Summer Fling (chapter seventeen)

Cameron And Leilani are just friends, what is going to happen now?

Created by SprinkledStarLyte on Thursday, August 18, 2011

I guess I was okay with being friends. I mean, it was better than nothing. That afternoon I met up with Aaron, Jojo, Damian, and Karissa. I should have known that Cameron would be there but that didn't make this any less awkward. At first I could tell that Aaron and Jojo, and Damian and Karissa were trying to bot be all coupley but about a half a hour into our time at the beach they gave up on that. I didn't mind seeing them together, Damian and Karissa (as I called them, Kamian) were adorabley in love. They had told eachother that they loved eachother after only two weeks of dating. But really thats all the time they needed. Aaron and Jojo (Jaron) had a different type of relationship. I'm not quite sure if either of them had actually said the words "I love you" but it was pretty much implied. For and hour or so I managed to avoid any awkward moments with Cameron. We were all just playing around in the ocean, but it didn't take long for us to get tired and want to go ashore. Once there Kamian decided to go on a walk down the beach, probably so they could kiss without me seeing. Then fifteen minutes later Jaron decided to take the kayak out. The were a rather sportsy couple i must say, surfing, kayaking, i think that they even did some boxing classes together. That left me and Cameron alone. And it wouldn't have surprized me if Jojo and Karissa had planned this.I picked up my book and started to read, trying to avoid any conversation, because I knew things would just get awkward. Then i heard some giggling next to me. There was a group of girls walking by clearly checking Cameron out. My heart stopped, suddenly i was filled with-jealousy. I looked at Cameron, he was looking at them to but then looked away. I smiled alittle, maybe this whole being just friends thing wouldn't last long. I put my book down feeling slightly more confident.
"Cameron?" I asked
He lifted his head up. "Yea Leilani?"
I was alittle shocked, he never called me Leilani, only Lani or the occasional Leila. "Did you fail to see those girls clearly checking you at?" I wanted to know why he didn't go after them.
"No i saw them."
"And, I just don't think it would be right to flirt with other girls infront of you."
"But you did want to flirt didn't you?" I was trying to sound like i didn't care, but in reality my heart was pounding hoping he would say no.
"I-I don't know, maybe does it even matter?"
"I guess not....sorry if that made you feel awkward."
"Nah its cool. So umm i just thought u should know. Damian brought me a copy of the movie, I wanted to finish it. You were really good. I think you could have a career in acting."
I smiled at him, "Thanks! Thats my dream, that and to own two horses and a collie when i grow up."
"Well i hope your dreams come true." He smiled at me. And that marked the end of our awkward phase as friends. We talked until Karissa and Damian came back. Then the four of us swam out to where Jojo and Aaron were. We found them kissing and decided to sneak up on them and tip the kayak. We succeeded and it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. They came back up and started a huge splash fight. I know that i said i was okay with just being friends with Cameron. But as i watched him laughing, and him and Damian being the crazy best friends they were. I couldn't help but wish that this friend phase would be over.
As we were walking home Aaron got all excited and asked"Hey guys, who's up for a road trip tomorrow!"
"OO me!!" Answered Jojo immediately.
"What do you have in mind?" Damian asked.
"Well prime surfing tomorrow at the beach my buddy works at. He says he can rent you guys some boards for free if you want to give surfing a go, but heads up its a hour long car ride."
I had only surfed once before, and i wasn't about to pass up a opportunity to do it again. "I'm in!"
"Me to!" cheared Karissa.
"Well I guess that mean i have to go to." Laughed Damian.
We all looked at Cameron waiting for his decision. He thought for a moment then shouted. "ROAD TRIP!!!"
We all laughed and walked home so excited for tomorrow. Jojo was rambling on to me and Karissa how hot Aaron looked when he was surfing. She was also excited for us to see her up on the board. Aaron joined in our conversation complimenting Jojo's surfing skills but to be honest I wasn't really listeing. I kept looking over at Damian and Cameron joking around like always. We always joked that they were like a couple, Dameron was their couple name. They were just like brothers, always goofing off and laughing. When Cameron looked over and saw me watching them I looked away and realized we were already at my house.
"Well this is my stop guys!"I called out.
"See you tomorrow 7 o'clock sharp!" Aaron shouted back.
"Ewww I have to get up early?!"
"The early bird catches the warm!" He shouted back.
"I HAVE SCOLECIPHOBIA!" Worms scared the sh*t out of me.

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