All Boys Supernarural Boarding School (boyxboy); Info

Insparation and south park. Warning; Laguage. And sorry about the airport part. Im to lazy to explain what its like to go through them.

Created by XXonyxangelzXX on Friday, September 02, 2011

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Name(last,first): Conners, Sammy J.
Age; 16
Looks; picture
Hight; 5'6"
Race; Demon/shifter
Other; Bisexual, but leans a lot more towards guys.
(Role; Main carecter)

Name; Graves, Cory J.
Age; 17
Race; Vampire
Oter; Bi
Name; Tariff, Jammie K.
Age; 16 3/4
Race; Witch
Other; Gay/taken

Name; Summers, Jay T.
Age; 17 1/2
Race; Vampire
Other; Gay/taken
Name; Sanders, Luke A.
Age; 17
Race; Werewolf
Other; Strate

Name; Jones, Steffen J.
Age; 17 3/4
Race; Werewolf
Other; Football caption/strate
Name; Stam, Parker N.
Age; 17
Race; Werewolf
Other; Football team/strate


3rd person pov

A black and white haired boy sat in a dark room on a small bed. No light seemed to be evedent in the small room untill the door, whitch had otherwise been practicly glued shut, creeked open. Reveling a black haired woman with a concerned look ever present on her face.
"Sammy. Sweetheart. Are you alright? You've been cooped up here for quite some while." Her sweet motherly tone seemed oddly fake.
The boy just grunted and layed back agenst his black and white checkered bed spred.
"Well, why dont you come down stairs. Your father and I would like to talk to you about something very important concerning school." She then slunk back out of the younger boys room just before he mumbled out,
"Hes not my father, you bitch."
Even so, the boy got up and fallowed the black haired woman up the stairs to the main floor.
Once he had gotten to the liveing room, he saw the black haired woman sitting next to a blond man.
He took a seet across from them onto the small loveseet.
"Sam, your mother and I are sending you to a all male boarding school. Its in Washington and you'll be leaving hear for the airport at six. You cannot and will notcomplain. Go pack. We'll be leaving in a few hours."
The mans voice was stone cold and lacked emotion. Then again. Sammy expected nothing less from James. The man had always been that way toward him. Sometimes Lissa was too. The woman that gave birth to him was a bitch over all.
Sammy nodded and went back down stairs to pack. He had been expecting this ever since he had over heard Lissa and a person on the phone discussing the things about the new school,
He grabbed two suit cassed and a backpack. He put all his cloths into the suitcasses. His cloths mainly consisting of dark colors, skinny jeans, randon t-shirts, converse, vans, a few sweatshirts, and boxers.
But he also put his X-box 360 andampsin one of them. Along with some games.
In the backback he put all his chargers, laptop, kindle, a psp, and a few cds.
He pulled his phone out of his black skinny jeans pocket and looked at it. It was a droid, with a black case with silver and navy blue stars on it.
He slid it back into his pocket and grabbed his two suit cases and brought them out to the car.
Then he grabbed his back pack and when back to the car. The drive to the air port was filled with silence and Sammy lissioning to his Ipod the whole way. Since it would take about and hour and a half to get there. Sam didnt realize it, but he accedently dozzed off on the way.
Sammy awoke as the car came to astop. The song "Sound of Maddness" blared from his headphones. He quickly got up and dragged his bages to the check in.
Once he got his ticket he went to go find a starbucks and get a cold coffie. Once he got his coffie he went to go wait in the seats with his backpack.
Once the chick finally said she would be taking tickets, Sammy got up and stood in line behind a few boys, with some more behind him. He gave the chick his ticket and she scanded it. Once he was in the plane he was thankfull to have a window seat. He stuffed his backpack under the seat and buckled the seatbelt.
He lissioned to the flight attendent but zoned out after a little bit. A little after the plane took off, Sam drifted into a dreamless sleep.
He woke up to the hostess saying that they were about to land. He safely got off the plane and headed to grabb a cab.
On the way to the boarding school, whitch just happened to be in the middle of a freaking forest, he lissioned to "Cry little Sister", "White Rabbit", "Writer", "Knives and Pens", and a few other good songs.
Once there they went through a large gothic gate and a long gravel driveway. He saw four large brick buildings. But one was larger then the others and on the top of it in stone it read, "Northern Boarder Mens Boarding School".
Sammy took a deep breath, prepairing himself, and stepped out of the small black car.

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