Adventure Time The One & Only Love

It's about Adventure Time characters what else do you people who read it want? A medal? Well, anyway I hope you like it. Please rate and message me if you like or dislike it.

Created by XxIGoRawrxX on Tuesday, September 13, 2011


One day in the land of Ooo, Finn was
playing a video game with Jake. Finn paused the game and said "Jake what should I do?"
Do what? Well I kinda like two girls at the same time. Well, Finn who are they? That's not important! Dude,yes it is. No! Anyway Finn I know that one girl is Princess Bubblegum. -Finn blushes- Yeah,you're right bro. Anyway Jake tell me what to do. Well who do you like more? Dude that's a hard decision. You could also find out which girl likes you. Ok, Jake thanks for the help.
Later that after noon at PB's castle. Hey PB whats up. Finn, what are you doing here? Well I came here to talk to you. About what? Uhh, I don't know. Finn, if you came here wanting to know if I like you well it's complicated ok. Yeah,uh,ok PB. Finn, we're still friends though. -PB hugs Finn-
-Finn's thoughts- Well I'm not gonna try to get her to like me. I like Marceline more at this point anyway. I'm going to Marceline's place. On his way to Marceline's Finn picked some red roses. When he got there Marceline was surprised. Marceline these are for you. Aww, thanks Finn you're to sweet.-Marceline hugs Finn- -Finn blushes- Your welcome Marceline. Hey, Finn wanna hang out. Sure, Marceline. Cool, wanna watch a movie? Yeah. It was pretty dark in her house. During the movie Marceline touched Finn's hand and blamed him for trying to hold her hand. Marceline stormed off to her room, even though she wasn't angry. -Marceline's thoughts- I love him, but he doesn't like me. He said so when I blamed him for touching my hand. When clearly I know I touched his hand. -Finn's thoughts- Well Marceline blamed me, but was it because she doesn't know if I like her? Should I ask her? I'm so nervous. Maybe I should wait a bit. Uhh, Marceline? Yes, Finn? I'm going home. Ok, but can we hang out again soon? Yeah, no problem.
So, Finn how was your day? PB,said we're freinds and to have a relationship would be complicated. Aww man that's rough. What about the other girl? I'm not sure yet, but I hope I find out soon, Jake. To bad bro, well I hope you find out soon. Yeah,well I'm sleepy. Well then go to sleep. Goodnight, Jake. Goodnight, Finn.
The next day, hey Finn wanna kick some monster butt today? Nah, I don't feel like it today. Woah,dude somethings wrong you always wanna kick monster butt. Well, I don't feel like it today! Ok, dude calm down. I'm sorry bro. It's cool. Just then the phone rang. Finn picks up the phone. Hello? Finn, it's me Marceline. What do you want? Do you maybe wanna have a picnic in the forest? Sure, no problem.
When Finn got there he gave Marceline more red roses. Aww, thanks again Finn. Marceline it's so peaceful in the forest now I know why you chose it. I know right, it's awsome. So, I made ham sandwiches,got chips,and watermelon for the picnic. Cool, Marceline. After they ate they talked a bit. That was a great ham sandwich Marceline.-she blushes-Thanks Finn coming from you that means alot. So, Finn I have a question. Hmm? What is it? Do you like me? Well, Marceline do you like me? -she blushes- Yes, Finn I do like you.-he blushes- I like you too Marceline. Finn closes his eyes and leans over and kissess Marceline.-they both blush- Finn, you're a great kisser. Marceline then says to Finn "Wanna make out?" as they're both blushing. Uhh,sure. Then, Finn asks why do you like me? Finn, I like you because you're cute and pretty cool. So, Finn why do you like me? Well, because you're awsome and you're pretty. Y-You think I'm pretty? Yeah. Even though I'm a vampire? Yes, why else would I like you. -she blushes- Oh, hehe I don't know. Marceline kisses Finn. You know Finn don't you think our age difference is a problem? No, because I really love you. I guess it's ok then as long as we both love each other. Finn hugs Marceline. Hey, Marceline? Yeah, Finn? You are my one and only love. Finn, you really are to sweet.

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