Across The Sea And Into My Heart *Hetalia Love Story*[2]

HEEEY~ and the second chapter is up! Today Niyra will meet...DUN DUN DUUN... The Axis~ I decided to give Niyra her own language! yay! thank you for the rates and messages! They inspire me so keep them coming (u don't have to but it would be nice I like getting opinion :p) anyway~ ENJOY! ps. I fail at accents.

Created by LaxssyaTheNobody on Sunday, September 11, 2011



Germany slowly sat up and yawned. He took in a deep breath and stretched. The smell of sea water drifted through his room and the warm sun beat down on him.


Wait a second!? Sea water!?

Germany quickly rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and opened his eyes. There before him outstretched a vast amount of blue shimmering sea. The scarlet sun rose up over the horizon.

"...nein...nein!" he mumbled. He looked over to see Italy curled up in a ball next to him, he sighed soft Ve~'s in his sleep.

"ITALY!!" Germany yelled as he jumped up to his feet. Italy woke up with a start, jumping up only to fall face first into the sand.

"Pe! Yak! Douitsu?! Whatsa the problem!?" Italy ask as he spit out sand and sat criss cross style.

" you know...where we are!?" Germany asked his face heated out of anger.

"Ve~ A pretty, pretty Island! Look Germany the ocean lets go a swimming!"

Germany grabbed Italy by his collar before he could run off into the ocean. He sighed as he turned Italy to face him.

"Yes, Italy...but do you know exactly where?!"


"ITALIA!!! WE'RE STUCK ON A ISLAND AGAAAAIN!!!" Germany yelled. It echoed through out the seemingly deserted island...


"Kyip Kyip?"

"Yeah I heard it too, Soarin...what do you think it was?" Kai asked her little feathered companion as she placed a piece of sea glass in a little pouch. Slowly she stood and blushed a piece of hair behind her ear. "Lets go check it out!" She smiled as she looked down at Soarin and walked toward the direction of the noise.


"Germany-san rhy are you yelling?" Japan asked as he emerged from the forest of palms behind them.

'Japan's stuck here too? Great now who can we call for help!?' Germany thought to himself as he put down a fidgeting Italian.

"I found some fire wood and food." Japan said as he placed a pile of wood and a palm leaf that held at least twenty mango like fruit.

"Good job, all we need is a plan to get out of here..." Germany sighed. "How big do you think this island is?"

"Not verry big... it is reary small but prenty in supplies." Japan said as hes sat on a log.

"Ve~ This fruit is yummy!" Italy exclaimed as he munched on the fruit.

"Italy! You ate them all!?!" Japan and Germany yelled.

In the bushes, sea-green eyes peered at them as they argued. "Who are they?" Kai whispered as she crawled over to get a better look. She was far away enough to see them but it would be difficult for them to see her. She stood slowly.

"Kyip! Kyip!"

"Shhh! No Soarin!" Kai whispered harshly as she waved her hands at the bird.

"KYIP! kyipkyipkyip!"

"Ve? Hey there's a pretty lady over there!" Italy yelled, "Helloo~ pretty lady!"

"Vat?" Germany asked as he turned. There in the distance he could see the girl, who quickly turned to run. " Hey you stop!" He yelled as he chased after her.

Kai watched as the tall man started to run towards her, yelling. She turned to run but only got a few feet before tripping. She turned onto her back as three shadows blocked the sun. She reached behind her and pulled out an arrow, a sharp piece of sea glass as its arrow head.

"Hold on, wre rill not hurt you." the black haired man said as he reached out and gently pulled her up.

"Jono vet!!" she spit out angrily.

"Nani? Do you speak Japanese?"

"Cret." she yelled as she shook her head, no.

"German?" Germany asked.




"English?" they asked in unison.

"...kormda...a little..." she mumbled as she put the arrow down. "What are you doing here on my island!?"

"We got lost here." Japan said softly. "Don't worry wre are nice."

"Ve! Very nice!" Italy said as he hugged her.

"Cret!" she said as she pushed him off and blushed.'These people are strange.' she thought.'The tall one is intimidating, and that right?He's odd...but the one with black hair seems nice...' Her thoughts were interrupted by the tall man's voice.

"Vat language is that? I've never heard it before." Germany asked as her studied her actions.

"I speak my language, Niyridian. The Island of Niyra."


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