One Shot For xxxxJxxxx * A Fenris love story* chapter one

im sorry i took me forever!!!! i really really hope you enjoy it xxxxJxxxx!!!!!! one chap down two to go!!!!! :)

Created by Xx4urentertainmentXx on Wednesday, September 07, 2011

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Chapter 1

Meeting Him

Varric’s P.O.V

“After the battle everyone left with Hawke, we hid from the world. I didn’t expect most people would welcome us after all we did”, you told the Seeker. “But after a while one by one we began to leave Hawke’s side, well except for Anders. Isabela….well she vanished after betraying us, Merrill she went back to her people in the woods, Aveline went back to Ferelden to serve her new king (:}), Bethany well Hawke sent her with Aveline she said there was a woman named Wynne who could help with her powers, but what I spend most days thinking of is Fenris…..I mean where does an elf go when he has no one or nothing to call home.” You starred out “sometimes I really wonder where the brooding elf go?”

Your P.O.V

“If you think you’re going to win this one Bethany, your dead wrong “, you cried out. You ran as fast as you could. “We’ll see about that sister” she yelled back. The two of you ran as if your life depended on it laughing as hard as both of you could. It felt nice to act young again to act 16 like Bethany instead of the 28 year old you really were. Your light brown hair went streaming in the wind behind you as you ran. The blazing sun on your face made you smile; I really needed to get some sun, you thought. Your pale skin was almost transparent but no you would get a nice tan going. Your hazel eyes looked up at the sun and squinted, you looked up at the beautiful clear sky. But your bliss didn’t last long as you heard a scream. You turned around and your vision began to correct its self. Once you could see clearly you saw Bethany’s hands hanging on the edge of the cliff. “BETHANY” you screamed. You ran to her as fast as you could and kneeled at your feet. She began to slip but you grabbed her hand right before she fell off the high cliff. You gave a hard tug and she fell on top of you breathing hard. “Maker your breath stinks” you said as you pushed her off of you. “I almost fell to my death and you’re worried about my breath”, she said in disbelief. You began to laugh again “well what are older sisters for.” “I swear Jennifer Z is younger then you and she’s more mature.” The both of you looked at each other and began to have a fit of laughter. You and Bethany began to get off the ground when you felt it shake. You turned to her and saw the ground under began to give out. You did what first came to your mind and grabbed her and threw her as far as you could. Then the ground under your feet gave out and you fell down the cliff hitting it numerous times on the way down. Finally you made it to the ocean shore but not unhurt. You could feel blood seep down your head, your arm was cut in many places, and you had broken your ankle. “Oh……Maker “you whispered while you looked up at where you had fallen from. “Looks like today is my lucky day” you chuckeld. You tried to get up and failed then you tried again and you manager to get up in sitting position. You rubbed the back of your head and got your hand full of blood. Your ankle was pulsing like crazy and your arm was swore. Man Z’s going to murder me for this, you thought. Z was your younger sister she was also a mage who you mange to make a nurse for you every time you got injured. “I swear to the Maker Jen. don’t come crawling to me if you injure yourself again “she had said……. this morning. “oh well….” you breathed out. You saw a tree branch hanging from the cliff wall and you grabbed it and pulled yourself up and leaned against the wall. “I should really start thinking about things before I do them”, you chuckled sorely. “Jennifer, JENNIFER are you still alive” you heard Bethany yell out at you. “To much disappointment…yes” you yelled out with a smile. “Don’t make jokes” she sobbed “not right now, not while you’re hurt because of me.” You could hear her fight back the sobs in her throat. “I’m fine really just a few bruises her and there but I need you to go get Z for me and Zevy.” “Ok “she yelled back and you heard her run off. You decided it would take her a while to reach home so you looked for a spot on the shore to sit. The ocean to you was one of the most beautiful things the Maker ever did make in the world. You spotted a long log that was covered in moss and seaweed. You hopped your way to the log on your uninjured leg and sat down on it. You closed your eyes and took in the sound of the waves crashing. A sound that could lull you asleep. You relaxed and the pain seemed to slowly disappear. But something brought you back to reality; it felt like the log was moving. You quickly got off of it then took a closer looks as to what it was that you were sitting on. You saw it was rising and falling slowly and constantly; almost as if it were breathing. You finally bent down to get an even closer look at it. You began to remove all the moss and seaweed off of it. And when you finally removed the last piece of moss you realized that you were looking at a male Elf. He was very tall for an Elf, he had beautiful white hair, and he was thin but at the same time muscular. But what captivated you the most was his gorgeous pained face. It was as if the maker carved him like an angel, his features were strong enough. But his sad frown made him even more tantalizing. Like a sweet angel that’s seen nothing but misery in his life. You reached down to touch his face like the mere curios human you were, but as soon as you did his body began to glow a haunting blue. His eye’s popped open and he grabbed your neck, lifted you up and began to squeeze as hard as he could. You couldn’t breathe barely even gasp at the most. All you could do was stare into his glowing blue eyes and a tear ran down yours. “Please……..stop……I’m….. a friend… “, you said brokenly. His blue eyes faded and great emeralds replaced them. He released your neck and both you and he fell to the ground. “Hawke” he asked in a shocked voice. You began to wheeze and slowly you drew your breath back.”My…. name….is Jennifer not Hawke” you managed to say. “I’m sorry” he said “but you looked like someone I use to lov…….know”, he changed at the last minute. “Do you choke all your friends” you finally said in a complete sentence. “No….only people who touch me unwontedly” he shot back. He tried to stand up only to fall back down again. “I was trying to help you” you said in defense. “Who would want to help me”, he said angrily “even Hawke left me for that damned mage.”” You know” , you replied, “you keep talking about his Hawke person you haven’t even thanked me yet.” “For what” ,he huffed,” for sitting on me or bringing back memories I would have liked to forgot.” “Ugh you’re impossible” you said. You tried to get up but your ankle said otherwise because you feel right back down. Great I forgot about that, you thought. “How are you to help me when you yourself are useless”, he shot at you. “Maker” you exhaled, “if you were anymore brooding women would….” He interrupted you, “would have brooding children in my honor.” “How did know”, you asked in disbelief. “I’ve heard it before from a good friend” he smiled a sad smile. You felt a heavy awkward silence fall into the air between the two of you. “Right” you broke the silence. “We need to meet my sister, who went for help, halfway up the cliff; she won’t be able to help us both at the same time so we need to make it easier for her.” “How are we to get up that cliff it seems as if there are no roads and you have a injured ankle and I do not have the energy”, he said disapprovingly. “Do you ever think positive?” you whispered. “No” he said out loud. You just got up without saying another word and bit your bottom lip when the pain shoot up your body. You limped your way towards him and picked him up, you bit your lip harder. You placed his arm around on your shoulder and pulled his weight on your side. Your ankle pulsed madly and you bit down on your lip harder. You willed yourself over to the start of a secret small road that lead up the cliff. “So there is a road after all, ……why are you helping me you must be in great pain”, he asked. “What makes you think that” you said short in breath. “You’re sweating hard, your breathing has picked up and you’ve bitten your lip so hard it’s begun to bleed” he said back. You knew all these thing other than your lip, you licked it and sure enough you tasted your own blood. “No I’m not “ , you obviously lied. “And I’m helping you because it’s what I do I can’t leave someone behind enemy friend or stranger a life is a life no matter what” “Do you consider a life of a human the same as an elf or a mage to a templar?” he asked. “A life is a life I hold no bias opinion on anyone, if it lives it’s because the Maker made it that way, and if the maker made it that way then all things must be equal” you answered in gaspy breathes. “But” “but nothing”, you interrupted him. “If someone needs my help, I’ll help them no matter what the cost, no matter whom or what they are.” He was quiet, “ you sound like Hawke”, he finally spoke. Then by some miracle or guilt he began to hold some of his weight on his legs and walked with you. “Thank you”, you both said at the same time. You smiled at him, maybe he wasn’t so bad after all, you thought. And in silence the both of you began to ascend the steep small road. Occasionally you would look at him and he would look at you and the both of you blushed and look away. This continued till you reached a part of the road that was broken. Only a small part was left, it was so small a person would have to walk one foot at a time and hold on to the cliff wall. You let out a breath of frustration ,”Maker today is not my day.” You placed the elf on the wall and squatted down to message you ankle, you could feel the bone begin to tear out of your skin. You closed your eyes hard and in a silent prayer you said, “Maker up in the heavens give me the strength to save us both.” You opened your eyes and took him back on your shoulder. “What are we to do now?” he asked. “for you my dear elf nothing just hang there and look pretty while I try to figure this one out”, you chuckled. He half smiled and said, “A funny human you are.” Then you had the idea of how to cross the small road. You pushed him against the wall agin this time you put his arms around your waist and you placed your hands on his sides. He blushed like mad and looked at you questioningly. Move your foot the same time I do you said behind your blushing face. And so the booth of you moved across the road as one, you pushed your weight on him both holding him up and making sure you didn’t fall. His back was up against the wall and that gave you the upper hand, so you moved against and with the wall. The two of you made it all the way up the cliff like that and finally oyu both made it to the top. You lifted him up and the two of you stood there embracing each other looking in each others eye’s. Something was happening between the two of you, you didn’t know what but you weren’t complaining. Soon both your eyes became heavy and you both fell to the ground in exhaustion you both faced each other. “The name’s Jennifer” you whispered. He looked at you threw heavy eyes “I’m Fenris.” Your eye’s began to close . “It’s nice to meet you Fenris I think we’ll get along just fine” you joked. He smiled at you then closed his eyes and you studied his face one last time before you closed your eyes.

This Broke my record for the most words I’ve typed for a story (kind of) the new record is drum roll please…………. 2,252 :) yahoooooooo!!!!!!! Anyways enough about me I hope you liked this J please send me a message if you felt like I need to add something else but I hope you liked it!!! But chap. 2 wont be out for long because I have to post a new chap. for LSAtC and no internet it makes it hard but oh well!!!!!

Sincerely and lovingly-


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