One Direction Love Story - Chapter one x

sorry but one direction arent in this one, their gonna be in the next one though

Created by jlslover2011 on Friday, September 02, 2011

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Amy's P.O.V

I Grumbled as my Alarm clock went off, I Climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom and turned on the shower, I Waited till steam was pouring over my black shower curtain before climbing into the hot waters path.

After My Shower I Changed Into Some Black Jeans, WWE Sheamus Tshirt, Grey Socks And Black Converse.
(Amy's Tshirt)
(Amy's Jeans)

(Amy's Converse)
I Then Did Simple Make Up And Straightened my Hair. I Grabbed My Bag And Shoved In My Phone, And All The Equipment I Needed and threw it over my shoulder,
I Headed downstairs and grabbed My Car Keys And House Keys Off The Hallway Table. I Locked the door behind me and walked down the path to my Yellow Ferrari, I climbed in, threw my bag on the back seat, I Put my seatbelt on and turned the engine on then i pulled Out of the drive and set off to pick Macy Up.

10 Minutes Later.

I Pulled up outside Macy's And Beeped the Horn To Let Her Know I Was Here, After a few seconds she came running down the path in A Black WWE John Cena Tshirt, Blue Jeans And Black Flats, She Had Her Hair Curled. She Climbed in the car and slammed the door shut, She Looked at my top and laughed.

"Great Minds Think Alike" She Said Gesturing to my Tshirt. I Chuckled and set off to school.
(Macy's Tshirt)

(Macy's Jeans)
(Macy's Shoes)

20 minutes later

We pulled up in the college carpark, I Parked the car, grabbed my bag off the back seat and climbed out, I pressed a button on my Keys and it beeped signalling the car was locked, i threw my Car Keys in my bag then Me and Macy Linked arms and walked towards the rest of the Girls. We all Set off to our first subject Music.

We walked into music and Sat In Our Seats Me And Macy On One Table, Hannah And Tasha On The Table In Front And Kayla Sat By Herself On The Table Beside us. We were the first to arrive and after a few minutes the rest of the class Came in. A few minutes later our Teacher Arrived. Mr Rhodie Walked to the front of the room and turned to write on the board. Once the teacher's back was turned Hannah, Tasha And Kayla Turned Towards Us.

"So Macy, What Was It You Needed to Tell Us?" Tasha Asked

"Oh That, Well My Mum Managed To Win Tickets For Us To See The X Factor And Meet The Acts" She Said

"What Day?" Kayla Asked

"Tomorrow" She Answered

"Yes, I Finally Get To Meet My Future Husband" Hannah Said

"Lemme Guess, Harry Styles?" I Asked

"Yup" She Said

"Zayn's Hotter" I Said

She Opened her mouth to reply but before she could the Mr Rhodie interrupted her.

"Girl's turn round and face the board" He Said

We all turned and faced the board, Once The teacher's back was turned again i spoke up.

"Hey do you guys wanna stop at mine tonight and we'll go shopping tomorrow for something to wear" i whispered

"Sure" They All Replied

Skip To Dinner

Me And The Girls Walked Into The Canteen And Grabbed Something To Eat. We Walked to Our Usual Table And Sat Down.

"So Whats Everyone Want For Supper?" I Asked

"Spaghetti Bolognaise" They All Chorused

"Ok" I Said

The Bell Rang And We Set Off To Sports.
We Walked into the changing rooms and i changed into my pink shorts and black tank top, I Put On My Trainers and me and the girls walked into the gym. After a few minutes Mr Clayton Our Sports Teacher Walked in.

"Ok Girls We Are going to play Football, So Split Yourselves up into 4 Teams Of 5 And We'll Have A Tornament" He Said

Me, Kayla, Hannah, Macy And Tasha Were One Team

Lyndsey (Tiffany Thornton), Sarah (Selena Gomez), Tiffany (Jennifer Stone), Ciara (Frankie Sandford) And Becky (Mollie King) Were One Team

Charlie (Bridgit Mendler), Vanessa (Skyler Samuels), Charlotte (Bella Thorne) CeCe (Zendaya) And Juliet (Jeanette McCurdy) Were One Team

Carly (Miranda Cosgrove), Emily (Una Healy), Emma (Vanessa Hudgens), Taylor (Monique Coleman) And Chloe (Emma Roberts) Were The Last Team


We all played eachother and our team won the tornament.


Skip To After School

Me And The Girls Walked out of the college doors, We all Hugged Before i walked towards my car, i Climbed in and i threw my bag on the passenger seat, I put our seatbelt on, I Started the car and pulled out of the college carpark. I Set off to The Asda. On The Drive To The Asda I Put The Radio On And JLS - She Makes Me Wanna blasted out, I sang along. The Song Finished and i stopped at a red light.

After a few minutes i pulled up outside the asda, I pulled into a parking space and turned off the car, I climbed out and i grabbed my bag off the Passenger Seat, I Walked inside and i grabbed a Trolley. After walking around for a while I had all the stuff I needed, I walked to the checkout.

"Thats £20.96" The Woman With A Name Tag That Read Poppy.

I Handed her the exact amout of money before I grabbed My bags and walked outside. I walked to the car and i opened the boot and put My bags in. I Shut the boot and climbed bag in the car, i threw my bag on the Passenger Seat. I Pulled out of the parking space and headed Home

10 Minutes Later

I Arrived home, I Pulled into the driveway and turned off the car, I Took my seatbelt off and climbed out of the car. I Locked the car behind me and walked up the path to the house. I Grabbed my keys out of my bag and unlocked the door, I Walked inside and threw my keys on the the hallway table. I Walked into the kitchen and put the bags on the floor, I emptied them and put all the ingredients on the counter. I Then started making our supper.

I Grabbed the onion and peeled it before chopping
it into small pieces, I Grabbed a frying pan and put the onions in it, i added two tablespoons of olive oil and turned it up to medium heat.

I Put the minced beef into a large pan and turned it upto a medium heat.

I Turned the onions every minute until they turned slightly brown.

I Stirred the mince every 30 seconds till it turned a greyish colour. I Boiled a small amount of water and then dissolved the beef cube in it.

I Added the mixture to the mince, I Also Added the Onions, Tomatoes, Oregano, Basil, Garlic, Chopped Mushrooms And Tomato concentrate to the minced beef.

I Mixed all the ingredients before i simmered it for 30 minutes. I Then stirred it again for 5 minutes.

I Then Placed the spaghetti on 5 plates and drizzled two teaspoons of olive oil over each one then i added the bolognaise sauce.

I Sprinkled Grated Parmesan cheese then added parsley

I Then placed the 5 plates at the table and poured 5 drinks of martini and lemonade.


There was a knock at the door, I walked towards the door and flung it open to find Macy, Hannah, Kayla And Tasha. I Moved aside to let them in before closing the door behind them. They Took There bags upstairs before coming down for their supper.
We Sat Down and started eating. I Was the first to speak up.

"So Guy's I've Been Thinking" I Said

"About?" Kayla Answered

"About Us 5 Moving In Together" I Said

"Thats a great idea" Macy Said

"Totally" Hannah said

"Definatly" Kayla And Tasha Said.

We talked for a few more minutes, we'd all finished so i stood up and collected the plates and glasses, I Put them in the dishwasher and closed it.

"Anyone Feel Like Cookies?" I Asked

"Yeah" they all chorused.

I Preheated the oven to Gas Mark 3, I Then grabbed a heat proof dish and put the milk chocolate in the microwave for 45 seconds.

I Then grabbed a bowl and put in the flour, CoCo, Bicarbonate of soda and salt

I Creamed the butter and sugar in another bowl before Adding the melted chocolate and mixing it together.

I Beat in the vanilla extract and cold egg, And then mixed in the dry ingredients. Then i put in the chocolate chips and stirred

I Then Scooped out 10 equal sized mounds and placed on a lined baking sheet

I cooked them for 18 minutes then checked to see if they were done, I Left them for a futher 7 and then checked again.

Because they were done i turned off the oven i then put them on a plate and left them for 8 minutes before i put them on the table for us to eat.

We ate the cookies and i put the plate in the dishwasher with the rest before turning it on.

We then went upstairs and changed into our pyjamas, We brushed our teeth and got washed.

"Hey Guys feel Like Watching Scream 4" i asked

"Yeah" they all said

I Put the Scream 4 DVD in the DVD Playerand laid back down on the bed.

Halfway through i started to feel tired so i closed my eyes and let the darkness engulf me.

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