Marshall Lee why are you haunting me?

It begins with a girl named Jinx.

Created by skieblu on Monday, September 05, 2011

Waking up in the land of Ooo is always a surprize when you dont have a place to call home. Travling in the land of Ooo has been difficult since the Great Mushroom War... I can barely remember what it was like before then.I was 5.I was 5 when i first met Marshall lee.It was right after the Great Mushroom War happend and everything was destroyed. Haha! At that time I was such a loser...Big glasses, dirty brown frizzy hair that just did not want to stay down, also my fangs hadn't devloped like the others i knew. (i dont know how we became what we are but i faintly remeber the elders talking about it) *sigh* But now, 1000 years later I have been searching...for..him.This is how I ran into Marshall Lee the Vampire King. "ugh I need to find a more comfy place to sleep". Jinx muttered to herself as she got up from laying on a bunch of rocks in a cave.She rubbed her brown eyes, yawned and streched her fangs out."well I guess its night out now...time to get goin.."she muttered to keep her sanity to herself. Its been years since she had last seen his face. Dreaming of him at night hoping he would remeber her.

As soon as she stepped out of the cave a cool wind swept over her and through her long brown hair. She started north once again to return once from which she came.

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