How does Homestuck Think about You?

Personalized! How the Homestuck characters think about you as well as a critique!

Created by Lulsies on Saturday, September 17, 2011



Heyyy! This is Lulsies, and I thought I'd try my hand in a personalized Homestuck quiz, since there's only one in Quizilla right now. Hope you like it! ovo


1. Well first of all I'll be only doing this for trolls, as this seems to be the more popular of oc's within the fandom. When I feel like I've gotten the swing of doing stuff here I'll grow the form to have humans and maybe even the carapaces too, so look for that!

2. I'm only on during the weekends, so you'll have to wait until then to get your response/review back! Also I'd say depending on how busy I am and how much I actually get.

3. Do NOT rush me please! Sure, if you believe I've spend too long with a review, like say I took 3 weeks since you turned in a review, THEN you can go and request nicely that I hurry it up.

4. If you don't like my review/response? Oh well, I've tried my very best to make it exactly how a character may respond to you. I keep an objective standpoint as well, so don't go saying "YOU DON'T LIKE MY CHARRIE BECUZ SHE IS WITH GAMZEE YOU ARE JUST A GAMZEE WHORE BLEH" because all I'll say is "okay you go do that lol."

5. Also, with relationships, canon characters are not supposed to be in one with ocs, so please, keep it as if your romantic interest IS a romantic interest, and you're not some kind of couple already. CanonxOC bothers me enough of this, but I figured it's going to be inevitable, so might as well put this beforehand.

6. Won't answer to any form in Quizilla messages, please please PLEASE answer the forms in my e-mail OR in a story. The e-mail in question is called Either hit me up or just message me the link to your response form in the story section!

7. Yeah I'm not the most perfect of Homestuck fans no matter how much EXPANSE KNOWLEDGE I may have. So if I said anything innacurate or such, feel free to tell me so! I won't hesitate to apologize and change it!

8. CLOSED MEANS CLOSED WHEN IT'S CLOSED. If the time comes that I'm swamped with these, then I'd TEMPORARILY close this from time to time. I'll probably warn people in advance if I feel like I cannot deal with this anymore, really.



Would you want my critique/think-of-you response be sent privately to you via your e-mail or would you mind too much if I post it up?:

Would you want the 'How Would the Homestuck Trolls Think of You' or the Fantroll Critique? Or both?:





Blood Color:



Brief Info as to your appearance (You MUST do this even with a picture at hand):







Social Casting (goes along with your blood of course):

Your hive? Explain it (where is it? what's it look like? Why did your troll make it as such? etc.):

Lusus (name if any, abilities it has, your relationship with it, etc.):



Typing Quirk (please explain it don't show it):

Show your Typing Quirk! (it's because of this reason lol; it can be a paragraph or a conversation or anything really just so it in motion!):


Strife Specibus:

Fetch Modus:

Any abilities?:


(Please note: this is only for trolls who have fansessions, or session comprised only of ocs. I will not take fantrolls who are in the canon troll's session, for that is impossible. I don't mind if you don't have anyone else for sessions yet, however.)


Planet (Land of _ and _?):

Prospit or Derse?:

Anything else? (sorry I don't remember what much else should be here that isn't covered...):


(Remember, be descriptive with whichever canon trolls your character does know--if they don't know the troll at all, then just state so.)

Aradia Megido:

Tavros Nitram:

Sollux Captor:

Karkat Vantas:

Nepeta Leijon:

Kanaya Miryam:

Terezi Pyrope:

Vriska Serket:

Equius Zahhak:

Gamzee Makara:

Eridan Ampora:

Feferi Peixes:

Any other fantroll you know, go put them here!:


(these actually have some merit instead of the usual 'LOL IF ERIDAN KISS U WAT U DO')

Your opinion on the hemospectrum caste system?:

What you would do upon being confronted by a troll of equal or stronger caliber in power?:

Fight or flight?:



FOR CONTACT, you can either message me a link to your response via a story, or you can send it by my e-mail.

The e-mail option is!

I hope to see your fantrolls soon! <3

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