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Created by PatrickBreedingsGurl on Monday, December 19, 2005

Everyone I am so sorry I took so long to update but school work has been hectic and no offense but ya'll know i do have a life "sometimes" lol. Anyways yah there's been drama at school i also been going on a few dates YAY for me! lol well this will be you alls early X-mas gift. Also if anyone knows how to make banners or knows a friend that knows how please try and make or get me a few. Its very helpful if u can for both of my stories. Thanks alot :)

Ok so we last left off where You and Pat were making out am I right?
You both leave the room to see the boys pretending like they weren't listening. You just shake your head and walk past them.

When you get to the set you see PDiddy talking to 5 girls. You go and stand next to Mrs. Breeding while the boys go get ready. Mrs. Breeding-" So do you like Patrick?" You blush. Mrs. Breeding-"I'll take that as a yes."

The boys walk out wearing black outfits that resemble those Addidas outfits. You watch as the boys start talking to the girls. You feel a twinge of jealousy as you see Patrick and one of the girls laughing. You shake it off *We don't go together so I can't be mad....It still hurts though.*

The guys had done alot of the video and also showed Access Granted around. When the break comes you stand up and stretch. You walk over to the boys to only see Dustin, Kelly, Carnell, and Bryan. You-"Where's Patrick?" They all shrug. You-"Oh. Well you guys did good." Dustin-"I know huh." You push him lightly smiling. Dustin-"We'll talk to you in a minute. We gotta go change." You nod.

You walk around the set. You pass by a corner close to Patrick's trailor and something catches you eye. You turn and look to see....A PURPLE MONKEY....nah not really. You turn and look to see Patrick and the girl he sings to in the video making out. She was up against the wall with her legs wrapped around his waist. His hand was under her shirt on her chest.

You sigh and turn and walk away. You walk out of the studio and down the street towards a Taco Bell.(me: When i wrote this part I must of wanted some Taco Bell :)) You walk into the Taco Bell and go to the front. Your stomach had been grumbling back at the set but you just couldn't stay there. You order your food and go sit down. While eating however your phone rings.

$Phone Conco$



You-"Yeah.Who this?" You voice was monotone.

Voice-"Its Dustin. Where'd yah go?"

You-"Oh. I just had to go."

Dustin-"Why?-Hold on."


You could hear Dustin talking to Patrick in the background.
Dustin-"Whats wrong with yo hair?And yo clothes?" Patrick-"Nothin." Dustin-"Is that lip gloss on yo lips?"

You-"Dustin!" No answer.



You-"I'ma call you back."


~Dustin's P.O.V (point of view)~

Me-"Iight." She clicks.
Me-"Patrick were you with that girl?" He shakes his head. I look over to see that the girl looked winded out too. Me-"You were! How could you?" Patrick-"How could I what?" Me-"~~~~~ saw ya'll." Patrick-"For real?" Dustin-"Yeah. And she left." Patrick-"Well. We don't go together." Dustin-"So you just gonna forget her?" He shrugged and I shove him hard into the wall.

$Back To Your P.O.V$

After you finish your food you just sit there thinking. You-"~~~~~ it's ok. You don't even go with him so stop trippin." You look up to see people looking at you like you're crazy. (me: I sure think you are. but hey i aint ya mama cuz if i was i'd get you mental help.) The door opens and guess who walks right in?....P Diddy. You duck down praying he won't recognize you. He goes to the front and orders.

As he turns around he looks right at you. PDidd-"~~~~~?" You sit up. You-"Yeah?" PDiddy-"What are you doing here? Your supposed to be at the set." You-"Uh... I came to get some food." PDiddy-"Oh well come on. I'll give you a ride back." You nodd and stand up.

When ya'll get back Dustin spots you and comes over. Dustin-"~~~~~ are you ok?" You nod. Dustin-"You wanna go home?" You nod. He nods too. Dustin-"Ima go get a car and I'll drive you home." You nod as he walks away. (me: I bet you look just like a bobble head wit all that nodding.) He comes back jingling keys.

A month passes and you don't hear from any of the boys at all. Today's friday and your friend Lizette and her mom are coming to pick you up to go see someone famous at a mall close to their house. (Me: Just so all ya'll know this really DID happen to me cept I DID NOT meet them.)
You wake up and get dressed wearing blue hip-hugger jeans, a black shirt, black small jacket, and your sister's Jordans. You put your hair in a ponytail up in curls.

They come and ya'll make the long drive to the mall. When ya'll get there Lizette practically yanks you out of the car and starts running. You run after her trying to catch up. You both stop when you get to the Center Court where it's surrounded with tons of booths, a stage, and a huge crowd surrounding one booth. You both push ya'll way through. As you get closer you see B5.

You breathe catches in your throat. Lizette looks at you smiling. You smile half-heartedly back. They were signing autographs. After awhile they leave into a store where they get ready to perform.

Lizette-"Happy?" You-"Yeah." You lied. You both wait in the crowd facing the stage for them to perform. You palms were so sweaty that you had to keep wiping them on your pants. You hearts veating so fast that you swear it might burst through your ribcage. (me:Exactly how I felty I swear. )

They finally come onto the stage. You conpletely forget that you ever met them and its like your their fan like before. You stand in the crowd screaming along with the other girls.
When Patrick is close to your side you scream his name. As soon as he looks at you you remember he actually knows you and remember what happened, so you look down. (Me: Same thing happened cept he never looked to the side I was at just at the middle crowd and the other side. So me being the crazy person i am kept screaming "Patrick Patrick look over here." So yeah he looked but you can only imagine what people who have been jumping up and down must look like especially if its alot of people and body heat. So yeag my face was sweaty so i looked down to wipe it on my extra shirt and when I looked up he was looking somewhere else. BUt yah that was heaven)

When they're done performing they go back into the store. Lizette and you walk around looking through stores. You both go down an escalator to go back, but see that everything ended. You pass by the store but stop and look. There were four security people there. Security Lady-"Hello ladies." You both nod at her. Security-"Did you two get an autographed poster from B5?" You shake your heads.She smiles and goes over to the storegate and whispers to the Security guy on the inside. He smailes at you and lets her in. Security-"Just wait here she'll be right back." You two nodd. Lizette smiles at you while you look straight.

Moments later she returns holding two autographed posters.(Me: This sorta happened cept Lizette and I and her step sis and neighbor were walking around and came to the escalator and Zettes step bro said her mom had something for us. We well I ran down the escalator and saw her talking to the security and it was 4. They had went inside and got 3 posters autographed for us cuz she she her 3 daughters didn't get one. Then i asked if we could meet B5 but they said that they left which was bull cuz why would they be there if B5 left. So I uh started crying and the lady looked sad almost like she would let me in but we left and walk around more. What pissed me off was that they let these two girls in. I was all depressed) You two smile and thank her. She smiles and ya'll turn to walk away. As ya'll were walking away she calls you back.
You two walk back to her. Security-"You two ladies are lucky. The boys want to see you." You could feel your eyes pop out and your breathing stop. Lizette grabs your hand and starts running to the back of the store. In your head you're thinking "No! No! No!"

Hmm wonder how that'll turn out. I hope the next one doesn't make everyone hate me or Patrick for what will happen. Just know there's a hella lot of drama comin up. Also I hope ya'll happy I made this one kinda long. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year All!

Love always

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