The Yule Ball

Sara and Draco wonder who the other wishes to bring to the Yule Ball.

Created by SerRena01 on Sunday, August 28, 2011


“This Yule Ball is so stupid.” Draco said slouching down across the couch. Crabbe and Goyle sat down on the other couch.

“I think it’s wonderful.” Sara said swiping Draco’s feet off the couch so she could sit. He didn’t object to her moving him. “We get to get together with Durmstang and Beauxbaton and have fun. I always thought dances to be fun.”

Draco rolled his eyes. “Fun? How?”

“Well, there is the dancing and all that, but then there’s the fun I going with someone.” Sara smiled. “Who are you going to ask, Draco?”

“I dunno.” He said. “I don’t even know if I’m going to go.”

“Aw” Sara frowned. “Why not? It’ll be fun.” Draco just shrugged. “So there’s no one that you would want to ask?” Sara asked raising her eyebrows.

“Well…Maybe- No. No one.” Draco stopped his thought.

Sara frowned again. She wanted to know who Draco wanted ask, but decided not to push. “Well I know who I would want to ask me.” She smiled again. “But since you won’t tell me I won’t tell either.” She hopped off the couch and walked towards the stairs. “Good night, Draco.” She turned around to face him once more before swiftly gliding up the stairs; her feet barley making a sound.

When she was gone Draco sat up and turned to Crabbe ad Goyle. “Do you think Sara would say yes if I asked her?” He said quietly just in case she was still lingering.

The two of them looked stunned. “Uh…” Crabbe said confused.

“Why would you ask her?” Goyle asked.

Draco leaned back into the couch. “Because…” He began and drifted off into deep thought. He stared at the stairs where she last was. Thinking of how she seemed to float up the steps so elegantly. Even though she was nowhere near his age he couldn’t keep himself from fancying her. She barley even seemed to be as old as she was, not that she was that old. Draco thought of how and when, but realized how likely it was for her to say no. First off, she said she knew who she wanted to have ask her and Draco thought for sure that it couldn’t be him. Also, since when had he ever been truly nice to her? Never had he really given her any reason to even considering liking him as a fried much less beyond that.

Crabbe and Goyle looked at each other not knowing what to say to Draco. They just sat there awkwardly as Draco stared off into space. After a couple minutes Draco sapped himself back to reality. He saw Crabbe and Goyle giving him a weird look. “What?” He snapped getting up from the couch. He trued to the stairs and headed up to the dormitories. Crabbe and Goyle remained down in the common room not knowing what to do next. They had never seen Draco act so weird.

Draco dragged himself up the stairs and into the dormitory. He then fell onto the bed face down. With his face in his pillow he put his hands on the back of his head and groaned. He still thought the Yule Ball was stupid, but mostly because he didn’t see himself going with Sara. If she went with someone else he didn’t think he would be able to make himself go to the ball only to see her in a beautiful dress with someone. He sighed and turned on his back turning his head to the window. He closed his eyes mentally debating with himself whether or not he should go for it or not.

The room was silent. No one else was in there. Draco heard a bird pecking at the window, but didn’t bother to open his eyes to see it. “What to do, what to do?” Draco muttered under his breath to himself.

“I dunno, it’s up to you.”

Draco bolted up. Sara plopped down on his bed next to him with a grin. She laid her head back against the wall staring up at the ceiling. “Sorry, did I scare you, Draco?” She asked, still looking up.

“Kind of. How do you walk around without making a sound?” Draco questioned. He scooted over so they each could sit on half the bed.

Sara didn’t say anything, she only shrugged. “So what were you thinking about?” She asked turning to him and giving him a thoughtful look.

Draco nervously smiled as his stomach knotted. He thought that this was the perfect time to ask her since they were the only two in the room. Besides it’s true that he was thinking of when to ask her if to do so at all. Instead all he could say was, “Nothing.”

Sara frowned as if she was expecting him to say something else. “Alright.” She said. She clearly sounded disappointed. She got up and paced the room. “So are you gonna go to the Yule Ball or no?” she stopped by the window leaning her hand against the wall and putting foot on the window sill by her ankles.

“Maybe.” Draco said watching her. “Are you?”

Sara turned around to face him and sat down with her back against the window. She pulled her knees in and placed her chin on them. “Maybe.” She copied. “It depends.”

“On what?” Draco asked.

“On who asks me.” She replied. Sara seemed restless. She stood back up and continued to pace the room. She sighed and plopped back on the corner of the bed playing with the sheets.

Draco hesitated before saying, “Well…Who do you want to ask you?”

Sara toiled with the sheets silently. “I dunno.” She shrugged clearly knowing, but refusing to tell. “Who do you want to ask?”

“I dunno. “ Draco copied.

Neither of them knew what to say next so they sat there. Draco looked out the window and Sara kept toiling with the sheets. The room was filled with awkwardness.

Sara had the words on the tip of her tongue, “Do you want to go with me?” But her mouth was glued shut. She shut her eyes and sighed keeping her head down so Draco couldn’t see the struggling look on her face.

Draco glared through the window wanting nothing more but to speak. His mind screamed, “Will you go to the Yule Ball with me?!” But his voice was dry and silent. He swallowed pulling his entire will together, getting ready to say it. He took a deep breath and opened his mouth to speak, but Sara stood up and moved around the room again.

“Well, I guess I’ll go to bed now.” She said. She ran her hand through her hair giving Draco a quick smile before turning around to leave. She was about to pass through the door way when Draco yelled “WAIT!”

Sara whirled around quite stunned. “Yes?” She said softly and slowly.

Draco held his breath as he mentally beat himself for yelling at her. “Uh…Goo…good Night.” He stuttered.

Sara stood there still stunned. “Thanks.” She said slightly tilting her head to the side in question. “You too.” Then she turned around and left.

When she was gone Draco put his face back in his pillow and groaned loudly. Stupid, he thought. So stupid. He flipped onto his back and smacked a hand onto his forehead squeezing his eyes shut letting out another groan. He laid there regretting letting her leaving without asking. There was no telling if he would ever get a chance to ask her alone again. He turned on his side staring out the window. It had begun to rain. Drops of water slid down the window. He closed his eyes wanting to fall asleep and start a new day.

He was about to drift off into sleep when something brushed his forehead. He opened his eyes and found a little paper bird flying above his head. He held out his hand and let it lightly land in his palm. When the bird landed it unfolded perfectly. The parchment had medium sized round writing, Draco recognized it anywhere. It was Sara’s hand writing for sure. Written in the middle of the page was, “Will you go to the Yule Ball with me?” Under it were two carefully drawn boxes below the two boxes where “yes” and “no” Draco wiped his thumb over yes with a smile. He reached over his bed to the nightstand beside him and grabbed a quill. He quickly checked off the yes box and folded the note into fours. When it was folded it wrapped itself back into a bird and quickly flew away. Draco watched it head for the door, but was stopped by a hand grabbing it out the air. Draco froze. The hand moved to the center of the door showing that it belonged to Sara. She smiled and unwrapped the note, but she didn’t look at Draco.

She looked up when she finished reading. She had the biggest smile on her face Draco had ever seen. They didn’t say anything to each other they just stared. Without saying a word Sara turned around and skipped away to the girls’ dormitory.

Draco laid back in his bed with his hands behind his head still smiling. He took a deep breath closed his eyes and was easily able to fall asleep. The Yule Ball suddenly seemed to be the most exciting event to come and he couldn’t wait.

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