced me to go over to her house where we met up with Karissa. I told them the story of yesturdays events and managed not to break down into tears. I realized it was time to be strong. I couldn't mope around forever. We were in a middle of painting our nails when Damian burst in the door without even knocking.

"No!." He shouted at me. He didn't even glance at Karissa, I knew he was determined. "You are NOT going to just let Cameron go and you sure as hell aren't going to just be friends either. Do you now what it's like sharing a house with him. Its like walking around with someone who only eminates negitivity! I can't take it anymore! He's like a soulest zombie for gods sake!" Then he grabbed my wrist and pulled me up. "Your coming with me, I'm fixing this right now."

I glanced back at Karissa and Jojo they were just as shocked as me but then I followed Damian out the door.

"I'm not even wearing makeup, i can't face him like this."

"Yes you can you look gorgeous now lets go."

Damian dragged me into Camerons house half against my will then we reached Cameron's bedroom door.

"Go in." He said.

"No you need to come in with me, I can't do this alone."

"You have to, now go!" He shoved me into the room then held the door shut.

I banged on the door "Damian let me out! You can't lock me in here!"

"I'm not letting go of this door until you to have made up!"

"Damian!" Then i turned around Cameron was starring at me shocked. "Umm hi."

"Have fun you to!" Damian called out. Yea like this was going to be fun.

"What are you doing here?" Cameron said in a harsh tone.

"Damian dragged me over, this wasn't my idea i swear."

"Whatever." For a minute i just stood there and none of us spoke, "You can sit down, if you'd like."

So i took a seat at the opposite side of the room as Cameron.

"Soo..." I said awkwardly, "Guess that whole not seeing eachother ever again thing isn't working out to well."

"Yea guess not." Cameron walked over to the door pulling on it. "Damian you bastard let us out!"

"Have you guys made up yet?" Damian returned.

"We aren't going to make up Damian its over now let us out!"

"Well until your answer to that question is yes, my answer to your question will still be no."

"Dammit," mummbled Cameron under his breathe. Then walked back over to his bed. It seemed liked forever before he broke the silence, "Did you mean it? When you said you loved me?"

"Of course i did, and i still do. Cameron. I'm sorry. I know I have said it a thousand times but I am. I should have told you about it. But i figured since Luke had a girlfriend and it was just acting it wouldn't matter. I was scared to tell you. But I know that I was wrong."

"I meant it to, by the way. And I don't know if i can just forgive you. Its like, I want to but- but I'm afraid if i let you back in you will only hurt me again." Cameron sounded to small I just wanted to hug him.

I stood up and sat next to him. "I could never hurt you ever again. I hate myself for what I did to you. I deserve the suffering that i have endored the last couple of days. Hell I deserve so much more pain for hurting you. You are the nicest, most amazing guy I have ever met. I don't deserve you back. But if you will take me..."

"Thanks, but don't say that you don't deserve to feel pain no matter what you did. Lani, I loved you-and might even still but I don't know if i can take losing you again."

Odly enough I smiled, the perfect quote popped into my head, "A wise Jedi once said 'The fear of loss is a path to the dark side'"

Cameron laughed, "Quoting yoda are we?"

"Do you have a problem with that?"

"No," He smiled at me, "None at all. Lets start over, just as friends for now. I'm not saying it won't turn into anything more its just-I need time to trust you again."

"Deal!" I held out my hand for him to shake but instead he hugged me. Then he walked over to the door.

"Damian you can let us out now, we are friends." Cameron called.

"So you won't be moping around crying anymore?"

"I never cried!" Cameron blushed. Damian opened the door and we both went out as we were leaving Damian whispered in my ear,

"He totally cried."

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