♥Zane Truesdale Fanfic♥ ~ Chapter two (Who Is This Zane Truesdale?)

yay chapter two, i've been too sick to go to school so ive been TYPING TYPING TYPING, feel free to tell me what u think of the story, im open to suggestions too, anything at all c:

Created by Samanthasaurusrex on Thursday, September 01, 2011

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Something loud and annoying wakes me up in the morning, found out it’s my stupid alarm, I hit it but it kept going. “SHUT UP” I grabbed my lamp and smashed my alarm with it, well at least it worked I don’t know if the lamp still does but oh well. I did my normal morning routine, you know shower and get dressed n shit. Today I decide to wear my simple black mini skirt, black and white knee highs, a purple top and my neko hat ^^, I headed downstairs once I felt ready and looked good enough. All the girls started staring at me, well I guess I stand out since I don’t have a uniform and I came last night, bet they think I’m an intruder. The head of Obelisk Blue girls, Ms Fontaine introduced me to everyone “Good morning everyone, I would like you to meet Scarlett Moore, she will be staying with us till her entrance exam on Wednesday.” Everyone went back to what they were doing, well aren’t people so friendly? One girl with long blonde hair and brown eyes came up to me
“Hi my name is Alexis Rhodes would you like to join my friends and I?”
“Sure, thanks.” I sat with Alexis and her friends, they seemed to be in deep conversation so I talked with Alexis “So uhm, how long have you been attending this school?”
“I’m in my second year and I’m ranked 2nd best duellist at this school and top female duellist.”
“So who’s the first then?”
“Zane Truesdale, he hasn’t lost to anyone in his life.” I smirked
“I bet I could beat him.”
“I doubt it plus he only duels those he sees are worthy.”
“Pfft sounds pretty up himself to me.” After a while I noticed that Alexis’ friends are really annoying! God I don’t even remember their names and I couldn’t care less, they’re the type of girls to sit around giggling and talking about boys all day but Alexis is cool.
“Hey Scarlett there’s a couple of guys you should meet.”
“Oh ok awesome.” I followed Alexis down to the Slifer Red dorms, I’m glad to be away from her friends who didn’t even notice us leave. I saw two guys come towards us, one had light brown hair and brown eyes, he look full of confidence and enthusiasm. The other was shorter, light teal hair and looked really shy, the taller one spoke first
“Hey I’m Jaden Yuki and this is Syrus Truesdale”
“Hey I’m Scarlett Moore, Syrus do you happen to be related to Zane Truesdale?” Syrus’ face fell
“Yeah Zane’s my older brother.” Oh I get it, Zane is top of the school and Syrus is in Slifer, must be hard trying to keep up to him.
Jaden changed the subject
“Hey Scarlett did you know I bet Dr Crowler for my entrance exams?”
“What? No way! Dr Crowler is a pro duellist, you must have some skill to pull that off.”
“More like luck” We all turned to see who had said that, it was a boy with black spiky hair and looked like a total stuck up. He looked at me and said “The name’s Chazz, Chazz Princeton.” Oh well pfft no wonder, he’s a Princeton. “Hey Slifer slacker why don’t we find out if beating Crowler was skill or luck?”
“Bring it Chazz.”
“Tonight at midnight in the Obelisk Blue arena and I’ll show you your rightful place at this school.” As Chazz left he smiled and winked at me,
“Ew, what a jerk.”
“Well that’s Chazz for you.” said Alexis agreeing with me.

Sitting in my room I’m going through my Zombie and Dragon decks, I’m glad I made a few friends today, I also met Bastion from Ra yellow he’s pretty cool too. Haha I wonder what Destery is up to, No doubt that he’s up to trouble. Probably stealing something pointless from a convenient store and jumping out the window or vandalising the streets. People say Destery is bad news and to stay away from him but when you really get to know him he is sweet and fun to be around, he is someone I can truly be myself around and I have to thank him for making me more confident. Laughing at the memories and being lost in thought I didn’t realise someone was knocking on my door. “Come in!” The door opened to find Alexis
“Sorry but I had to get away from my friends, they can be annoying.”
“Haha so you think so too.”
“Are you going through your deck? Can I have a look?”
“Sure” I hid my Zombie deck and showed her my dragons, only because I decided to use zombies for my entrance exams and I don’t want anyone to know about it.
“Wow this is amazing; you’ll defiantly stay in Obelisk after the exams.” I smile smugly, haha well I did learn from the best. “Hey can I ask you something?”
“Yeah sure anything.”
“Why didn’t you take the entrance exams like everyone else?”
“Oh, well you see…” I told her everything about what happened before I came here and my family and about Destery.
“Wow you must be serious about duelling to run away like that and Destery seems pretty special to you.” She started smiling at me. I laughed
“There’s a picture of us together on my bedside table, it’s our favourite picture of us and no! It’s not like that we’re just friends, plus Destery doesn’t do the dating thing.”
“Mm-hmm I believe you and you two look really cute together, well I have to go, see ya!” I rolled my eyes at her and smiled
“Kay bye.” After a few minutes I finished looking at my decks, they seem good enough. I decided to go out for a walk just to get out because editing decks give me a headache, I headed towards the lighthouse, I don’t know why but I like it there.

Alexis’ POV

Zane and I were hanging out at the lighthouse like usual,
“Hey Zane did you know a new student came today?”
“Oh her name is Scarlett, she let me have a look at her deck earlier, I have a feeling she’s better than me.”
“Huh, what deck does she use?”
“Haha thought you might be interested, she uses dragons and she’s pretty cool you might like her.”
“What does she look like?”
“Well she stands out because she doesn’t have a uniform but she has shoulder length light teal coloured hair and matching eyes and she’s about my height, oh and she thinks she’s able to beat you in a duel.” Zane half smiled and then I heard someone coming, well speak of the devil.

Scarlett’s POV

When I get to the lighthouse I see the guy from yesterday and Alexis, they both heard me and turned around.
“Oh hey Scar-” I cut in
“SHH, don’t say my name when he’s around!” Alexis looked really confused
“What why?” I laughed
“Well last night when I arrived here I was exploring the area a bit and I met him and I’m not telling my name till I he tells me his!”
“Wait so you two have met before?”
“Oh I’m sorry Scarlett but I already told Zane who y-” She stopped talking because the guy cut in
“Well nice going Alexis.” Now I’m the one who looked confused, after a couple minutes I put the piece together and realised that Alexis just told me his name
“OH so… your Zane Truesdale that Alexis told me about, Duel Academy’s top duellist?!”
“Mm yup.”
“Wait a second, Zane if you’ve already met Scarlett then why did you say no to when I asked you if you did?” Zane half smiled
“Well I thought that if I told you no that you would tell me her name and then I wouldn’t have to say mine because I would’ve already known Scarlett’s” Well that was pretty smart of him, damn.
“OH ALEXIS, do you think Jaden and Chazz are having their duel now?”
‘No doubt let’s go!” We ran towards the Obelisk Blue arena leaving Zane there and sure enough we found them duelling we also saw Syrus and Chazz’s Lackeys. “I thought I might find you guys here.”
“Oh hi Alexis and Scarlett you came to watch too? Sweet!” Jaden seemed pretty happy even though he’s losing, I admire his spirit.
“The rules clearly say no off hour duelling allowed.”
“Aw but this is our school we should be allowed plus we’re almost done!”
“Yeah c’mon Alexis lighten up, let them have their duel, we’re fine as long as we don’t get caught.”
“Haha yeah you should listen to Scarlett” then Syrus called out
“Jaden I think you should be listening to Alexis.”Alexis turned to me
“Since when did you break the rules?”
“Since I’ve been friends with Destery.” Then we all heard footsteps
“Oh no its Duel Academy’s security” Chazz’s lackeys called out
“Let’s go Chazz, you’ve won anyway.”
“Well Slifer Slacker looks like beating Crowler really was just luck.”
“NO WAY! I’m not done!”
“C’mon Jaden!” It took Me, Alexis and Syrus to drag Jaden out, we we’re out just in time.
“Wow you sure are stubborn Jaden” He was pouting
“Only about my duelling, I could’ve won!”
“I don’t know it looked like Chazz would’ve beaten you there.”
“Not after I drew this card.” Jaden all showed us Monster Reborn “I would’ve summoned Flamed Wingman and then beat Chazz with it.” Syrus started begging Jaden to go
“C’mon Jaden we could be caught out here!”
“Fine, see you tomorrow Scarlett and Alexis.” They both ran off back to their dorm.
“This is going to be an interesting year.”
“Mm but I wonder why he’s in Slifer when he has skill like that!” We both headed back to our dorms and I got ready for bed, SHIT classes start tomorrow T_T.

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