An Unbreakable Vampire Love 19

Alrighty, my sister is reading my story things and she says that they are cool. If you actually like my stories, then please message me cause I get so incredibly proud if someone tells me that I'm doing a good job and if I'm not writing them very good, then please message me and tell me why. Also, I won't put anything in these that has to do with our time period cause that kinda made my sister irritated so yea. My language arts teacher is really cool and she's not going to let us say like anymore. for examp

Created by bask8ballmaster on Monday, December 19, 2005


"Mary, let us in" Antoinette yelled to you from the other side of your door.
"Leave me alone!" you screamed.
"Not until you at least let me in" she yelled back.
You have been sitting in the same spot for hours, ruining your lungs but screaming.
Everyone throughout the castle can hear your wails and almost feel your pain.
"Please, Mary, let me in so we can talk. You must be getting hungry" Antoinette said.
"I don't need food anymore" you told her.
A loud sigh came from the hall.
"Mary, as your King and as your Father, I demand that you open this door"
Well, you couldn't refuse it then since it was a direct demand.
You slowly walked over to your door and inched it open.
"What do you want? Can't you see that I want to be left alone?" you asked.
"You don't need to be alone right now. You need someone to talk to and care for you" Bobby said.
"The only person that I want to talk to right now are my friends. One of which isn't even here" you grumbled.
"Well then, tell us who it is and we shall go forth and fetch him. No matter where he or she is" you father compromised.
"I want Ben" you stated.
People started whispering at the mention of his name but your father silenced them.
"He shall be here by tonight. In the mean time, why don't you come down and eat some lunch. You must be ravenous by now" he suggested.
You opened the door fully and some of the women shielded their eyes from the way you looked.
"Maybe we should get you cleaned up first" Antoinette said.
She walked in with four other ladies behind her.
"Well, you know what to do" she said to the maids. "You may all go now, she will be down in 30 minutes"
Antoinette addressed to the slowly growing mob in front of your room.
They filed away and left you alone to get ready with the ladies and Antoinette.
"Now Mary, please tell me what's wrong" Antoinette pleaded with you.
You sat in silence for a while; Antoinette on her knees and the maids eagerly listening.
"He's dead" you blurted without emtion.
Everyone just sort of froze with shock. It was probably the most unexpected thing they could have thought.
They wouldn't have found out, not even the king knew yet. It was always the wife's choice whether or not she wanted to tell anyone. It was private.

"I'm so sorry, Mary" Antoinette said after coming to her senses. "I had no idea. When did you find out?"
"When did you hear the screams?" you basically answered.
"That long?" she wondered.
You nodded.
It was silent then while the maids made you presentable for the court.
"There you go. All ready, Miss" the oldest maid said, sympathy clearly visible in her old, wise eyes.
"Thankyou. I shall have extra provisions sent to your chambers later today" you said.
"You are a most kind Princess. We shall be very lucky when you become queen" the old maid said, bowing to you and leaving with the other maids following.
"We should go now. Just don't look at anyone passing by or else rumors will be flying around the castle about you being near death" Antoinette tried to joke.
"That is how I feel though. How can I ever hide it?" you asked.
"You will find a way. Trust me, you are our future queen and you must be strong. Not only for yourself, but for your subjects" Antoinette pointed out.
You raised your head and walked down the many halls and into the dining hall.
Many people were there to watch the royals eat and to be oh-so-cheery.
You looked at no one, only the empty space in front of you.
"Ah, Mary, my darling daughter. Are you feeling better?" your father asked, standing from his chair and poulling yours out for you.
"Much better, thankyou. I'm very sorry for my behavior. It's just getting a little hard with Teddy around. By the way" you said, looking around, "Where might she be?"
The king waved his hand and a wet nurse brought her in to you.
You held her small, fragile body in your hands and let a few tears slide down your face at how perfect she is. And how you wanted Anthony to see her.
"Alright, Mary, it is time to eat. Please giver her back to Caroline so she may care for her" your father ordered.
Giving her one last kiss, you handed over your loving Teddy Bear and looked down at all the food choices.
*We must really give the cooks more praise for their ability to cook something so grand with such little notice* you thought.
"Here, Antoinette, sit down my dear" you father gestured his hand towards another seat and Bobby pulled it out for you.
Antoinette was like another daughter to him.
"Thankyou, Your Majesty" she said.
"Please, help yourselves to whatever catches your eye" he said.
Bobby, Antoinette and yourself waited until the king had a full plate and then helped yourselves.
"This food is positively marvelous, Father. Who is the lead cook working today?" you inquired.
"Barbel Wallous. She is quite marvelous in the kitchen" he said.
"A woman?" you asked, surprised.
"Why, of course. How else would I get the perfect food that we eat if we did not have a wife cooking our food?" your father smiled.
You tried your hardest to smile back but it only came out as a grin. Not ladylike at all.
"May I speak with you, Mary?" he asked.
"Of course, Father. What about?"
"Let's step outside" he said.
You cleaned yourself off and followed the king out the large doors to the north garden.
"What is wrong my Darling? Is it something that someone said?" your fathe asked, worried y how you have been in your room, crying nonstop.
"It's Anthony. He's....Well....He's dead" you mumbled.
"Do not mumble in this castle Young Lady. Say it right now" he ordered.
Your eyes filled with tears as you said it again. "He's dead"
"There, that's better" he said and wrapped you in a hug. "I'm so sorry Honey. You should not have to go through this kind of pain. Ever" he said, tears in his eyes too.
Before you could reply, someone interrupted you.
"Excuse me, Sir. But Ben has just arrived from France and would like to see Mary now"

duh duh duuuuuuuuuuuh.........
another one is in the making!

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