Naruto - Neji Oneshot - I Can't Believe We're Dating

Nother oneshot. i think im getting good at these. igot the inspiration from a pic. the pic will b at the end of the oneshot. enjoy. rate and mesage!

Created by Cookies999 on Monday, September 19, 2011


You were walking down the street with your best friend. Naruto Uzumaki. With your arms crossed behind your head you grinned at the perfect day. And the smell of ramen.

"So Sayumi-chan..." Naruto started. "What should we do today?"

"Umm..." you hummed thinking when an idea hit you. "How 'bout we finally pull that prank on Shikamaru?"

You could see the glint in Naruto's eye.

"And we should video record it and send it to everyone in Konoha! Super Genius Falls For Simple Prank!" Naruto says imagining the healdine.

You grinned wider and jumped onto his back.

"See Naruto? This is why we're such good friends!"

Your stomach rumbled.

"But first, TO ICHIRAKU'S!" yelled Naruto dashing off leaving your weak grip around his neck loosen as you fell on the ground

You grew a vein.


X-Ichiraku Ramen-X

You ran all the way to the bar. As you arrived you saw Naruto slurping down his fifth bowl next to him a bowl of beef ramen ready for you to eat.

You smiled and sat down to start your meal.

"So Sayumi-chan, I Tie-dyed one of Kakashi's masks yesterday-"

You spat out you ramen and snapped you head towards his direction 0_o printed onto your face.

He just grinned rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"Yeah...he probably got dressed in the dark that moring cos he wore it to the Hokage Meeting. Let's just say that yesterday...was not pretty.."

You sweatdropped at your friends goofiness as you finished off your 15th bowl.

"Ahh! Well that was a nice snack!" you said smiling at Naruto as you gave the waiter a tip.

Naruto dug his hand into his pockets looking for money then looking at you sheepishly.

"Got any spare Sayumi-chan?" he asked

You searched your pockets but to no avail.

"What should we do?" you whispered.

"RUN!!!!" Naruto yelled as the two of made for a dash but were held back by your colars.

"Where are the two of you going?" the manager asked.

" we were just headed-"

"To the kitchen" he cut into Naruto's probably long and rambly excuse.

"Yes sir" Naruto said saluting. He let the two of you go as you fragged yourselves to the kitchen.

"Nice going Naruto. We got kitchen duty again." you said picking up a dish already knowing the drill from doing it several times.

"Heh yeah. Well at least we get to hang out!" Naruto said grinning.

You grinned back and started washing the dish.

"Uh uh." said the chef walking behind us. "This time one of you are going to wash my briefs!" he said hanging a pair and dangling it infront of our faces.

Both your faces turned green from the site as you tried to hold back the vomit. You ducked down and whispered to Naruto

"Who's gonna do it? Im not putting any of us through that!" you whispered harshly while holding your nose.

"Fine! Rock, paper, scissors!" Naruto said. You had scissors and he had paper. You grinned at your victory folding your arms behind you head.

"Good luck!" you said winking as Naruto dragged himself too the chef as he led him the way to the wash room.

.:Half an Hour Later:.

Naruto had finally come back to see you slurping down ramen.

"WHAT THE HELL SAYUMI-CHAN?!?!?!?" he yelled growing a vein.

You grinned sheepishly. "Hey! I finished!"

You heard someone sit down and turned your head to see none other than Neji Hyuuga.

"Kitchen duty again Sayumi-chan?" he asked raising a brow.

You frowned. "Actually I think of it as a high place of honour!" you said grinning.

"Washing bowls that have been slurped by un-hygenic people who pick they're noses" Neji deadpanned.

You dropped the bowl you were holding as your eye twitched. He smirked and walked off knowing that his job was done.

"I hate him..." you said kicking the bits of the bowl under the counter.

"Yeah. Its hard to believe that your dating" Naruto said taking out some ramen and slurping it down.

After the chef finally agreed to let you go its was aorund 2pm.

"Urgh! He finally let us out!" you groaned slumping over.

Naruto grinned "At least he didn't find the broken bowl!"

"BAKA'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" you heard a voice bellow from the distance. Both your eyes widened as you dashed behind a tree.

"What should we do?" Naruto questioned. "He's bound to find us!"

"Umm..You go..I'll meet up with you!...If i dont get caught" you said giving him a thumbs up. He gave one back then ran off. YOu kept peeking around the bark bark to see if he was getting closer.


You were about to scream but your mouth was covered by a hand. You turned around to see Hyuuga Neji. You frowned as he let go off your mouth.

"What the hell?!" you whispered harshly growing an anime vein.

"Just came to scare you" he replied smirking. You grew another vein.

"Just came to scare you?! WHAT THE HELL?! YOU COME ALL THE WAY HERE TO SCARE E?!?!?!" Believe it or not but your still in whisper mode. "I cant believe im dating this mongo...." you muttered.

He frowned this time.

"Fatty" he said about to poke your cheek.
"Jerkface" you said holding back the hand about to poke you.

He cocked an eyebrow and pulled his hand away. You turned around and started muttering a bunch of colourful words playing with a few leaves...more like ripping.

There was a silence and you turned you head to see Neji pulling out a cookie.

"Can I have some?" you asked with a slight frown on your face. He looked at the cookie then at you and smirked.

"Your fat enough fatty" he replied cockily.

You grew a vein (once again). 'That little...URGH! No wonder I alaways frown when I'm around him..."

You started reaching for the cookie but Neji was taller even when you were sitting down. After a few minutes of trying you decided to give up and instead started frowning at him, arms crossed. Neji hadn't even started eating the cookie yet. Instead he ws examining it. Probably to run it in your face.

He looked at you. He knew you wanted that cookie. So with one swift movement he put it in your mouth, snapped it, leaving one half in your mouth and started eating the other half. You just sat there, suprised from the sudden movements looking at Neji eating his half of the cookie.

He finished it and turned to you.

"Your not gonna eat it so..." he said leaning towards you. Taking your half of the cookie into his mouth and biting it leaving none for you.

You blushed faintly as he finished off the cookie. He looked at your frowning face.

"I gave you the cookie but I guess you decided not to eat it."

You were about to start another argument but his lips covered your in a sweet kiss. Then he got up and walked off.

Yeah, My Boyfriend Is An Ass...

(Pic will b out soon. soz quizilla probs.)

...Just The Way I Like Him

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