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Name: Amaya Matsuda

Age: 16
Sex: female

Rank: ANBU black ops

Personality: really sweet person. can be a complete airhead at times & really clumsy. really funny, gentle, kind, warm heart-ed, protective, doesn't judge, puts others well being before her own, tomboyish, Random. don't care what anyone thinks of her. Likes to play hard to get, flirts without knowing. Really innocent. Can be a smart ass, sarcastic, can be bossy at times and can be a bitch when she gets mad or annoyed.
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, training, hanging out with friends, messing with her hair, cooking.
History: her family was assassinated when she was a little girl, she was the only survivor and became an orphan until Tsunade found her and took her in. she loves her like a real daughter.
Weapons: Kunai and shiruken

Elements: (1-2 only) Fire and Lighting

Elements combined: thunder-storm

Genjutsu/Ninjutsu: ninjutsu and genjutsu
How many technique: 3

[Scale] (Rate your characters abilities) 0-10
Taijutsu: 10
Genjutsu: 5
Ninjutsu: 8
Speed: 8

Strength: 5
Ninja Tools: 4

Chakra Control: 10
Medical skills: 6
Elemental Power: 6
Stealth: 5
Aim: 10

Illusion jutsu: Weapon Recreation Technique
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary/Distraction
Skill: Genjutsu
Range: N/A
Description: (Amaya creates a visual jutsu in which the enemy(ies) weapons seem to morph. The morph is that of some form of vicious or deadly animal roughly the same size and seemingly tries to attack the victim(s) in what ever way it can. The main use of this jutsu is to disarm the opponent by making them discard or destroy their own equipment.)

{Weakness in 'Weapon Recreation Technique'}

• This is not necessarily a weakness. When the victim finally destroys his/her weapon(s) or tries to repel Amaya's chakra with their own, the jutsu will be release.

{How to Strengthen 'Weapon Recreation Technique'}
• None

Ninja style: Hair Manipulation Shock
Rank: B
Type: Offensive
Skill: Ninjutsu
Range: Mid-range
Description: (Amaya focuses her chakra into her hair to stimulate growth, they can then control the hair in any way they want though it is usually (and most effectively) used to capture someone by wrapping round them. Then Amaya will do a simple lightning jutsu that send waves of bolts to the enemy that is trap in the hard steal of her hair. The lengthened hair is stronger than normal hair and is difficult to cut by normal means. The hair can grow to a maximum of 25 feet, once the jutsu is released the hair returns to its previous length.)

{Weakness in 'Hair Manipulation Shock'}

• The hair can only hold up the heat to 150° before it starts to burn.

{How to Strengthen 'Hair Manipulation Shock'}

• None.

Medical Jutsu: Numbing Technique
Rank: C
Type: Supply
Range: -
Skill: Medical Ninjutsu
Description: (As its name suggests, this jutsu acts as a local anesthetic, Amaya can numb the nerves around an area on her body and dulling one sense of pain. This jutsu is generally proffered to narcotics on the battlefield since it doesn't hinder the mind.)

{Weakness in 'Numbing Technique '}

• This jutsu does not stop the flow of any open bleeding wounds.

• And the numbing can only last for 4 hour before the pain returns.

{How to Strengthen 'Numbing Technique '}

• None.

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