PERSONALIZED QUIZ - (Homestuck)What do the Kids and Trolls think of you?

YEEEEEEEEEEUP. ANOTHER FRIGGIN PERSONALIZED QUIZ. 8D So, this time around, I won't be doing it by email, and it's Homestuck. So yeah. Enjoy~

Created by DarkChocolateLove on Saturday, September 17, 2011

Alright! This is very simple. I will give you a form that you will fill out with your info! Now, this is a Homestuck personalized quiz~

Basically, you get to find out what the Kids and the Trolls think of you!

So, this time, I'll just have you submit it on your account and then send me a message with the url to it, alright? Last time I did a personalized quiz, I lost the emails ;A;

So, just fill in this form right here!~


Species (Troll or Kid):




What do you think of these people?

John -

Rose -

Dave -

Jade -

Karkat -

Terezi -

Sollux -

Eridan -

Feferi -

Equius -

Nepeta -

Aradia -

Vriska -

Kanaya -

Gamzee -

Travos -

Who do you think you would be your matesprite/boyfriend/girlfriend?

Who do you think would be your kismesis/enemy?

Who is your moirails/friends?

Who is your auspisitice(s) and who are they auspiticing?

What is your strife specibi?

Who is your guardian/lusus?

Like in the comic, give us a paragraph of yourself. (While in 2nd person)

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