100 things to do at a sleepover


Created by potatoangel on Sunday, September 18, 2011


1.Go to walmart and buy avacados, tomatos, bell peppers, and lemon juice at midnight then go make some at home :D
2.Make cookies!
3.find a for sale sign in your neiborhood and put it on a fancy house then in the morning walk up and ask how much it is (watchthem blush and squirm!)
4.When someone falls asleep put a scary sticky note on their head then go into the bathroom and scream (not loud enough for your parents to hear!) and then wait 5 minutes or until they are scared, then jump out and scare them!
5.Play manhunt with your hot neibors
6.Camp out and hire dad to pretend he is a bear and scare your friend
7.sing a happy song!
8. give your friend a facial of brown sugar, eggs, ketchup, and use pickles for eyes!
9.Make sandwiches and eat them in the attic
10.hide'n'seek! LOL
11.strap flashlights onto hats and play hide'n'seek in the DARK
12.(ONLY IF YOU HAVE CARPETED STAIRS) matress surfing!
14.Have a fake fight
15:if it rains, put on bathing suits and take pics outside!
16:act like runway models for the ENTIRE night
17.invent homemade dog food
18.Go to a jewlery store and take an hour choosing a perfect bracelet with a salesperson,then during checkout say you don't want it anymore
19.Make pasta'n'sauce YAY
20.have an all nighter!
21.Eat frickles with your cheweenie
22.barf pink froth
23.Make a party clip like from fred the movie
24.paint your turtle's shell pink
25.design a taco that can DESTROY THE WORLD
26.sew a snowsuit for your chiuauaua
27. eat a rare gelitanous blob from the back of your fridge
28.cut down a shrub
29.eat berries
30. Go racoon searching
32. while your friend is in the bathroom, sit in the fireplace and jump out when they return
33. Make breakfast (mac'n'cheese and cokacola)
34.Jump in a dumpster
35. stare at your friend silently for as long as you can
36.Paint your dogs toenails
37.frolic with your cat in the living room
38.Try random things on popcorn and discover a topping that actually tastes good
39.make oatmeal
40.Go scream at squirrels before bed

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