My Adventures of a Ticklish Spy 2

Time to find out how ticklish Krystal really is! Enjoy!

Created by MissTickleBunny on Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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"While you were asleep, we gave you a dose of the new sensitivity drug. Let's see how well it works." the doctor said, standing at my feet. She slowly dragged one fingernail up and down each of my soles. I felt the giggles bubbling up in my throat. My feet had always been ticklish, but it was 10x worse with this drug in my system. "Tickle, tickle." she said, moving a little faster now. "Ok hehehe enough, hehehehe stop it hehehehe now!" I demanded through giggles. "Oh no, my dear, we're just getting started." she said, and suddenly she started to scribble her fingers quickly over my feet, hitting every sensitive spot causing me to squeal and laugh like crazy. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OK HAHAHAHA STOP HAHAHAHA NOW!" I demanded again, already knowing it would do me no good. "Sorry, can't do that. There's so many things I still want to try on your feet, and they're only the beginning." she said, scratching gently on the skin between my toes. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" all I could do was laugh as she tortured my toes, getting underneath, in between, and all over. This was pure torture.
After a few minutes of her tickling my toes, I was treated to a break where she gave me some water to avoid dehydration and the sweat was dried off of my face. But the break was short lived.
This time, the doctor pulled over a cart, and on it I could see an assortment of feathers and other tools. She picked up a fluffy feather and slowly sawed it between my toes. It tickled like crazy. "AHAHAHAHA STOP! LEAVE HAHAHAHA MY TOES HAHAHAHAHA ALONE!" I tried again to demand, already positive I wasn't going to get my way. She only smiled, running the feather over each of my soles, just as I would get used to one, she's switch to the other. Then she went back to sawing it between each and every one of my toes. As she did this, she picked up an electric toothbrush and pressed its soft bristles to the ball of my left foot. As soon as it switched on, I went into hysterics. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE HAHAHAHAHA STOP IT HAHAHAHAHA I CAN'T HAHAHA TAKE HAHAHAHAHA ANYMORE HAHAHAHAHA!" I began begging now. She started to switch the toothbrush back and forth as she kept on with the feather. Finally, she added a new form of torture to her arsanal. She lowered her lips to my feet and began to suck and lick on my toes, whichever foot she wasn't feathering was being sucked on. Her hot, wet tounge tickled like nothing she'd used so far. I went into pure silent laughter at this point, gasping for breath. Just as I was beginning to think this torture would never end, she stopped. "Alright, time to move on to the next testing zone."
So Krystal's feet are a major hotspot. Where will the doctor torture her next? Find out in the 3rd part!

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