Love In Pokemon Paradise- A Pokemon Love FanFic Part 1

Ok so this is my first Fanfic guys so go easy on me and don't forget to review! Love ya!

Created by DancingBanana1234 on Thursday, September 01, 2011

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Part 1- Hints Of Love?


Ash- 17

May- 16

Misty- 17

Brock - 23

14 Please. its a bit... inapropriate but not much.

" Ash, Honey! Have you packed all your clothes! And dont forget plenty of clean underwear sweetie! "

Ash sighed as he packed his last things and got ready to leave. " Yes mom! "

Ash was excited. He was going to see his Best Friend Misty for the first time in ages! May was fun but Misty was his Best Friend, he couldnt wait.

"Ash!? Hurry up " May. Whining as usual. Ash sometimes got sick of her whining and squeeling all the time. He sort of missed Mistys grumbling and fierce attitude.

" Coming May "

Ash walked down the stairs to find May wearing a tight Beach dress and High heel flip flops. She looking stunning, Ash didnt realise he was staring.

" Ash? You coming or what? " May called impatiently. Ash snapped out of it and they went off to catch the ferry.

( Ok so heres whats happening ^.^ ) Ash and May had booked tickets to visit Pokemon Paradise, a holdiday island far away, it would be nice for them to get away, and it would be the perfect time for May to confess her feelings to ash but little did May know, They werent going alone

( Flashback )

May almost jumped through the roof. Her and Ash were going to Pokemon Paradise. Alone! She hugged Ash tight and Ash laughed. It was going to be great!

--Later that day--

May finally perked up the courage to tell Ash her feelings for him. She had loved him ever since she'd seen his face. His lovely face..... May daydreamed. She got up and started to walk into Ashs room, but stopped. He was talking to someone on the phone.

'Better wait Until hes finished ' She thought, but she couldnt help listening in on his conversation....

" Hey, Misty! " May gasped. Misty?...

" Hey Ash, I've missed you, whats going on. Why are you... Excited. " Misty laughed at Ash's expression

" Me and May are going to Pokemon Paradise! " Misty Gasped and May sighed.

' Yes and its going to be great, But why is he telling her? ' May thought, It was kind of suspicious.

" Oh My God Ash you're so lucky! " Misty squeeled. " Have a great time! " She smiled and giggled.

"Misty.... I was wondering if you.. wanted to come? "

May was furious. " WHAT!? " She shouted at the top of her voice.

" May? " ' Wth is she yelling at? ' ..

' Shit ' May ran back to her bedroom before Ash saw her.

Ash came in. " May did you yell something? "

" No Ash, why? " May acted innocent and sweet. But she was really angry inside......

" Oh, doesn't matter. "

" Ash, do you have something to tell me, about, Pokemon Paradise...? "

" No... um... Actually yes. Mistys coming Thats ok right? "

May felt like her head had exploded.

" Yes. " May was determined she was going to get her revenge. And she was still going to get his heart.

--Back to Normal Time--

" So, Ash is Misty meeting us there? " May decided to start a comversation, since it was getting a little awkward.

" Yeh, and she said shes bringing someone special. "

' Great more people ' May crossed her legs and grumbled.

" So, Ash, your looking handsome today. Cute i would say! "

" Um, Thanks.. i guess. You look pretty today too, This was the truth she looked stunning. But he loved Misty didnt he? Ash didn't really know anymore. Maybe this was a love triangle. No he hated them.

" Thank you " She smiled, An attemt at flirting. She dropped one of her PokeBalls on the floor.

" Oops, i'll get it. " She bent down revealing some tight, red knickers. Ash glared. Was she flirting with him?No he was mistaken. She didnt love him. They were just friends.

The ferry arrived at the island and May jumped off and ran straight to the hotel Jumping with Joy. There were loads of Officer Jennys surrounding the island...

Suddenly Misty jumped on Ash almost crushing him.

" Yey, You're here, I missed you! " Misty hugged Ash. ' I love you but when can i tell you? '

" I missed you too Mist. So, who was the special person you brought? " Ash looked around.

"C'mon out!" Misty shouted. The bushes rustled. And out came Brock. ( Sorry i have not included many Pokemon yet but more come in i promise! ;) )

" Brock!? " Ash was stunned, He hadnt seen Brock in ages, not since he had finally found himself a girl who had not rejected him ( Lol. xD ) meanwhile all May could think about was Ash.

" Its getting late guys, do you want to go to the hotel now, and get some rest? " Ash yawned.

" Yeh, we can go out somewhere tommorow. " Misty stretched and they all went into the hotel.

Pikachu and Ash went to there room. Brock went to his. Then Misty and May realised in horror that there was only one room left, With a single bed. Ash's room had a double bed. The two girls quickly started arguing. Ash and Brock came out to see what was going on.

" I should get to! "

" No I should "

Ash was tired. he didnt need this.

" Whats going on? "

" Theres only one room left with a single bed! " Misty wailed. Ash realised that his room had a single bed.

" How about i go in the single room and you to share a bed. " Ash thought he had come up with a pretty good idea. Wrong.

" NO WAY. Ew. Im not sleeping with the smelly brat. " Misty stuck her nose in the air. May looked offended and sad. She sat on the floor.

" Ugh. One of us will have to share with Ash then. "

Ash sort of liked the idea of shring. But with who. He wasnt sure who he loved the most. May was beautiful. So was Misty, but Misty could be a snob sometimes. He tought about the way she had just acted to May. he knew which one he would choose.

" I think Ash should get to choose which one. " Misty Smirked. Brock had gone to bed and you could hear him snoring through the door.

" Hmmm... Ok sorry but if i have to.... I choose May. "

May tried to hide the smile. As she walked in she stuck her tongue out at Misty. Misty looked heartbroken. May and Ash got in bed. And lay as far apart as possible, May wished he was closer to her.

" Ash? " May sat up.

" Yes May? "

" I have something... to .... tell you. "

" Go ahead May. "

" I think.. I think i love you and you might not- "

" Shhh. I love you too " Ash intterupted and kissed her passionately.

- 20 minutes later -

Misty woke up to a banging noise. Bang, bang, bang bang. Over and over again. Misty got up and walked to the wall. She placed her ear gently against it. She nearly threw up after what she heard.

" Oh Ash! Oh oh! " It was May, screaming.

" Harder! I love you Ash "

An act. Misty thought. To make me jealous.

" I love you too. " Ash screamed. Then it stopped and Ash got up. Misty was discusted, And heartbroken. He loved May. May who she hated. Tears poured down her cheeks. " I love you " She whispered, and ran out the door crying. She ran downstairs and out the hotel. She went to the beach. It was deserted. She sat by the sea and cryed. Someone had followed her out. Ash.

TBC- That took a while hehe, dont forget to review and message me which it should be: Misty and Ash or May and Ash. Thank yooooo. Love ya's ;D

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