a demon's love (a Sesshoumaru story) part 13

kay peoples. sooo sorry i haven't gotten this out in a very long time. well for me anyways. sooo, um right well i have decided to spell Sesshoumaru's name differently, so if ya don't like then too bad, deal with it. okay then, enjoy. oh and pitchblack09 i got it out so quit yer gripin! and thanx fer all the ideas!

Created by ShadowWolf10100 on Monday, March 20, 2006


You were sitting on a bench in the garden admiring the scenery. *Wow I must be bored. I wonder what Dog Breath jr's doing* *Morzina.* *Oh yeah, I forgot he can hear me think.* *How the hell could you forget that?* *Shut up! I'm gonna stop thinking now.* *Good, you're giving me a headache.* You growl and stand up. "You jerk!" you yell. "Maybe if I gain his trust he'll take this damn collar off me. Be nice to him, or tell him I'm allergic to gold or...something." You sighed and kicked a rock off the path. "Great, now I have to actually be nice that jerk. Kuso! Oh well, might as well start now." You turn around and walk back into the castle. "You!" you heard someone yell. "I know that voice." you muttered. Inu Taishou walked up to you and pinned you to a wall by your neck. "You ruined everything." he hissed. "What...did...I do?" you chocked out. "He was supposed to mate Ruri, but he just had to fall in love with you!" he yelled. "Well it ain't my fault he brought me here to be his pet!" you yelled back. He growled and put you down, gently i might add. You looked up at him, confused. As far as you were concerned he hated your guts. "You're carrying his pup, my grandchild, I don't want any harm to come to that pup. Do I make myself clear?" "Yes." "Yes what?" "Yes, My Lord." He nodded before walking away, leaving you glaring at the ground. "Morzina?" You looked up and saw Sesshoumaru looking at you curiously. "My Lord." you said bowing to him. "What did you call me? Did you just bow?" "I called you My Lord, and yes, I did just bow." "Why?" "Do I need a reason to bow to you?" you snapped. He shrugged and turned to leave. "Wait, My Lord!" you called after him. He stopped and looked over his shoulder at you. *That sounds so strange comeing out of her mouth.* he thought. "Yes, Morzina?" "I was wondering if you could take this collar off." "Now why would I do that?" he asked boredly. "I just thought you would." "And risk having you run off and harm my pup? I think not." "But I won't run off! I swear I won't!" "You'll need a better reason for me to take that collar off than that." he said before walking away. You growled and made your way to the kitchen. You grabbed some fruit out of a bowl sitting on the marble counter. You leaned against the counter and bit into the apple. "If only I could get that bakaga to take this collar off." you said, your mouth full. "Hey, Morzina." You looked to your right and saw Ruri standing next to you. "Hey." you said. "I'm leaving today." she said staring out the window. "Why?" "I have to back East. Family problems." Ruri explained boredly. "Oh." "You're lucky." "What do you mean?" "Becoming Sesshoumaru's mate." "Oh, that. Why am I lucky?" She didn't say anything for a minute. "You're supposed to mate him anyway." you said. "Inu Taishou broke the deal." "Oh. Hey if it was an arranged mating, how come he asked you?" "We didn't know." she replied. "Oh." Silence settled over the room for a few minutes. "Guess I'd better go pack and say good-bye." Ruri said after a while. "See ya." you said. Ruri sighed and left the room. "Man she's really depressed. Then again, when is she not?" you said to yourself. "Morzina." You stood up straight and bowed. "Yes, My Lord?" you asked Sesshoumaru. "We're going on a trip." You looked at him like he was stupid. "I can't go out side the castle grounds. "I'm aware of that!" he snapped. "What's wrong with you?" He growled and walked up to you. "That's none of your concern." he said through clenched teeth. He unclasped the collar around your neck and it fell into your hands. "Stupid thing." you muttered staring at the collar in your hands. Sesshoumaru took the collar from you. "Where are we going?" you asked curiosity getting the better of you. "We're going with Ruri to her castle." "What?! Why?!" you yelled. "We have to go to tell her parents the mating is off." "Well then why can't you go alone?" "I don't trust you here alone with Fater." he replied. "Since when do you call him father?" you asked. "Go pack." he ordered ignoring your question. *Well, at least he can't read my thoughts anymore.* "Don't try anything, Morzina, I'll know what you're about to do." *What the fuck?!* "Surprised?" "Well no kuso sherlock! How the hell?!" He chuckled and walked out of the room. "Man he can be such a bakaga." you muttered before you went up to his room and started packing. (Kurai: Amaya, what the hell did you do?! Me: you'll just have to find out, cause I ain't even sure yet. Sesshoumaru: -_-' you're an idiot. Me: thanx! Kurai: Tell me, ama! Sesshoumaru: *rolls eyes* Kurai: Don't you roll your eyes at me. Sesshoumaru: Don't order me around wench! Me: *Sits back and watches argument.*)
~2 hours later~
You were just finishing packing when Sesshoumaru walked into the room. "Done?" he asked. "Yes. Are you in a better mood?" you replied. He glared at you. "Come on, we're leaving." *All I did was ask a simple question.* you thought. You grabbed you bag and followed him out of the room. When you got to the main hall of the castle you saw Ruri pacing back and forth. "Ruri?" Sesshoumaru said. Ruri looked up, startled. "Are we ready to go?" she asked boredly. Sesshoumaru nodded and walked out of the caslte, you Ruri following.
~4 hours later~
You had been walking through the forest for hours and didn't seem to be getting anywhere. Your stomach started growling and Sesshoumaru looked over his shoulder at you. "Didn't you eat before we left?" he asked turning his gaze back to the forest. "No." you answered. "Ruri, you packed food right?" "Yes, Sesshoumaru, I did." "Then we'll stop here so Morzina can eat." Sesshoumaru said as you stepped into a clearing. Ruri handed you the sack of food before jumping into a tree and sitting on a branch, her back against the trunk. Sesshoumaru was sitting cross-legged against a tree, his arms crossed and his eyes closed. You walked over to him and sat down next to him. You rummaged through the bag, but found nothing but fruits. *What the fuck?* "What's wrong now?" You jumped and looked over at Sesshoumaru. "Uhh...all there is is fruit." you said. "So, it's food isn't it?" *bakaga.* Sesshoumaru growled warningly. "Hey, I got a question." you said biting into an apple. "What?" he asked not opening his eyes. "How can you still hear my thoughts? I mean, you took the collar off and everything." you said taking another bite of the apple. "That's none of your concern." he replied. You bit your tongue to keep yourself from saying something you'd regret later. You finished your apple and tossed the core in the middle of the clearing. You looked at Ruri who was freezing then burning the leaves one by one in the tree whe was sitting in. You turned your attention to Sesshoumaru who hadn't moved once since you had stopped here. "Lord Sesshoumaru, we can go now." you said. His eyes snapped open and he looked at you. "Ruri." he called not taking his eyes off you. "Yes, Sesshoumaru?" Ruri asked boredly. "We're leaving." he replied getting up and offering his hand to you. "I don't need your help!" you snapped. He growled slightly and walked over to the tree Ruri was leaning against. You stood up and followed them out of the clearing.
The whole trip had lasted about a week and you had spent the entire time glaring at Sesshoumaru who hadn't even acknowledged your exsistence since the day in that clearing. When you finally got to the Eastern Lands castle, you saw Ruri's parents outside waiting for her. She rolled her eyes. "Sesshoumaru, how nice to see you again. It's been a while." Ruri's mother said. (Long ice blue hair, ice blue eyes, blue stripe on each cheek. Ice demon.) "Lady Mika, Lord Akira." Sesshoumaru said nodding his head slightly. *I'm just glad they don't know I"m the one who destroyed all there villages. It would be pretty interesting if they did.* you thought to yourself. (Akira: Long silver hair, golden eyes, goldish stripe on each cheek. Dog demon.) "Feh. what are you doing here, Ruri?" a silver haired boy said crossing his arms. "I live here, Tama!" (Silver hair, black eyes, black stripe on each cheek. Ice/dog demon, Ruri's little brother.) Akira swiftly elbowed Tama in the ribs. "What the hell was that for?!" Tama nearly yelled. His father shot him a glare before adressing you. "And who might you be?" he asked coldly. *What is it with all the Lords being such assholes?* you thought. "Morzina." you answered. "Well, Morzina, will you be staying here?" Mika asked kindly. *And then there's all the Ladies that are sweet and get stuck with these guys.* You nod. "I'm afraid we're having all the rooms remodled. One's already done, so you can sleep there, dear. Sesshoumaru, you'll just have to share a room with Ruri." "I'd rather him share a room with Morzina." Ruri said quickly. "She's pregnant." Akira said glaring at you. *What'd I do?* "That's exactly why he should share a room with her." Ruri said quietly. "But, Ruri, why would he do that?" *How dense are these people?* "Okay, whatever. Follow me then." Mika said walking into the castle, everyone following behind her. Mika led you to your room and left. You opended the door and walked in. (Me: you can imagine what it looks like, I'm feeling lazy.) Sesshoumaru walked past you and out onto the balcony. You glared at him. "Do you have to keep glaring?" he asked annoyed. "No, but I'm going too. You ignored me." you said simply. He didn't reply. You growled and walked up behing him. "What do you want?" he asked. *I wonder what he'd do if I pulled his hair.* you thought reaching you hand out. "Don't even think about it." he growled. Too late. Right as he said that you grabbed a lock of his hair and pulled. A loud growl escaped Sesshoumaru's lips. *Uh-oh.* you thought smirking. "Did I make the poor wittle puppy mad?" you asked mockingly. Instead of doing something you thought he'd do, he just stood there. *What?! No reaction?! No slap, no threat, no...nothing?! Man, he's gotten boring!* "Morzina, so me a favor." "What?" "Shut the hell up." "But I didn't even say anything!" "Don't think." he growled. "How can you still read my thoughts!?!" "You've asked that three times now and my answer's the same, it's none of your concern, wench!" You growled and walked back into the room. "Sesshoumaru, you're a real koitsu, you know that?" you muttered sitting down on the bed. "And you're a real baka no ama." he replied. You sighed. *We'll never get along, will we?* "We will if you lose that attitude of yours." You growled. "MY ATTITUDE?! What about yours you arrogant bakaga?!" He didn't answer and you grolwed again. *He could at least answer me!*
~Ruri's POV~
You were in your father's study listening to you parents conversation. You had originally come to tell them the mating was off, but they wouldn't shut the hell up. *hm...I wonder when I get to tell them. Or Sesshoumaru and I anyway. Kami they talk a lot!* "Ruri, Ruri, are you listening to me?" "Huh? Oh, sorry, Father." you said. "Now, what are Sesshoumaru and that wench doing here?" "She's my best friend and I'd appreciate it if you didn't call her that!" you growled. "Answer the question, ama!" "Akira!" your mother yelled. "Fine, ya wanna know, Father?! Remember my arranged mating? Well it's off!" you yell. "What?!" "That's right, I'm not going to be Sesshoumaru's mate anymore, Morzina is!" Your father growled andstood up. "I'll kill her." You smirked. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." "Why not?" "Rmember how you said she was pregnant?" Akira nodded. "She's pregnant alright, pregnant with Sesshoumaru' pup." "What?!" You rolled your eyes. "You heard me. Now, if you'll excuse me, it's late and I'm tired." you said getting up and walking to your room.
~Akira's POV~
"What the hell?! Why didn't Inu Taishou put a stop to this?!" you yelled slamming your fists into your desk. "Akira, calm down." Mika said putting a hand on your shoulder. "Don't tell me what to do,onna!" Mika glared at you and walked out of the room. You growled and leaned back in your chair. "I have to get rid of Morzina."
~Sesshoumaru's POV~
You were standing on the balcony looking at the moon. Morzina had fallen asleep a few minutes ago. You sighed and walked back into the room. Morzina stirred slightly as you lay down and wrapped your arm around her waist, but didn't wake. You closed your eyes and within a matter of minutes was asleep.
~Your POV~
You awoke the next morning to find Sesshoumaru gone. You put your hand on your rounded stomach as it growled. "Guess I'd better go eat." you said getting up and walking over to the closet where you put all your kimonos and yukatas. So...what do you wear?

~a black kimono with crimson dragons embroided on it, a crimson obi with black dragons embroided on it.
~a white yukata with pink sakura blossoms and a pink obi.
~a dark blue kimono with silver flames at the bottom of it and at the end of the sleeves and a silver obi.
You wear whatever you chose and go to the dining room to have breakfast. When you got there you saw everyone sitting around the table eating, besides Akira. You took a seat next to Sesshoumaru who completely ignored you, yet again. *There he goes again, not even acknowledging my presence.* you thought bitterly. Suddenly Sesshoumaru grabbed your shoulders and pulled you into a passionate kiss. You normally emotionless silver eyes widened in shock. Everyone at the table stared at you two and Akira, who had just walked in, walked right back out of the room. Sesshoumaru pulled away and moved his mouth to you ear. "Is that better?" he asked. "That's not what I had in mind." you growled. "You liked it." he said. "Whatever." you muttered and started eating your breakfast. After breakfast Sesshoumaru grabbed your hand and dragged you out to the gardens. "What do you want?!" you yelled wrenching your wrist out of his grasp. He grabbed your shoulders again and kissed you. His tongue ran across your bottom lip, but you kept your mouth closed. He growled slightly and pulled away. "What the fuck are you doing?! One minute you're completely ignoring me and the next you're all over me! I just wish you would leave me alone!" you yelled before storming back into the castle. You ran into Ruri. "Hey, how come your still here?" she asked. "What do you mean 'why am I still here?'" you asked. "You and Sesshoumaru were supposed to leave after breakfast." Ruri said. You blinked. "But all my clothes..." "He's having them replaced." "Why wasn't I informed of this? We only stayed for a fucking night?! I thougth it would at least be longer!" "My father wants to get rid of you because you're going to be Sesshoumaru's mate instead of me. I told him last night. Now I have to mate the Southern's Lord son." "The hentai?" "That's the one." "Good luck with that." "Thanks." she muttered rolling her eyes. "Morzina, let's go." You turned around and walked up to Sesshoumaru. "You're waaaay too impatient." you said walking past him. He grabbed your wrist. "what happened to 'My Lord'?" "What the hell made you think I was going to keep calling you that?" you asked getting out of his grip and walking out of the castle.
~3 hours later~
You and Sesshoumaru has been walking in silence ever since you you left the castle. You were currently walking through a busy village. Of course everyone knew who you and Sesshoumaru were, so they kinda cowered in fear. You passed a shop with various spices, herbs and very very very hot peppers. This gave you an idea. "Hey, Sesshoumaru, can I have some money?" you asked. He rose and eyebrow. "Why?" "I wanna buy some spices and herbs to cook with." "You cook?" "Yeah. And I figured why not cook Dog Breath a little peace offering dinner." you said. "We have spices at home." he replied and began walking away. You grabbed his sleeve. "Please?" "No." "Why?" "It's a waste of money." "You're fucking rich!" "That's not the point." "Come on! You want and him to get along, don't cha?" "Fine." he said finally, tossing you some money. "Thank you!" you yelled running up to the shop. After convicing the person that you weren't going to kill them, you bought what you wanted. That consisted of various spiced, herbs, and lots of those peppers. You walked back up to Sesshoumaru. *Why would she buy those peppers?* he thought. (Kurai: How'd he know? Me: Duh! Demon sences! He has a great snce of smell! Kurai: Oh right.) "Ready?" he asked. "Yup." you said walking past him. Once you were out of the village, Sesshoumaru picked you up bridal style and ran the rest of the way back to the castle.
~Hours later~
With Sesshoumaru running at full speed, it took only until midnight to reach the castle. You has fallen asleep, but woke up as Sesshoumaru laid you down on the bed. "Sesshoumaru?" you asked groggily. He put a finger to your lips. "Shhh. It's late, go back to sleep." he whispered. You nodded and drifted off the sleep.
~Sesshoumaru's POV~
You brushed a few strands of hair out of Morzina's face and kissed her forehead. You took you haori off and laid down next to her. You wrapped your arms around her waist and pulled her close to you, slowly drifting off the sleep.
You awoke to the feeling of someone tracing the markings on your face. You opened your eyes and saw Morzina smiling at you. You pulled her closer and kissed her lightly. Morzina wrapped her arms around your neck making the kiss deeper. A loud knocking made you pull away. "Enter." you yelled. A servant came in and bowed. "My Lord, your father would like a word with you." she said glaring at Morzina. *Again with the grlaring! What the fuck did I do!* you heard Morzina think. "About what?" you asked. "He didn't say, My Lord." "You're dismissed." The servant gave Morzina one last glare before bowing and leaving. "Damn servants." Morzina muttered. "Morzina." "Yes, Sesshoumaru?" "You are to stay in this room while I'm gone." you said while getting dressed. "I'm not going to be caged like a wild animal! Besides I don't have to listen, no collar." "You don't listen the collar will be going right back on." you said slamming the door. "Insolent bitch." you muttered as you walked to your father's study. You knocked on the ddor and heard him grant you enterance. He was at his desk and looked up from his work as you entered. "Sit." You walked up to his desk and sat down. "What do you want?" you asked."As you know, that bitch of your's murdered your mother." "Yes." you said annoyed. *What is he getting at?* you got lost in thought. "Sesshoumaru, are you listening to me?" You blinked. "As I was saying." your father growled. "I thought it was about time I got another mate." You narrowed your eyes. *It hasn't been that long since MOrzina killed her.* "She's pregnant." you heard. "Who is she?" "A human princess." "You mated with a human!?!" "Sesshoumaru, clam down." You growled and and stormed out of the room. *A human?! A filthy human!?!*
~Your POV~
"No fair, if I don't do what he wants then that damn collar goes back on." you muttered to yourself. The door burst open and in walked a very pissed Sesshoumaru. *Uh-oh.* "How'd it go?" you asked already knowing the answer. He was growling and his eyes were crimson, not a good sign. "He has a human mate!" he growled. "A human?" you said disbelievingly. "And to top that off, she's pregnant with his damn pup!" "Okay, just calm down, love." "How do you expect me to calm down?!" "Hmmm...good question." you said getting up and wlaking over to him. "Maybe, this will help." you said kissong him passionately. You broke the kiss and noticed his eyes were back to there amber hue. "I was right. I GOTTA COOK THE FISH!" you yelled. "What?" "I GOTTA COOK THE FISH!" you repeated. "What fish?" "dog breath's dinner!" you said running around the room looking for the herbs and stuff you had bought. "WHERE DID I PUT THOSE THINGS, GOD DAMN IT!?!" "You mean these?" Sesshoumaru asked holding up a bag. "Yes, gimme!" you yelled snatching the bag from him. "The fish will be ready by dinner."
You spent all afternoon cooking the fish and getting the peppers and stuff chopped. Like you had said, the fish was done by dinner. Only one fish had the peppers in it-Inu Taishou's. You couldn't even tell it had peppers in it, couldn't even smell them, which would later prove to be a bad thing. Inu Taishou was going to eat in his study, so that left you and Sesshoumaru eating in the dinning room. You had left the fish on o counter to get sesshouamru, and when you came back they were gone. "I have a really bad feeling about this." you muttered. You walked into the dining room and there was a fish at yours and Sesshoumaru's places at the table. "I hope those are the right ones." You sat down just as Sesshoumaru walked in. You took a bite of fish and sighed inwardly. Yours wasn't the one with peppers. Sesshoumaru's, on the other hand, was a different story. He took a bite of fish and his face turned beet red. You could see steam coming out of his ears. (Like on HP when he eats that gum and the train whistle and the steam out the ears. Yeah, it's pretty much like that, with out the whistle of course.) He grabbed the bottle of sake on the table and drank it all. "What the fuck?! What'd you do?!" he yelled. "That was supposed to be Inu Taishou's! I'm really sorry!" "It was supposed to be my father's?" "Yeah, and shouldn't you be drunk right about now?" He shook his head. "It wasn't strong sake." "Right. Sorry you didn't get to eat." you said staring down at your empty plate. "You're just lucky I wasn't hungry." "Morzina!" "I know that voice." you muttered. "Morzina, excellent dinner." Inu Taishou said. *Did he just compliment me? Wierd.* "I need a favor from the both of you." "What?" Sesshoumaru asked. "You're going to have to be on your best behavior." "We're not two!" you snapped. "quite right. Okay, you both are going to have to meet Izayoi at dinner tomorrow night." Inu Taishou said. You stayed silent for a minute letting what he said sink in. "You have got to be kidding me!" you yelled. "You want me to converse with a human?! You have got to be out of your mind!" Inu Taishou shot you a glare. "Look you little ama, I've had to put up with you, you're just going to have to put up with her!" he growled at you. "Touchy, touchy." you muttered. "She's coming over tomorrow evening and she'd going to be livig here from now on." *Oh great, humans. The thing I specifically want to get rid of.* "I expect you'll be on your best behavior." Inu Taishou said looking directly at you. He turned on his heel and left the room. "Koitsu." you muttered before taking a bite of fish, too bad it wasn't yours. Sesshoumaru had switched them, which you'd think you wouldn't have taken a bite since you had eaten all of yours. You spit out the fish and jumped up from the table. "Kuso, that's hot!" you yelled reaching for the bottle of sake. It was empty, Sesshoumaru had drank it all. "You baka! You drank all the sake! Kuso, my mouth's on fire!" you yelled. Sesshoumaru glanced at you and walked out of the room. "Hey, don't walk away from me!" yelled running after him. You grab his wrist and he stopped walking. "What do you want, onna?" he asked not turning around. "I have a name ya know!" you snapped. He didn't answer. "Why so grumpy all of a sudden?" you asked. He wrenched his wrist out of your grasp walked off. *That went well.* you thought bitterly. You started walking through halls, not really going anywhere just letting you feet guide you. You soon found yourself at a door, Sesshoumaru's door no less. You opened the door and walked in, no Sesshoumaru. *In his study perhaps?* "No, I'm here." Sesshoumaru said stepping out of the shadows. "Yeah, whatever. Man I'm bored, and fat." you said poking your stomach. "when the hell am I going to have your damn child?!" you asked annoyed. "Another month." Sesshoumaru answered boredly. "Shimatta!" you muttered. "I don't like being fat! And why do we have to meet that ama Izayoi?! Who gives a damn about her anyways?!" you yell. "Go to bed." "What does that have to do with my questions!?!" "It'll shut you up!" he snapped. "Well sorry." you muttered. "JUst get your ass into bed!" You noticed that Sesshoumaru was wearing a plain white pair of cotton hakama. "Do I even get to change?" He threw you a black silk nightgown. "Change!" he ordered. "Fine!" you yelled turning your back to him. You stripped of your kimono and put on the nightgown. You climbed into bed and turned your back to Sesshoumaru. The bed dipped as he laid down. Two strong arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you into a hard chest. You growled. "Let go of me." you hissed. "And if I don't?" *I can leave now, I don't have that stupid collar on. Once this brat is born, I'm leaving.* "No, you can't." "What do ya mean, 'no'?" He trailed his fingers lightly along your shoulder. "I can track you down...and." You growled as he replaced his fingers with his lips, kissing and nipping. *He better not be thinking what I think he's thinking.* "And what exactly am I thinking?" he asked before sinking his fangs into your flesh. "That!" you yelled as he lapped up the blood. "You did agree to be my mate." He did have a point there. "Yeah, whatever." you mummbled before drifting to sleep.
You awoke when someone pulled the curtains open, letting in the bright sunlight. You grabbed your lotus blade, which you kept on your side of the bed at all times, and waited. YOu opened your eyes and saw a servant walking towards the door. Since he had to walk by you, you quickly cut his head off clean. Blood splattered against a wall and was gushing from the decpitated body, which was now on the ground, pooling around it. The head had rolled under the bed. "Time to get up." you said and streched. "The servants can clean that up." You walk over to your closet and pick out....
~a blood red yukata with black dragons and a black obi with blood red dragons
~a plain light purple yukata with a darker purple obi
~a white yukata with light pink sakura petals blossoms and a light pink obi
You wear whatever you chose and went down stairs to the dining room. Turns out Izayoi came early. She was sitting at the table eating. You stopped and turned around sharply. You collided with someone's chest. You looked up and saw who it was. *Oh great, Dog Breath's here* you thought bitterly. "Where are you going?" he asked coldly. *What the hell?! He was nice last night!* "To find Sesshoumaru." you answered. "Izayoi, come and meet Morzina, Sesshoumaru's p-" "Mate." you interrupted. "What?" You pulled down your yukata so he could see you shoulder. He stared at the dark blue crescent moon on your shoulder. "And we've met." you said fixing your yukata and walking around him. *Oh Kuso! Why her?!* you thought as you walked to Sesshoumaru's study. You opened the door and sesshoumaru looked up from his work. "What is it, Morzina?" Sesshoumaru asked annoyed. "I've met her before." you replied. "Met who before?" "That human Dog Breath mated." "How?" Sesshoumaru asked leaning back in his chair. "I destroyed her village in a bloody masacre and she escaped, ran off to a different village. while I was at6 her origanal village, she let me stay at her palace even though I was a demon." you said. "I see." "Shit! Why her! It hasn't even been that long since I murdered you mother-" A loud growl escaped Sesshoumaru's lips, signaling you to drop the subject. "Speaking of murder." Sesshoumaru said. *Uh-oh* "A servant came to inform me that they found another servant decapitated in my chambers. (Okay peoples, scince your his mate now, it'd be both your guys chambers, I'm just too lazy to write that. So when ever you see Sesshoumaru's room, it's supposed to be both your room.) Morzina, would you have anything to do with this?" he asked in his usual monotone. "Uh...no!" He narrowed his eyes. "You're lying." "No I'm not!" "It's all over your scent." "I didn't do it!" "Too bad I can't trust you." "Well he shouldn't have opened the bloody curtains!" "I knew you did it." You growled and suddenly notice something. "Can ask you something?" "You already did." "You're a bakaga, you know that." "What did you want to ask me?" "Is that a tail?" "No." "It looks like one, and if it's not, then what the hell is it?!" "A fur boa." "It's a tail." "It is not." "Is too!" "Is not." "It is too a bloody tail!" "Think what you want." "Fine. I still say it's a tail." (Okay people's his fluffy is not a tail! it's called Mokomoko-sama or however you spell it. It IS NOT a tail!) You were silent for a moment. "I gots another question." "What?" "How can you still read my mind?" "Wouldn't you like to know?" "Yeah, actually, I would. So tell me, shimatta!" "As if I'd tell you." "Well fine then!" you say and walk out of the room. "Now, where's Dog Breath?" you ask yourself. "His study! Now, where was that place? I haven't gone back there since he decided to beat the shit outta me. 'Course he can't do that now, I'm pregnant. I gotta stop thinking out loud." you say and start walking in the direction you hoped was the way to Inu Taishou's study. Thankfully, after about fifteen minutes of walking with out getting lost, you arrived at his study door. You knocked twice and entered. He looked up from his work. "What?!" he snapped. "Nice study." you said sitting on a couch. "What do you want, onna?!" "Is that anyway to talk to your son's mate?"you asked mockingly. "What do you want?!" "I need a collar." "A collar?" he asked raising an eyebrow. "Did I stutter?!" you snapped. "What do you need a collar for?" "Just give me the damn collar! One that you would use for a pet." "Whatever." he said and tossed you a plain black leather collar. "Thank you." you said and left. YOu studied the collar in your hand as you walked through the castle. "Now all I have to do is get this on sesshoumaru, but how?" you asked as you entered his room. You walked out onto the balcony and leaned against the railing, the collar hidden in your yukata. After abour half an hour, you felt two strong arms wrap around your waist. You smirked and turned around in his arms. "Hi." you said smiling. You kissed his lips lightly. Sesshoumaru kissed you back forcefully. His tongue ran across your bottom lip and you parted your lips. Sesshoumaru slid his tongue into your mouth and explored every crevice. You rubbed your tongue on the side of his. You grabbed the collar and clasped it around his neck. Sesshoumaru broke the kiss and touched the collar. "Morzina, care to inform me why I have a collar around my neck?" he asked glaring at you. "It's for payback." you replied. Sesshoumaru went to unclasp it and an electric shock ran through his body. (Kurai: Ha ha! Shock collar! Sesshoumaru: Amaya... Me: Uh...you'll get it off...eventually.) "I got it from Dog Breath, I guess I'm the only one who can take it off." He growled. *That ama!* "I heard that, Sesshoumaru!" *Fuck, this is not good!* "I wonder..." you thought out loud. Sesshoumaru growled. "Do you think you'll have to do everything I say? Let's find out, shall we? Sit puppy." Nothing happened. *Thank the Kamis.* "You think waaaay too much, puppy." Sesshoumaru growled. "Bad puppy, you wouldn't want me to chain you up, would you?" you asked smirking. He narrowed his eyes. "you wouldn't dare." "I would, and you know it too." you said walking out of the room.
~Sesshoumaru's POV~
"That ama! I'll get her for this." you growled as you walked towards your father's study. You barged into the room and slammed the door. "Yes, Sesshoumaru?" Inu Taishou asked with out looking at you. "That ama put a collar on me! She said she got it from you." you hissed. At this Inu Taishou looked up. His eyes widened a fraction when he saw the collar. "Kuso!" he muttered. "Don't just sit there! Take the damned thing off, I can't!" "I can't !" "Why?!" "The collar's for a pet, the person who puts it on is the only one who can take it off." "Why'd you give it to her in the first place?" "I had no idea what she was planning." You growled and walked out of the room, slamming the door.
~Your POV~
*I thing I'll chain him up, just like he did to me. Yup, that's what I'll do.* *You do that, and I'll make your life a living hell!* *Calm down, mutt.* You didn't get a reply so you figured he was ignoring you. Again. "Again with the ignoring! That's it, I'm chaining him up!" You walked into the kitchen and grabbed a peice of fruit. You ate the fruit as you walked back to Sesshoumaru's room. The chain was still hooked to the wall. "Well, that's good me." At that moment, Sesshoumaru walked into the room. "There's my good little puppy." "I am not a puppy." You rolled your eyes and sat on the bed. Sesshoumaru walked out onto the balcony. (Kurai: Chain him up already! Me: Hold your horses! Kurai: I ain't gots no horses to hold. Sesshoumaru: You two bicker way too much. Me: Kinda like you and Inuyasha? Kurai: Get on with the quiz already! Me: Fine! Kurai! Finally! Sesshoumaru: -_-') You got up and walked out onto the balcony standing next to Sesshoumaru. "You know, I could take the collar off if you promised to stop being such an ass." you said. He didn't answer. "And he's ignoring me again." you muttered. You noticed him staring blankly out at the forest and waved your hand in front of his face. "You know, you should really start paying more attention to your mate." you heard a voice say from behind you. You turned around and saw a man standing in the middle of the doorway. His long icy-blue hair was pulled back into a high ponytail. His pale skin and icy-blue eyes shined in the light of the setting sun. "What do you want, Akiyama?" Sesshoumaru asked coldly. "Is that any way to treat your guest, Sesshoumaru?" *Akiyama, where have I heard that name? Akiyama....I got it! The Northern Lord's son!* "Wasn't she your pet?" Akiyama asked. *Ya know, I just met him and I already don't like him.* Sesshoumaru finally turned around. When Akiyama spotted the collar around his neck, he burst out laughing. "It looks like you're the one who's the pet! Were you being a bad wittle puppy?" You could tell Sesshoumaru was about ready to lose his temper, but he kept a calm, unemotional face. *Like usual.* you thought. Akiyama suddenly stopped laughing. "I recognize you You're that ama that destroyed the villaged in the Northern Lands!" "Took ya long enough." you muttered. "What the hell were you thinking, mating an ama like her?! She could turn on you and try to kill you!" *She wouldn't do that, would she? She may get pretty pissed, but would never try to kill me.* *Don't be stupid! Why would I try to kill my mate?!* *Doesn't mean you won't try.* *And you're just paranoid. I love you and would never try to kill you. You should know that.* Sesshoumaru looked at you out of the corner of his eye. "She wouldn't do that." he finally said. "And how would you know this?" "Becase I love him!" you blurted out. Your eyes widened and you clamped your hands over your mouth. "Well it's only fitting, a murderer in love with an ice cold arrogant bakaga." Akiyama said before walking out of the room. "He wants a murderer, I'll show him one." you growled. "Morzina, just ignore him. He's a koitsu anyway. Come, let's go get something to eat." Sesshoumaru said wrapping an arm around your waist and lead you down to the dinning room. Once you got there the Northern Lord, Lord Kaze, immediately glared at you. *Well at least he recognized my right away.* you thought bitterly. You and Sesshoumaru sat down across from Kaze and Akiyama. "Morzina, finally got caught, I see." Kaze said. "And by Sesshoumaru, no less. Tell me how he managed to catch you when my whole army could not." "First of all, Sesshoumaru's waaay stronger than that army of yers and he could've beaten 'em like I did. YOu got the weakest army of all the lands, which why only 1/4 of them came back." you said. "Then enlighten me on how you got caught. You couldn't have gone easily." "Wouldn't you like to know?" "Tell me!" "Fuck you!" "Just tell him, dear." You whipped your head around to look at the end of the. There, at Inu Tiashou's right, was Izayoi. She was smiling, but once she saw your face, it faded into a look of pure horror. "I-it's y-you!" she stuttered. You smirked. "In the flesh. So tell me, Izayoi, how have you been since I destroyed your village in that bloody masacre?"
~Flash Back~
The village roads were coated in blood, houses burned, corpses littered the roads. You were covered in blood. There were still people in the village you had yet to slaughter. since all you could smell was the intoxicating scent of blood, you used your hearing. You heard heavy brathing in a small hovel to your right. *Now how did I miss that?* You walked overto the shackand kicked the door open. You saw a young woman wearing servants clothes in the far left corner. As you walked over to her, you noticed she was trembling in fear. You smirked. "Please, demon, don't kill me." she begged. "I have no pity for humans such as yourself." you said before slicing her head off. Blood gushed from her neck and splattered on the wall and you. The head rolled to the other side of the shack. "No..." you turned and saw the princess. The one who had let you stay in her castle. *Foolish human.* you thought. "NO!!!" she screamed before running as fast as she could towards the river. You took off after her. All you could smell was blood and all you could think about was severing her head from her body. You came to the river. She had already jumped in, heading straight for the waterfall. *She'll never survive that.* you thought before walking away.
~End Flash Back~
"So tell me, how did you survive that fall anyway?" you asked. "Takemaru saved me." she replied. "K, whatever." The rest of dinner was silent. Sesshoumaru had his arm wrapped around your waist the entire time. After dinner Sesshoumaru led you back up to his room. The only light that illuminated the room was the moon. "Go to bed." "Only if you go to bed." you said changing. You turned around and saw him sitting on teh bed in a pair of cotton hakama. "I am going to bed. Now come here, onna." he said laying down. You walked over to the bed and laid down next to him. He pulled you close to him in a loving embrace and rested his forehead against yours. "I love you, Sesshoumaru." you said putting a hand on his cheek. "And I you." he said before kissing you lightly. You drifted to in his arms.
You awoke early the next morning. Sesshoumaru was still asleep. YOu carefully unwrapped his arms from around your waist, not wanting to wake him. You quickly got dressed in a plain black kimono. "Where do you think you're going?" You turned towards the bed and saw Sesshoumaru looking at you. "I'm gonna get something to eat." He nodded and turned over on his side falling back to sleep. You walked down to the dinning room and sat down at the table. A servant brought out some breakfast (Whateva ya want) and you began to eat. Akiyama and Kaze walked in as you were eating. You finished your breakfast quickly and left. *I'm no in the mood to deal with them.* you thought as you walked towards Dog Breath's study. You knocked twice and walked in. "What Morzina?" he asked with out looking up from his work. "How'd you meet her?" you asked. "Is it any of your business?" "No. but I wanna know You're supposed to be the great Taiyoukai, and ya mated with a fucking human. Man I hate them creatures. Anyway, why?" "It's none of your concern." "I wanna know!" "I don't care. Can't you go bug Sesshoumaru?" "He's sleeping." "Lazy ass. go wake him up." You rolled your eyes and walked out of the study. As you walked back to Sesshoumaru's room, you suddenly got an idea. You walked into Sesshoumaru room and quietly shut the door. You silently walked over to the bed and grabbed the chain attached to the wall. You hooked it around his neck and used your darkness power to fling him off the bed. The chain yanked him back and he yelped. "How do you liked being yanked back by a chain?" you asked sitting on the bed. "You chained me up?!" "Yup. Can't you just take it off though?" "The person attached to the damn chain can't unhook it." "No wonder I couldn't take it off. Well, you're screwed, ain't ya?" "Unhook the chain." "No." "What do you mean 'no'? Unhook the damn chain, onna!" "I'll bring you up your breakfast." you said walking out of the room. You walked into the dinning hall and stopped a servant. "Get a plate of breakfast ready for Sesshoumaru. He'll be eating in his chambers this morning." "Yes, My Lady." the servant said then went into the kitchen. *My Lady? Oh that's right, I'm his mate now. How the hell could I forget that?!* *Really, how could you forget that?* *Shut up!* The servant came back with a plate of breakfast and handed it to you. You turned around and almost collided with Inu Taishou. "Morzina." "Hey, Dog Breath." "Where are you going with that food?" he asked ignoring what you had called him. "I'm bringing it up to Sesshoumaru." "Can't he just come down here?" Inu Taishou aske draising an eyebrow. "Let's just say he's a little tied up right now." you replied. "What'd you do now?" "Nothing. How come every time I say something, people automatically think I did something?" you muttered walking past him. You walked into Sesshoumaru's room and saw him lying on his bed staring up at the ceiling. You walked over to him and set the the plate of food on the small table near the bed. The door burst open and Sesshoumaru growled. "Don't you ever knock, Akiyama?" Sesshoumaru growled.
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"Why weren't you at breakfast?" Akiyama asked. The chain rattled as Sesshoumaru turned over on his side, his back facing the door. "She chained you up?! Oh that's hilarious!" Akiyama said lauging. "You really are a pet!" A loud growl escaped Sesshoumaru's lips. "What? Is the puppy gonna bite me? I bet you can't even reach the door!" "Maybe he can't, but I can." you said standing up. "As if you could hurt me." Akiyama said before leaving. *He did not just say that! I can kick his ass!* You heard the chain rattle again. "I bet you could." You turned around to look at Sesshoumaru. He was picking at the food you had brought him. "You're supposed to eat it." He glanced at you. "I'm not hungry." *And I want this damn chain off.* "Too bad, you ain't gettin' it off." "Until you say, right?" "Exactly." *Which will be never.* "I'll unchain you...eventually." "You know I do have to do." "I'm aware of that. Well I'll come back and unchain you later today, or else I'll just bring the work to you. Cya." you said as you walked out of his room.
okay people's. that's part 13. sorry it took me this long to get it out. don't ya just hate writer's block? now, i need ideas! my friend gave me the ideas for this, and i just peiced them together. so please, just give me a little idea! the more you give me the faster i can get these out, if i don't want to make them long that is. so please give me some ideas and vote! please!

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