Dr. Stein One-Shot for Lluvscake (Sexy Stein)

sorry it's kinda short and that its so late

Created by SirenNecko1 on Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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“HEY STEIN!” Soul eater and Maka peaked in.

“Oh... hello.”

“We got that new assistant you wanted.”

“Oh? Now who is that?”

“Hello, my name is Kurai Angelo.”

“Stein, Dr . Stein simply enough.”

“It will be nice to work with you.” I held out my hand and he lightyly touched it down.

“You two may leave, here this is what I need.”

“Aren’t some of these endagered?”

“But it would be a crime not to learn anything about them before they went extinct.“Hey Kurai?”

“Yes Dr?”

“Let me dissect you.” he said wrapping his arms around me from behind.


“Get away from her Stein.” Raito growled at him.

“Fine fine.” he said before moving away from me and into another room while he was on his chair.


“Yeah, I know, he weirds me out too.”

“Silly Raito.”

“What?” I shook my head and grabbed my shopping list, I had to get a couple new subjects for Dr. Stein. When I returned Stein was sitting his eyes were starring out into blind space.


His eyes lit up and he was behind me in an instant. “How?” he gripped my body from behind and pulled me into him, his head lay on my shoulder. Raito wasn’t with me, I told him to go home and that I would be there shortly.

“How what?” He shook his head lightly.

“I’m sleepy...why don’t you try to wake me up?”


“I am actual not sure...just get out.”
“I SAID GET OUT!!!!!!!!”
I ran outside and stayed there... when it started to rain I stayed.

Stein POV~

I didn’t mean to yell at her... I also didn’t mean for this wierd feeling that I usually have with the love of disecting people... is it love? No, I’m insane... literatly, I can’t be in love. “What have I done.” Guilt that I had never felt before consuming me. I tried calling her home using the number that Maka had given me.
She didn’t respond. I grabbed my coat and left... when I made it to the cement I realized it was raining. ‘was she still out in this?’
“Um...” oh, damn what was her name again? “KURAI!!!!” I yelled out.
“ngg...” a small moan emitted from the pile of leaves next to the door.
“Kurai?” I brushed the leaves off to see her... her skin was almost blue... I needed to get her inside.

Kurai POV`

“huh?” I tried to sit up but I realized I was restrained... oh no... was I kidnapped? “Hello?”
“Hello. I see you’ve woken up.”
“What happened?”
“You were outside for a couple hours in the rain.”
“I was?”
“yes, now get some more sleep.”
“What happened to Raito?”
“I’m right here.” he licked me before Stein pulled him back.
“She needs sleep.” he set a small cup next to me and left with Raito in hand.
“Bye!” I fell asleep soon after and woke up with someones head resting on my stomach... who ever it was, they were asleep. And that someone had a bolt screwed into their head. I stroked his hair a little.... he actually looked cute while he was asleep. I pretended to be asleep when I felt his muscles tense. My hand still resting on his head. He took my hand in his and lifted his head, before he did something very sweet and that made me blush. He kissed my hand and left. When he returned he brought a plate of some weird looking food.
“You need to eat.” He started to spoon feed me.
“Dr? Have you even dissected anything lately...you seem on edge.”
“I haven’t for a week.” My eyes widened. “But that’s not why.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m insane... I’m not supposed to feel guilt, or this feeling of love.”
“I Love You.” he said simply... he smiled and kissed me.
“Stein.........” I kissed him back, his eyes widened. “Just because your insane doesn’t mean you can’t love.” I hugged him.
“So can I dissect you now?”
“How about I capture Spirit for you?”
“That’ll work... but I’d much rather see more of you.”
“Then you’ll have to wait till I get better.”
“Okay... Killing Kurai...”
“That’s a weird nickname...”
“Is it?”
“yeah, Sexy Stein.”

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