Love Affair - Lil Twist Story 2

My friend she makes Mb stories on youtube insisted on doing this sex scence WARNING : VERY GRAPHIC Rated R ! ;)

Created by BiteMahhMindless on Friday, August 26, 2011


Kylie POV

Two weeks have went by since me & Twist started secretly dating . He was outside playing basketball w/ his boys . I was walking outside when I saw him kissing Paige . I dropped the basketball & imediately ran to Wayne's Rm . I knocked lightly ...
Wayne: Come in
I could tell by his voice he was high & wen I opened the door it was clear as day .
Me: Wayne ...
My voice was cracking
Wayne: Whts wrong ? Who did wht??
Me: I-I saw twist kissing Paige ...
Wayne: Tht niggahhh ! Imma hurt'em okayy
Me: Wayne can U just hold me plzz
I said looking dwn , I said before me & wayne did sum things in the past . He got up & locked the door before laying dwn nxt to me . I loved being in his arms , I felt safe & protected . He pulled my shirt & pants off & gave me a wife beater & some boxers . Which was the same thing he was in Minus the Wife Beater .
Wayne: U okayy ?
Me: No
I was still holding back tears . Before I knew it Wayne kissed me , like a full on KISS . I didnt resist & before long he was ontop of me rubbing me all over , It felt good even though I knew it was wrong . He slowly slid off the boxers he gave me , along w/ my see thru panties . Considering my shirt & bra was already off , I just went w/ the flow . He whispered in my ear "R U sure?" . I nodded yes , which put him on full blast . He slowly but surely forced himself inside me , he hurt alot ! Seeing as though , we hadnt did this in sooo long . I grabbed the sheets as he thrusted inside me , w/ each thrust his speed rising . "Say my name bby " he whispered into my ear . I was trying hard to get the word out , but I couldnt until he thrusted sooo hard I screamed his name ! "Shhhh bby for we get caught !" He flipped me over , so now it was happening doggy style . I was biting the pillow , & searching for air all at the same time . His headboard hitting the wall , he was now fcking me at full force . I was unable to resist considering I was only 16 & him being 28 the sensation was amazing ! He hit me w/ the Weezy 10 stroke . He flipped me over , and started his signature move . He hit it once soft as can be . Then the 2nd hit came a lil harder . Then the 3rd & 4th harder & harder Until he hit #10 w/ all his power & strenght which sent me SCREAMING ! We climaxed at the same time & knowing Wayne he was gonna go dwn to clean up w/ he had done . & knowing him soo well he did , even though he knew I was sensitive to touch after climaxing soo it didnt take long . Afterwards we just laid cuddled up in only boxers for the rest of the night , to exhausted to do anything else .

Hope It was good ! Yess Im bringing Wayne into this Maybe as a Fuck Buddyy ! Who knows FEEDBACKK ! :D <3

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