Nightcrawler challenges a fellow mutant to a spar. Nightcrawler has the upperhand... or does he? Read to find out! Nightcrawler X OC(Own Character)

Created by ShadowStorm13 on Saturday, August 27, 2011


"Another one down! That was too easy!" A gloating voice jeers. Cyclops stands up to face the speaker. Shadow. Of course. "You took me off guard. If that had been a real match, you would be toast." Cyclops growled. "Pft, whatever, Scotty!" Shadow grinned gleefully. Scott scowled.

Shadow loves sparing, fighting, almost anything competitive... the only thing she dislikes is real violence. The kind where blood is shed. Shadow met up with the x-men at the same time Nightcrawler did. they had been traveling together when the x-men found them. Shadow got along with the other mutants quicker than Nightcrawler--despite years of fearful and hateful glances from NORMAL people, Shadow still found her friends fast. Shadow has the ability to transform into any animal she pleases. She is also good at sensing people's emotions... well, not really sensing the emotions, but SEEING them, in the eyes of whoever she looks at. Shadow was born a mutant, with long horns, wings, claws on her fingers and toes, and a long, slender tail. Because of her shapeshifting ability, however, she can make herself look like an ordinary human.

Shadow tends to appear out of nowhere, and likes to startle other mutants. She had just jumped down from the first floor, where only a banister protected some one from a fall down to the first floor, and landed on the poor, unsuspecting Scott down below. She quickly pinned him down and claimed victory, before he had a chance to act. "You know that you would loose in an ordinary spar." Cyclops growled. "Ok... bring it on, then!" Shadow said, keeping her optimistic grin. "The sparring room. Let's go!" Shadow dashed off to the sparring room, ready for a fight. "I can't believe she's only been here for a year... she treats this place like her personal training arena!" Cyclops muttered to himself, then followed after the dragon-winged mutant.

In the sparring area, Shadow is already in a fighting position, grinning like a jackal. Cyclops reaches up to his visor. "No fair. No using your power!" Shadow demands. "Fine. That means you cannot transform." Cyclops replied. "Exactly. This is a spar, duh. You use handto hand combat!" Shadow explained. "Alright." Cyclops stood at the ready, prepared to block any of the hyper active mutants attacks. (At least this will get some of that hyper energy out of her system... ) Cyclops thinks. Shadow comes at Cyclops in a run, and cyclops prepares to counter her attack. At the last moment, Shadow slides onto her back and slides under Cyclop's legs. tripping him as he goes. "Bad posture! Tsk, tsk, tsk!" Shadow taunts after cyclops hits the ground. He hits the ground lightly, not causing damage, but when he gets up, Shadow is already on her feet and ready to fight again. Shadow lashes out with her foot, and hits cyclops square in the face. She attacks again, but this time Cyclops is ready for it, and blocks the attack. The fighting goes on for a while, until Shadow roundhouse kicks Cyclops to the ground, then pins him to the floor. "1, 2, 3... I win!" Shadow cries gleefully. "Fine," Cyclops admits,"You win." Shadow helps cyclops to his feet then grins. "You're a good fighter, though, I must admit." She says to him. "Yeah... thanks... " "What's going on?" Shadow and Scott turn to see a blue-skinned, tailed mutant standing at the door to the sparring room... Nightcrawler.

"Hi, Nightcrawler!" Shadow waves hyperly to Nightcrawler. "Oh, hi, Schatten." Nightcrawler acknowledges. "Shadow and I were sparring," Cyclops explains. "I won!" Shadow goaded. "Sparring is fun. I am rather good at it." Nightcrawler replied. "Well... maybe we should spar?" Shadow asks. "Ok, but I warn you, Im pretty good." Nightcrawler states. Shadow pauses. Her fighting style is mostly useless against Nightcrawler's peculiar acrobatic style of fighting--and she knew it. "But I cant back down now!" she tells herself. "Alright, lets go! No power usage, or anything of that manner. Just plain old hand to hand combat!" Shadow commands. "Of course... " Nightcrawler agrees. "Or in mein case, hand to tail!" He adds playfully. "Of course." shadow replies with a smile.

Nightcrawler moves to the other side of the room, and goes down on all fours--his usual starting point. Shadow can't help but to grin to herself. When Nightcrawler is on all fours, his tail wagging in anticipation, he looks almost like a cute puppy. Shadow backs a few steps back, anticipating any attack. Cyclops stands away from the two mutants, grinning to himself. "I can't wait to see this! Oh, wait... Wolverine will love this!" Cyclops grinned, before hurrying off the find the mosty likely drunken mutant.

Shadow circles around and around Nightcrawler, waitng for him to make the first move. Seeing that the dark- haired girl isn;t going to make a move, Nightcrawler moves forward and lashes out with a carefully aimed fist. Shadow barely dodges, then brings her foot up. Nightcrawler easily rolls out of the way then grins teasingly at her. shadow snarls loudly. "He's a tough opponet... I hate his fighting style! So hard to combat." She thinks to herself. Cyclops and Wolverine come into the sparring room to see Shadow and Nightcrawler fighting, each of them taking and receiving blows. Cyclops smirks, guessing the soon to be victor. He can't wait to see the winged mutant loose at her own game. Wolverine mirrors Cyclop's smirk, also eager to see the mutant fail. "I can't loose now! they would never leave me alone about it!"' shadow worries to herself. Soon, the fight reaches a climax, Nightcrawler easily getting the better of the persistant female muatant. nightcrawler and Shadow come together, arms together in a test of strength. Both of their tails lash out dangerously. From a distance, a tail is cute, but when close enough, a tail can be deadly! Shadow sees the end near, and a slow grin creeps across her face. the perfect plan is already in motion in her head. She would win this fight.

As Nightcrawler begins to overpower Shadow, she grins enticingly at Nightcrawler. "You know, you're really cute." She says oyut of nowher. Taken by surprise out of thwe randomness, Nightcrawler pauses. "What?" He asks, his usually blue skin shading over with a blush. When he's distracted, Shadow knee's nightcrawler and he falls, temporarily stunned. shadow bacls up off him,going into a protective stance, now having the upper hand. Wolverine hoots with laughter, but Cyclops growls--still wanting Shadow to loose. Nightcrawler quickly recovers, and returns to fighting Shadow. Once Nightcrawle gets her pinne tod a wall, Shadow puts another part of her plan into motion. She quickly leans forward and kisses Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler's eyes widen and he complete forgets about the spar at hand. Cyclops and Wolverine's jaws drop wide open,surprisedjust as much as Nightcrawler about the spontaneousness of Shadow. Shadow knocks Nightcrawler over onto the ground, pinning him down. He stays down. 1... 2.. 3... "I win again!" shadow roars triumphantly, jumping off the now fiercely blushing mutant. Shadow grins gleefully at Cyclops, who is staring at her like she has three heads. Shadow walks briskly to the door, then turns and says with a grin,"You shouldn't get distractedso easily duting a spar!" To the dismayed blue mutant. shadow then grins toyingly at Cyclops then slips out of the room.

Nightcrawler sits up rubbing his head, still confused. He mutters something in German that neither Cyclops nor Wolverine can understand, then goes silent. Cyclops scowls then follows after Shadow, hoping to beat her at an equal spar. Wolverine grins and claps Nightcrawlers back. "She's totally into you!" He syas to the German mutant. Nightcrawler shakes his head sadly, then says,"No. She just wanted to win." Wolverine shakes his head then says,"It may seem that way, but that's just how she acts. Just wait and see. She likes you." Then Wolverine stands up, and says,"I need to find some booze... see you." Then walks out of the room, leaving the Blue mutant to his brooding thoughts.

Thanks to MutantGirl7 for the idea for this story! :3

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