-KHR- My Lonely Flower -A Takeshi Story- *Part 13*

Created by o0Mystique0o on Sunday, August 21, 2011

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*Writers words: *sigh* This is my last day of vacation! I'll try to update, but, school comes first =)!*

"Very good little miss." Geoffrey said as he looked at the round target you had to hit. "Now try to hit the target, not the grass." You sighed, shaking your head a bit. Geoffrey did say that you were doing good, but you know that it wasn't like that. You had shot, how many times now? About fifteen times and you still couldn't hit the target. What if this happened in the actual battle? "Everything allright, little miss?" Geoffrey asked you, giving you a small comforting smile.
"Ah, everything is fine.." You said, smiling a little bit to him. You had to hit that target!!

"Alcia, come in." You heard your father say as you looked back, seeing him standing in the doorway. You nodded, handing over the gun to Geoffrey as you thanked him for being so patient with you. He just smiled and nodded to you, as you walked towards your father. He mentioned for you to follow him, as you did. You both walked into your fathers meeting room, seeing Tsunayoshi and reborn sitting there.

"We have been thinking of many strategies for the upcoming battle." Your father started, as you both sat down. "Our men have found their base. We could attack them, instead of waiting for a suprise attack.." "Wait what?" You asked, looking towards your father. "Now? But, we aren't ready yet!" Your father sighed, looking to you. "You are wrong Alcia. You aren't ready yet.. The Vongola, our men.. They have been training for a long time. It wouldn't matter if we would get attacked in a week from now, or if we would attack them tomorrow." Reborn nodded in agreement. "It would be an advantage to us if we would give them a suprise attack."

You sighed, worrying a bit.. Attacking them.. Tomorrow? You couldn't even hit a target right, how would you protect yourself..? "Don't worry, Alcia-chan!" Tsunayoshi said, as you looked at him. He smiled to you, nervously. He seemed a bit scared himself. Such a strange thing, for a boss to show that.. You still found him so different..

"Tsunayoshi. I will leave it to you to inform the Vongola. I will tell our own men. Be ready at six am, tomorrow." Tsunayoshi nodded as he left and so did your father. You kept sitting, alot going through your head right now. "Alcia." Reborn said, coming over to you and sitting on your lap. "You will have to come with us tomorrow. If you would stay, nobody could protect you." "But won't I be a burden..?" You asked, seeing Reborn smile a bit. "Ofcourse not. Besides, I'll stay by your side, you won't have to worry about anything." You nodded, smiling a bit. If Reborn would stay by your side.. Than everything would be okay.. He was really strong, afterall. "Let's go." He said as you stood up and left the room. You couldn't show any fear now. Everybody else stayed strong and trained hard.. All you could do now, is to not be a burden to them..

--Later on.
"Allright, everyone! You have to eat good! You will need all your strenght tomorrow!" Your father said, as the vongola, your men and yourself sat at the table. The cooks did a pretty good job, making alot of food. You looked around, seeing everyone eating, talking about the battle tomorrow.. The Vongola were the most optimistic about it. They were such a strange team. They didn't even had all of their guardians, but they were still this optimistic. You just hoped that they were still like that tomorrow..

*Takeshi's POV*
"Allright, everyone! You have to eat good! You will need all your strenght tomorrow!" You heard the Marteni boss say, as everyone dug into the food. You looked around, seeing everyone talking about the upcoming battle. Everyone except for one. You looked at Alcia, seeing her sitting quietly at the table. She looked so.. Sad, almost. You sighed, thinking that it must be hard for her, not being able to do anything at the battle tomorrow..

"I'm going to bed already.." She suddenly said, standing up and walking outside of the dining room. "Alcia, wait!" You said, quickly following her. You weren't there to comfort her earlier, or to tell her it would be allright. But you would be now.

*Your POV*
"Alcia, wait!" You heard Takeshi say as you walked out of the dining room. "Don't worry!" He said, smiling at you. "Everything will be okay!"

You looked at him, smiling at bit. How could he be so positive the whole time? Even when tomorrow, you all would go into war.. It could mean the end of your family.. If your father would get hurt.. Or even worse, die.. You wouldn't know what to do. You already lost your mother..

You suddenly felt a couple of arms coming around you, hugging you closely. You then noticed that your cheeks felt wet. You were crying. The tears just kept coming out and you couldn't stop them. "I-I'm sorry.." You said softly, digging your head into his chest. You didn't wanted him to see you like this but.. This just felt so comforting.. "I-I don't want to be a burden to you.." You said, sobbing softly.
Takeshi chuckled, holding you a bit more close. "What are you talking about? You're not a burden." He said, smiling to you as he gently rubbed your back. "Don't worry about tomorrow.. Everything will be allright, I promise." You nodded, holding onto his shirt as you quietly continued to sob. Takeshi didn't seem to mind. He just held onto you untill you stopped sobbing and calmed down. "You should het some rest." He said, as he released you from his hug and smiled to you. You nodded, smiling back to him.

"Takeshi?" You asked, "Don't get hurt tomorrow.. Okay?" Takeshi smiled widely and held his thumb up to you. "Don't worry about it!" He said, as he turned around, going back into the dining room. You smiled, sighing a bit and wiping away the dried up tears. He was right, you should get some rest.. You would be useless tomorrow if you couldn't focus enough because of the lack of sleep. You walked upstairs and went into your bedroom, laying down on the covers. You hugged your pillow and held it close to your chest. You just hoped that tomorrow would be over soon.. And that victory would be yours..

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