Confused * A lil Twist and Legacy Love story* Part 1

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Created by cherryonthetop on Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Iris P.O.V

I shut my eyes tight as something sharp touch my hand.

"Be strong" Paris said squeezing my hand.

"Now this won't hurt" The women whispered.

"Mmm" I muttered.

I heard a whiriing noise.

"Oh My God" I whispered.

It hurt so much after 10 minutes i was done.

"Oww" I moaned.

"You wanna have a look" The women asked.

I nodded my head. I looked at my new tattoo it was beautiful looked like this:


"Wow it's amazing" I said.

"it's awesome" Paris said.

"Now you need to take good care of it it will bleed and stuff so put this on it" She said passing me a bottle.

"Thanks" I said.

"I need to get a tatto" she said as she got into my car.


"It Freaking hurt" I moaned.

"But it looks so good anyway take me to the mall i'll treat you to lunch" She demanded.

"Aight where to?" I asked.

"Cindrella( i made it up)"

So we went into Cindrella it's like this awesome resturtant they have the best cakes in the world!

"Okay take a place this is on me" She said.

As i sat down i could see a couple of boys staring at me.

Lil Twist P.O.V

Man the girl oppsite me was fine.

"Man wat you staring at?" Khalil asked.

"Nothing" I said.

"Yeah right" Legacy laughed.

Then her friend came back.

I sat there staring at her.

"Jus go and talk to her" Khalil said.

"Nah i'm good" I said.

After a while she and her friend went.When i got home i was thinking why the hell didn't i talk to her...

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