Paint It Gray!/Hetalia/: Chapter 1

Yup, so I`ve made a few updates on this that are hardly noticeable cause it`s mostly grammer and stuff like that..... well, on that note, enjoy!

Created by NeyruPhantomhive on Sunday, September 04, 2011

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Wang Yao flew towards the three members of the Axis Powers with a ladle in one hand, and a frying pan in the other. Why he chose those two items as a weapon, I have no idea.

But, I do know one thing, he was pretty damn good at fighting with those utensils `cause in less than five minutes he had all three members flat on their butts, rubbing their sore heads.

All five of us (me, America, Britain, France, and Russia) jumped down from the low cliff, surrounding the three countries that sat glaring at us (well, make that two; Italy was curled in a tight ball mumbling a prayer.)

“We`ve got you surrounded so you have no choice but to surrender.” America said, stepping a bit closer to the German man that sat glaring at him through piercing light, blue eyes.

“Never.” Germany hissed, standing at his full height with Japan by his side.

“We will fight till the very end.” Japan vowed, eyeing each of us boldly.

“Your bravery is most foolish indeed.” Britain mocked, stepping closer to Japan so they stood eye to eye glaring at each other menacingly. This was followed by France`s distinctive (and, disturbing)laugh.

“Ohonhon. For once, I must agree with Britain.” He said, smugly. “You are very foolish for `zhinking you have a chance at defeating us.”

“The one who is foolish is you.” Japan snapped. This time France and Japan had a glaring contest, practically seeing who can glare at the other the longest.

Germany clenched his jaw, a small bead of sweat rolling slowly down the side of his face.

“Hm, looks like you`ve got a nervous sweat.” I taunted, making his blue eyes avert themselves to me. “Why don`t you just give up and make things easier on yourself?”

“Little girls shouldn`t speak `vhen `zhey are not being spoken to.” He answered, viciously, his eyes piercing me coldly.

I smiled confidently. “And a prisoner should not talk back to the judge or else who knows what could happen.”

I shifted my eyes to Italy who was cowering in the tight little ball he had turned his body into.

“Who knows? Maybe someone you care about might get hurt.”

“You lay a finger on him unt I swear I will make you regret it.” He threatened, his voice becoming angrier by the second.

China stepped in front of me. “You won`t have a chance to such things.” He said. “I won`t allow it.”

That`s one thing about China. He can be very protective about his friends, and luckily for me, I`m a very close friend of his. We`ve known each other since way back when, and we`ve been really close; helping each other out and giving support when we needed it.

“Bastard.” Germany cursed, eyeing China menacingly.

“Come now, let us hurry. It`s getting late and everyone must be tired of standing here saying mean and threatening things to each other, da? We came for one reason and one reason only, so let`s hurry and take care of it.” Russia cut in suddenly, with the same pleasant smile he always had pasted across his face no matter what was happening.

“You`re right, man. We did come for one reason, and now we can accomplish it. So, let`s get these suckers out of he-“


All of us jumped at the sudden sound that rang out across the quiet sky.

“What the hell was-“


Suddenly, something came flying down so fast it was a blur. All I saw was a flash of silver fly down the sky before crashing into the shallow water of the shoreline.

I covered my eyes, trying to prevent the salty water from splashing into my eyes. I almost screamed once the freezing water touched me, causing goose bumps to form over my bare skin.

The familiar smell of the ocean filled the air, stronger than usual. I opened my eyes.

Sitting calmly in the ocean, was a long, grey rocket ship lying on its side. It had a door with a grey handle and a big sign in the middle that looked like this:

A wave of questions suddenly filled my mind. What was that? Where did it come from? Could it be a sign that another country has joined the war? If so, whose side are they on?

“W, what was `zhat?” France asked, breaking the long and intense silence. “Who knows.” Japan murmured, eyeing the rocket carefully.

“Maybe we should check it out.” America said, stepping forward. “Yeah.” England agreed, jogging to keep up with America`s long strides.

They both circled the rocket, examining it closely, getting on all fours to see how far they can look under the mysterious rocket.

“Do you see anything?” I called, stepping forward so I was now standing side by side with China. Britain shook his head.

“Nothing. The only thing that seems to be of some use is the sign that`s branded on the door.” He explained, walking back to the front with America.

He laid a hand on the rusty, gray door knob and turned. “It`s locked.” He reported.

“Well then, lets bust it down.” America suggested, getting on one side, and grabbing the door.

Britain nodded, getting on the other side, and pulled with America. They pulled and pulled, but the door stubbornly held in place.

“I can`t do this any longer. The stupid thing won`t go down.” America panted, laying a hand on his lower back as if to indicate that it hurt.

“I go help.” China declared, running forward.

“Me too.” Russia said, following China.

France soon followed, with me right behind him. I glanced back to see the three members of The Axis Powers staring at us as we took our different positions.

Slowly, Japan came then Germany followed, leaving Italy on the damp sand watching us.

“Positions everyone.” America called.

“And heave!”

We all pulled at once, grunting at the massive weight. This thing was heavier than I thought. I thought we would just be able to pull it off like you see in moviesand stuff, but it wasn`t like this at all.

It felt as though we were trying to lift like twenty cars with five people. This door was heavy and it wasn`t budging.

Sweat poured down my face, every muscle in my body began to ache and burn. I began to feel my feet and arms get numb. Any more of this and I`m sure my muscles would`ve popped right open.

Finally we all let go (France and America falling flat on their butts) breathing heavily, massaging our aching muscles, and wiping the perspiration from our foreheads.

“Geez, what the hell is in that thing?” America whined, wiping the lens of his glasses with the end of his heavy coat. “It`s too hot!”

“Well, take off your coat then.” Britain snapped, hotly.

America shot Britain a dirty look. “Who says ‘you could still tell me what to do?’ I clearly remember gaining full independence from you about two hundred years ago.” He said.

“Well, I remember that-“

“Let`s stick to the topic of vhat`s in front of us, please.” Germany interrupted, impatiently. The two men shot each other one more icy glare before turning their attention back to the mysterious rocket in front of us.

“I wonder where `zhis could`ve come from.” France muttered, laying a hand on the symbol that was branded on the rocket.

“I don`t know, but whoever made this was a great engineerist indeed.” Japan answered.

“Yeah, I mean, not even I could move this, and I can move anything without even trying.” Russia said, a hint of worry in his voice.

“Eww, that is somewhat creepy…” I heard Italy`s voice say from behind me. I spun around to see him standing there with the same stupefied look he always had frozen on his face. Oh, wait. That`s not quite right. Let me re-phrase that: If he`s not standing there with a stupid face expression glued to his face, then he`s shivering, curled up in a tight ball, begging for his life, ready to pee on himself at any moment. How this guy turned out to be the descendent of Mighty Rome, who the hell knows.

“You`re now just getting up? Why didn`t you help us earlier?” I shouted, making him cringe a little. “Please don`t yell at me!” he yelped.

I started to open my mouth to say something, but then I heard a loud screeching noise behind me that made all of us slam our hands against our aching ears.

I turned to see the mysterious gray door slowly opening, screeching as it did so. Finally, it stopped.

We all stood staring curiously at the dark open door way. For a long time, there was another intense silence, and then, we heard footsteps.

The clanging of boots against metal, walking slowly to the open door. No one moved or even made a sound. We all stood, frozen, listening and watching intently for our evening visitor to make an appearance. The footsteps came closer and closer.

My heart pounded so hard I was almost afraid the others could hear it. A ticklish feeling in my stomach aroused, gradually getting and stronger and stronger as I waited in suspense, waiting for the mysterious country to appear.

The footsteps finally ceased when they reached the doorway. For a long time, all of us just stood staring at the man that stood staring blankly at us.

The man was thin, with large, gray, friendly eyes and short, messy, brown hair. He wore a gray jumpsuit with black boots and gray gloves.

“Oh, hello.” He said, his voice was mello and friendly. “How do you do?”

We all just stared. What? What did he mean by, “How do you do?” His rocket just crashed from who-knows-where into the ocean of some random island, and he comes out all happy and crap asking us, “How are you?” Was this guy retarded?

America swallowed, then stepped up, forcing a tight smile, and held out his hand. “Fine, and yourself? That was a wild fall you took there, dude.” He said, cheerfully.

The man`s pale, gray eyes drifted to America`s open palm as if trying to figure out why America`s hand was being held to him. Finally, the man placed his hand in America`s smiling kindly.

“Yes, it was, but I am fine.” The man said, kindly. He had a thick accent that I couldn`t really tell where it was from. Probably some European country?

The man let go of America`s hand, averting his eyes to us. “Oh, that`s right! I should introduce all of us to you, man. Sorry, I`m not really up there with my manners and stuff.” America exclaimed.

“My name`s Alfred Jones, and this is-“ he pointed to England. “this is Arthur-“

“I can introduce myself thank you very much.” Britain interrupted irritably. Of course, being English, he has to be a complete ass-hole. “My name is Arthur Kirkland, but please, just call me Arthur.” He said.

“Sure, no prob, Arty!” America teased. Britain shot him a dirty look. “America, I swear if you say that again I`ll-“

“Enough with `zhe arguing, you are scaring our guest.” France interrupted. England opened his mouth to argue but was interrupted by France`screepy laughing.

“My name is, Francis Bonnefoy. It is a pleasure to meet you.” He said, flirtatiously, winking as he did so.

The man nodded then turned his attention to Italy. “And you?” he asked, smiling a bit.

“Me? Oh, my name is Feliciano Vargas.” Italy said, proudly. “And these are my two BFF`s, Kiku Honda, and Ludwig.”

“A pleasure.” Japan said, bowing respectfully for the man.

“Ugh, yah…. Hello…” Germany mumbled, awkwardly.

The man smiled once more at them before turning to Russia, China, and me. Russia smiled at the man who smiled in return (they almost had the same identical smile which gives me the creeps.) “My name is Ivan Braginski, but please, just call me Ivan.” Russia greeted, politely.

“Sure.” The man agreed, turning to China and I.

“And you are?” the man asked, curiously.

I glanced at China giving him the nervous look that I always showed him when I wasn`t too comfortable with a situation. He glanced back down at me, but with no expression at all.

“My name is Wang Yao, and this is Neyru. It is a pleasure to meet you, aru.” He introduced. The man smiled at China then at me, but I didn`t return the smile.

“We`ve introduced ourselves, but you never introduced yourself.” I growled.

The man laid a hand on the back of his head as if embarrassed. “Oh, yes, that`s right. Please forgive me. Let me introduce myself as Lavi, I come from thecountry known as Plainland. Perhaps you have heard of it?” he asked.

“Uh, no. No, we haven`t.” America said. Seriously, I swear this guy has no shame.

Lavi frowned. “A shame…..” He murmured, scratching his chin in a worried manner.

“Everyone should know all about their conquerors.”
Thank you everyone who took the time out to read this story. I know it`s the worst way to end a chapter, but I`ll be sure to make the next one better. Please, Please, PLEASE rate this story. I want to know what you guys think about it; compliments and critism is appreciated. If you do comment, I will be honoring you for it (by thanking you on my next chapter or on my journal)because it was greatly appreciated.
~thank you^^~

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